The world is not the same every day, and it’s changing with every moment, every action, and in the world of time. This is something which should make you realize that time is a very scarce resource. And with changing time, human functioning on the dawn of sun and set of radiance in the sky is intense as they say “change is the only constant in the world.”  So, if you want to strive victorious through the ever-changing world, we need a companion, a companion to rely upon, and a companion to keep us on track. Who can fulfill all these needs in the most technological form we created it to keep and make the best of ourselves. This companion can remind us of time. Zeblaze THOR PRO is not just a simple watch, and it is a watch in the best form of science and care to craft the best of ourselves.

Zeblaze Thor Pro 3G Smartwacth Look

Zeblaze THOR PRO Review Smartwatch Phone

This watch can simplify a human’s life made with a purpose, it’s a savior at times, at times it’s our personal use, and even at times, it’s our go-to emergency expert. The Zeblaze’s technological innovator on suite to sell us the manifestation of a tech consisted to our wrist in its best form to be in our every step pushing us forward. It’s called the Thor Pro 3G smartwatch.

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The Thor Pro 3G comes with an exquisite design with amazing features that will surely attract any smartwatch enthusiast. The Zeblaze THOR PRO is the latter version of its previous model the Zeblaze Thor. The device comes with many amazing features which will be properly reviewed and thoroughly interrogated in the article below.

Zeblaze Thor Pro Features & Specifications –

Zeblaze Thor Pro 3G Smartwacth Overview

Zeblaze Thor Pro Design & Built:

The watch is designed with high attention to details in every inch. It is crafted with 316L stainless steel, and the band is wear and tear resistant to tackle the extremities in your path. The display of the watch is 1.53 inch and stands tall with 320×320 resolution being an IPS display it never lets you down in those summer days in the outdoors, and to every outdoor and travel enthusiast fantasy it is equipped with corning gorilla glass 3 and it is also designated with 3 distinct buttons on its side with functions along.

Zeblaze Thor Pro 3G Smartwacth Design

The dimensions of the watch are alluring as it is tough to categorize the watch under the provided measurements the company left no stone unturned to make it a soft craftsmen’s ship.

Zeblaze Thor Pro 3G Smartwacth Design and look

  • Product size: 26.00 x 4.70 x 1.34 cm / 10.24 x 1.85 x 0.53 inches
  • Package size: 9.00 x 9.00 x 8.70 cm / 3.54 x 3.54 x 3.43 inches
  • Product weight: 0.0830 kg
  • Package weight: 0.3000 kg

The product is available in black color with stainless steel body as a standard finishing the prophecy of stealth as the company which made it. To make people roll eyes the black is embedded on to the wrist and guided in every further step.

Zeblaze Thor Pro Processor:

Zeblaze Thor Pro 3G Smartwacth Hardware

The watch is embedded with MTK6580 Quad core 1GHz CPU and 16GB of ROM and  GB of RAM to be reliable for you and provide efficiency till its extinct. With a camera to it which is a bounty on the Christmas evening as to say it’s just a simple watch part of every further step.

Zeblaze Thor Pro Memory:

The device is allotted with 16GB of internal memory, or the connectivity origin Bluetooth is still had your back.

Zeblaze Thor Pro Battery:

Zeblaze Thor Pro 3G Smartwacth Battery

With 500 mAh of battery and support to assist you with your calls and messages and providing an extensive functionality. In the area of productivity through reminders and alerts being and android centered OS at its core, it never backs down and stops amusing its master with its loyalty and accuracy.

Zeblaze Thor Pro Camera:

Zeblaze Thor Pro 3G Smartwacth Camera

The Thor Pro comes with a 200W high-resolution camera that can efficiently fulfill your requirements of a quick video recording or photos. You can also use it for video calling.

Zeblaze Thor Pro Specs –

Everything has its own core which only explodes at the right time, to be precise at the time it is required to say about core and strength we’re talking about a stealth beast.


Zeblaze Thor Pro 3G Smartwacth GPS

The watch is equipped with built-in GPS and a pedometer to track down your steps and reminding you of your body fitness levels as satisfying the statement of “part of every further step. The built-in GPS helps in navigating you through every part of your journey. You can take it in those Bahamas on vacation makes you a superhero for your kids, and the fitness tracker it is equipped falls no short in maintaining those high metabolism levels of your body and rip out the fat to expose those sizzling ribs making your night even hotter.

  • THOR PRO Heart Rate Monitor:

With a heart rate monitor to it, your health and fitness are in your control to monitor and improve in every moment of time.

  • Zeblaze THOR PRO Built-in Bluetooth:

Zeblaze Thor Pro 3G Smartwacth OS

With a built-in Bluetooth, it makes easy communication and playback music through your phone. May it be a long walk or a jogging Sunday, it never lets you down on the music. You are always ready to go providing you options of playing it from the watch itself.

  • Zeblaze THOR PRO Multiple Dials:

Zeblaze Thor Pro 3G Smartwacth Dials

With the Thor Pro, you can experience over 200+ dials at your fingers. This will never let you be bored from your smartwatch.

Zeblaze Thor Pro Extras Features –

Zeblaze Thor Pro 3G Smartwacth Connectivity

The watch is equipped with 2G and 3G mobile network connectivity abandoning your mobile device is a matter of time. When a technological form of craftsmanship resides on the wrist as fitness guide and reliable device as in communications as well as in music. Aiding with AAC, AMR, MP3, WAV and with
Video format: 3GP, AVI, MP4, it also has a Calendar for the busy workaholic in you.

Zeblaze Thor Pro In the Box:

The package of this simple piece consists of the following.

Zeblaze Thor Pro 3G Smartwacth Package Contents

  • The smartwatch itself with charging dock to juice it up with a battery of 500mAh. Which is to of the polymer lithium battery.
  • A charging cable to put it to rest an old-school screwdriver. For all your morphological needs and paperwork well manual which is boring.

Zeblaze THOR PRO Pros & Cons –

Zeblaze THOR PRO Pros:

  • The Device comes with great Support for beginners.
  • Powerful Hardware

Zeblaze THOR PRO Cons:

  • The features offered are a bit harder to

Zeblaze Thor Pro 3G Smartwacth Verdict


The world has seen much dawns and sets. Yet there comes a day that leaves every living being in awe of the innovation. And purely stealth, yet a seductress in lust to allure the non-bearer. It hypnotizes the best in you to show off the best version of yourself. For that to happen, a person needs a companion. To accompany him in every inch of his day who is also reliable in need of a go-to quick entertainment. For a person who wants to be at the top of his game. Or to one who’s productivity higher rates are in seek of boost. The Zeblaze THOR PRO 3G Smartwatch gets all covered with a single piece on the wrist.

Being the lazy stud, you now have a fitness tracker embedded in your wrist. Or to say the virtual fitness guy in is on invasion. In order to get that fat ripped in showcasing the sleek stenches on the body. With a seek and attractive design by changing the smallest of things. That too with a price tag under your budget, making the living version of the very best. The Zeblaze THOR PRO offers amazing features at a very affordable price. Which makes it one of the best smart watches in this budget.