Most of us have a problem with the Google Play Store No Connection Error screen at least once surely. A lot of users has reported that they are getting or facing this Google Play error and can’t able to solve. So today here I am going to fix this error problem from you with some easy, simple tips and tricks.

No Connection

This Play Store error usually occurs when your Google Play store can’t connect and have google play store. This Play Store error problem mostly occurs in the rooted smartphones, In that it just stopped working, either it says the server error problem or play store error problem.

Causes of Google Play Store No Connection Error Issue:

  • Google play not working
  • Cannot continue to play store
  • Google play store is not connection
  • Google play store connection timed out

Basically, Google Play Store is the Official way to download and install apps on your android smartphone. This Play Store error problem is also called as the Google play store connection timed out or play store retry error. This error happens even when you have an internet connection, then also, this Play Store error problem occurs sometimes. You can also check your internet connection to fix it. It might also happen when your internet connection down or not work !! So do this method first, then try the other tips and tricks methods.

How to Fix Google Play Store No Connection Error Problem

1. Fix Date & Time Settings –

Play Store no Connection

  • Go to the Settings
  • Go to Date and Time Option
  • Check automatic Date and Time button
  • Or, unchecked automatic Data & Time button & Correct it manually.

It will fix your Google Play store no connection root error problem.

2. Clear Cache & Data of Google Play Store –

Play Store no Connection

  • Go to the Settings
  • Go to Installed Apps or Apps option
  • Scroll down to all apps
  • Go to the Google Play Store App
  • Open the App details
  • Click on Clear Cache & Clear Data
  • That’s it, Done

It will clear your caches and your data from the Google play store app. and solve your Google Play store no connection band error problem.

3. Fix by Reconfigure or Change Google Account –

Play Store no Connection

  • Go to the Settings
  • Go to the Accounts option
  • Select the Google account
  • Open option from the right top corner, & click on remove account
  • Now, again sign in your google account

That’s it, and it will reconnect your Google account and also fix your Google Play Store no Connection YouTube error problem.

4. Fix by Remove Proxy or VPN Settings –

Play Store no Connection

  • Go to the Settings
  • Go to the Wireless & Network Settings
  • Modify your WiFi settings
  • Go to the Advanced options and remove any proxy server
  • Disconnect any VPN connection or apps you have run in the background
  • That’s it,

It will remove any proxy and the VPN that is running if there, & can hopefully fix google play store no connection Deleted Android problem.

5. Fix by Factory Data Resetting –

Play Store no Connection

  • Go to the settings
  • Go to the Backup and Reset option
  • Click on the Factory Data Reset
  • It will reset your device
  • That’s it, done

It will do a Factory Data Reset on your device and make into a somehow new smartphone. So that your google play store problem fixed.

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These are some easy and simple tips and tricks to fix your Play Store No Connection error problem. Hope it will help you to fix this error problem. If you are facing any problem like google drive No Connection retry error or anything, Comment down below !! We will Fix it surely here or in the next post…

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