Working on your computer and Laptop with a steady wireless connection is a bliss. Also, it is a general and incumbent thing to have working wifi at your premises, which allows you pure wireless luxury. Contrary to that Lan connections are deteriorating every day and i won’t be surprised if someday computers do away with Lan port forever. Coming to the Topic of this Connected To WiFi But No Internet Access Article, with high usage of Wifi, there are instances when your connectivity is there on your computer or laptop.

This shows an error code message like,

Connected To WiFi But No Internet

” Or “

Connected To WiFi But No Internet

Connected To WiFi But No Internet Access

Not just your windows computer, but also your Android devices are prone to contract this error. There are occasions when you are connected to wifi on your smartphone yet you do not see a speedy reception or worse no reception at all. You may notice that Wifi connected but no internet access android. Here we will work on some Practical steps and methods which target this Connected To WiFi But No Internet Access error and eradicate it forever.

Causes of Connected To WiFi But No Internet Access Error –

Generally, Windows computers are likely to cause this problem more often but On a few rare occasions, even the smartphones contract this Connected To WiFi But No Internet Access error. Every issue has a reason and solution, and here i will tell you why you are getting No Internet Connection Even though you’re connected to wifi.

  • Problem with wifi server
  • Loose Connections in the wifi router
  • Firewall/antivirus Blocking your wifi
  • Updates missing from your device
  • The driver of wifi not working on your windows computer
  • Corrupted wifi card of your laptop
  • Wifi receptor damaged for your Phone or Computer
  • Issues with IP configuration on your computer or Smartphone
  • Incorrect Credentials
  • Changed Passkey for wifi
  • Wifi not discoverable

 How to Fix & Solve Connected To WiFi But No Internet Access Error Issue

The problem could arise for the computer as well as smartphone users. If you’re unable to visit play store or App Store on your iPhone, you can visit our Article gallery and find a dedicated article on iPhone which cannot connect to App Store and try the solutions for internet connectivity. In this Connected To WiFi But No Internet Access article, i will be providing a solution for both Windows and Android smartphone.

For Windows PC:

When your windows computer and laptop fails to connect to wifi, you may get in trouble. Many reasons trigger a failed internet reception, and i have listed all of them previously in this article. Here are the best steps you could try to fix this Connected To WiFi But No Internet Windows error for windows.

Connected To Wifi But No Internet

1. Fix Connection of WiFi Router –

This Laptop Connected To WiFi But No Internet MAC step Generally works both on Smartphones and Computer, which connects to standard wifi, but both fail to receive an internet signal. A layman approach, yet it works in almost all situations. Since the IP settings on the devices are static and do not change usually. You can check the connections and ports of the Wifi router and see if there is an interruption such as disconnected and plugged out cable. Maybe a rat bit off the Lan cable. You can check whether the router has proper power or not and see if the adaptor is not burned out.

Connected To Wifi But No Internet

  • Check power source of Router
  • Check Cable Connections of the router
  • Restart router
  • Done!

2. Modify your DNS Server Address –

As i said earlier, DNS or IP configuration hardly changes on their own unless the computer gets hacked or there is a system Malfunction. You can try to change the DNS server address and see what it does to your windows computer. & from this method, you can get rid out of this Laptop Connected To WiFi But No Internet Access Windows error.

Connected To Wifi But No Internet

  • Open the Run command by pressing Windows Key and Letter R on your Keyboard
  • Copy and Paste this command
Control /name Microsoft.NetworkAndSharingCenter
  • Press Enter
  • Tap on Change adaptor settings
  • Right-click on wifi and go to properties
  • Click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and press Properties button
  • Press on Use the following DNS server addresses and enter these IPS
  • For a Preferred DNS server, please enter
  • For an Alternate DNS server, Please enter
  • Press OK and See whether your internet works

3. Update the WiFi Driver –

Anthros and Qualcomm, Ring a bell? These are names of most commonly used Wifi drivers in most of the hardware of laptops and computer for Windows. You can Visit the Device Manager section of windows and update the driver of wifi. & from this Guide, you can get back from this PC Connected To WiFi But No Internet Windows 10 error.

device management

  • Press Windows Key and Letter R to open Run Box
  • Type this command Devmgmt.msc and press Enter
  • Visit the Wifi Driver
  • Search for update
  • Install the update (If applicable)

4. Flush the DNS Address –

There could be a problem with the DNS address or the Script working behind the IP. You can flush the DNS address but don’t worry. You won’t lose any data as your computer starts to establish a new DNS connection automatically. & by following this solution, the Lenovo Laptop Connected To WiFi But No Internet Access Windows 7 error will be solved.

Command Prompt

  • Search for command prompt in search box
  • Run as administrator
  • Type this Command
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
  • Press Enter
  • Done!

For Smartphones:

When your smartphone loses the wifi connection, it’s very frustrating. The Problem gets worse if you do not have a cellular data package as well. What could you do to fix this Phone Connected To WiFi But No Internet error for a smartphone or iPhone? In this segment, i will reveal some of the best practical solutions for Wifi connected no internet access.

wifi not connected android

1. Airplane Mode Fix –

One way to fix this iPhone Connected To WiFi But No Internet is to take your phone on the Airplane mode. Airplane mode could prove to be a bulwark in connection related problems. Not just for Smartphone but also IOS. When you turn on the Airplane mode, it suspends all the links that Join your Phone to the network.

Airplane mode

  • Close down the Cellular data
  • Close the Wifi connection by tapping on the screen
  • Turn on the Airplane mode
  • Wait for 5 minute
  • Turn it off Again
  • Restart your Phone
  • Done!

2. Forget & Reconnect the WiFi Connection –

There may be an issue with the script working on the back end of the wifi, or your friend or someone else may have changed the credentials. You can Forget the internet connection and see whether it works for your Phone Connected To WiFi But No Internet Android problem.

wifi network

  • open the wifi connections
  • Forget the wifi connection you use
  • Reconnect your Smartphone to wifi
  • Done!

3. Disable Mobile Data –

Sometimes while connected to Mobile data, it may hinder the link to the Internet through wifi. Although, When you turn on the wifi, the Mobile Connection is already suspended on the back and it automatically reconnects once you turn off the wifi. So by trying this solution, you can get back from this. My Phone is Connected To WiFi But No Internet Android error.

mobile data

  • Drag down or raise the Function short keys
  • Disable the Mobile Data
  • Disable the Wifi
  • Enable the Wifi
  • Done!

4. Check Date & Time Settings –

Now, this may sound stupid but an unsynchronised Smartphone or iPhone which has the wrong date and time could cause problem connecting wifi. The reason behind this Connected To WiFi But No Internet iPhone error is that the wifi connection connects your phone to an extensive network. The network has its date and time going on, and when it clashes with another date and time, it refuses to let the device connect. Although Date and time these days are automatically updated through inbuilt circuit board and GPS, you can also change it manually.

date and time

  • Visit settings of your Phone
  • Go to Time and Date
  • Automatically Set Date and Time
  • Select the Correct Time Zone
  • Done!


Finally, This was my take on Connected To WiFi But No Internet Access. We hope you like this Connected To WiFi But No Internet Access article and are satisfied with its content.

Comment below what you liked most and let me know if you face any challenge in following these Connected To WiFi But No Internet Access steps. Have a beautiful day!