We are present here with our next review. This one is also equally interesting, and to the point like other reviews, we have ever done. The Xiaomi TYY01ZM DLP 3500 Lumens Quad-core Projector is a Chinese version projector that displays high-definition images with correct brightness and color. Let us discuss the features and specifications in detail.

Xiaomi TYY01ZM DLP 3500 Lumens Projector Look

Xiaomi TYY01ZM

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Xiaomi TYY01ZM Review: DLP 3500 Lumens Quad-Core Projector

The product belongs to the Chinese brand of Xiaomi. Xiaomi is a famous leading brand which creates devices such as mobile phones, speakers and many more. It is a Xiaomi TYY01ZM model. The display type is DLP with a native resolution of about 1920 x 1080. The product supports with 4K resolution. The device provides brightness with 3500 lux that helps you view images in a more perfect resolution. It has a contrast ratio of 500: 01, throw ration of about 1: 1: 1 and projection distance of 0.5–4 m. Through which you can display images in 40–120 inch on a scale range of 16:9 and 4:3.

At a Glance:

Resolution Support 4K
Brightness 3500 lux
Contrast Ratio500.:1
Throw Ration1.1:1
Projection Distance 0.5 – 4m
Image Size 40 – 120 inch
Image Scale16:9, 4:3
Interface 3.5mm Audio, HDMI, USB
Features HD, Home-Theatre, Wireless
Function Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Lamp LED
Lamp Power 70 – 130W
WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.1
Picture Formats JPG / PNG / BMP
Video Formats MPG / AV / TS / MOV / MKV / DAT / MP4 / VOB
Audio Formats MP3 / WMA / AAC / AC3
Power Supply200-240V / 50 – 60Hz
Built-In Speaker Yes
Noise (dB) Less than 30dB
Compatible with Sony PS4, Xbox
Lamp Life 30000h
DVB-T Supported No
External Subtitle Supported No
3D Yes

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Xiaomi TYY01ZM Features & Specifications –

Xiaomi TYY01ZM DLP 3500 Lumens Projector Overview

Xiaomi TYY01ZM Design:

The Xiaomi TYY01ZM DLP 3500 Lumens Quad-core Projector is a classic model which looks good and attractive. It just takes three seconds to autofocus and is always ready to give service to the user. With a whole new impressive level of experience, the user needs to get prepared to indulge in a world of beautiful image viewing and video watching. The product installation done at the user’s home is free of cost. Also, the LED lamp fixed on the projector has 10 years of lifetime. It has Dolby sound enhancement technique, DTS – HD Audio decoding, high precision CNC aluminum integrated shell, 2.07 mirror slices and many more features that are explicitly mentioned below.

Xiaomi TYY01ZM

Xiaomi TYY01ZM Ports & Supports –

The interface is 3.5 mm with audio, HDMI, and USB. Home theatre, wireless and HD are some of the features of the Xiaomi DLP 3500 Lumens Quad-core Projector. The product supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (Bluetooth 4.1 technology and Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac). A Led lamp is also attached to the projector which has a power of 70 – 130 W. the lamp life can extend up to 30,000 hours.

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Xiaomi TYY01ZM Supported Media –

Xiaomi TYY01ZM DLP 3500 Lumens Projector Screen Size

Through the projector, you can display images in JPG, PNG and BNP Formats and videos in MPG, AV, TS, MOV, MKV, DAT, MP4, and VOB Formats. The Audio Formats are MP3, WMA, AAC, and AC3. The amount of power used by the projector is 200 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz. Now, speaking about the speakers in the set, the product has inbuilt speakers.

Xiaomi TYY01ZM Supported Platforms –

The product emits noise which is less than 30 d B. the projector is compatible with Sony play station 4 and X box too. There is no DVB – T and external titles supported. It also supports 3D facility for the enjoyable experience of users.

Xiaomi TYY01ZM DLP 3500 Lumens Projector Brightness

Xiaomi TYY01ZM Main Features –

  • Autofocus in just 3 Seconds:

Xiaomi TYY01ZM DLP 3500 Lumens Projector Autofocus

Traditional projector devices can be set up to focus manually with the manual focus option. But Xiaomi TYY01ZM 3500 Lumens Quad core Projector focuses automatically. Thus, the clear picture is in front of the user.

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  • Imaging Experience:

Full HD excellent imaging experience with the help of 0.47 inch DMD Chip and 2.07 million mirror slices As many as 2.07 million mirror slices and 5.4 um mirrors on the chip make each lens reflect the image for clear-cut perceiving. They flip + / – 17 degrees at the speed of 0.1666 million times per second to absorb different beams of light and provides the best high-definition pictures and videos for the user.

Xiaomi TYY01ZM DLP 3500 Lumens Projector Imaging chips

  • Home Theatre Experience:

Engross into a home theatre and game room with a giant screen. Enjoy the world of visual experience with Xiaomi 3500 Lumens Quad core projector. The projector comes with a giant screen which is 40 – 120 inches big, supporting 4 K resolution and 500: 1 contrast ratio and 3500 lux brightness.

  • Colorful Display:

Gorgeous color display with no distortion with 800 ANSI Lumens correct brightness. The new light path design of the Xiaomi TYY01ZM projector increases brightness by 5 %, provides lux brightness of 3500 with no distorted and unclear images. The images are sharp, filled with clarity and life.

Xiaomi TYY01ZM DLP 3500 Lumens Projector Better Pixels

  • Light Brighter, Shadows Darker:

The HDR 10 high dynamic range of video decoding enhances images by making the light more intelligent and the shadows darker for better image viewing. Thus, the user can see more vivid color and good visual experience.

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  • Square Pixels for No Pixelation of the Images:

With the help of Texas instruments TRP square pixels architecture scheme, the Xiaomi projector casts pictures more delicately and more explicit words.

Xiaomi TYY01ZM DLP 3500 Lumens Projector Sound

  • High Standard Audio Experience:

Cinematic level audio experience with the support of Dolby sound enhancement technique. Immerse yourself into a cinematic experience at home with the Dolby enhancement techniques for sound. The projector adopts 2 inches 10 W double horns, double passive film sound box to give an edge of the seat experience.

Xiaomi TYY01ZM DLP 3500 Lumens Projector Imaging chips

  • Change your Wall into a Video Room:

3 seconds autofocus and boot box for having a theatrical feel within four walls of the user’s room.

  • 2 Meters Distance thrown at the 80-Inch:

With a 1.1: 1 ratio, the Xiaomi TYY01ZM 3500 Lumens Quad core projector throws a big screen at a very short distance. Hence, it is space consistent, which means you need less space for watching a good episode.

Xiaomi TYY01ZM DLP 3500 Lumens Projector Distance

  • No Curtains needed:

No need to keep the projector facing the curtain. With + / – 45 degrees of keystone correction, the user can fix the projector more freely and not in front of the screen. Hence, the projector will not block the view.

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  • Easy to Use:

Find the content that you love to watch without any age bar. Xiaomi TYY01ZM projector has been loaded with tons of free television shows and films to enjoy. Without any age restriction, there are shows to be viewed by all. It has a range of 30,000 + movies, 7200 + series, 9000 + varieties and genres to select, 9500 + cartoons and 6800 + documentaries. The patch wall in the projector lists down and suggests shows as per the genres liked by the user. Children can also watch good and educational content and shows with the help of the projector. So the projector automatically replaces the television more dynamically and scientifically.

Xiaomi TYY01ZM DLP 3500 Lumens Projector Image Enhancements

  • Impressive Interface for more Entertainment:

The projector has a beautiful interface for unlimited fun and entertainment. You can even connect the HDMI 2.0 cable to a personal computer. The USB 3.0 can be connected to USB Gigabyte LAN and 3.5 mm audio which can be compared to the earphones. The external sound box can be connected to Jack + S / PDIF.

Xiaomi TYY01ZM DLP 3500 Lumens Projector Viewing

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  • Amazing Body
  • Free Installation
  • 45 Degrees Plus or Minus Keystone Correction
  • Vast Varieties of Television Shows & Content Available
  • A bit Expensive
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The Xiaomi TYY01ZM DLP 3500 Lumens Quad core Projector is indeed an excellent device for projection. The images and videos are displayed with colossal clarity and without blurriness and distortion. Does it have many features like free installation, a LED lamp that works for more than 30,000 + hours, keystone correction, big screen and what not?

When the Xiaomi came to our test station to check, we got a lot of time to work on it. We have thus, clearly listed the plus and minus of it for all the users to make a choice. If you liked this Xiaomi TYY01ZM product and had added it in your wish list, then do recommend it and share this review with others.

Stay tuned for the next review…