We used to imagine a broker, a trader, and a computer as the main elements of the online trading chain. But in the era of new technologies and mobile devices, we have to keep up with the times. And the online trading market is no exception. Today, we already have a few very useful and convenient tools to make a trading process easier, faster, and more profitable. We’re talking about calculators, dashboards, virtual private servers, and mobile tools. In this article we’re going to analyze one of the most popular mobile tools on the market for now – FxPro Tools app. The problem «How to trade in my mobile» is completely solved.

A Brief Guide to FxPro Tools App

A Brief Guide to FxPro Tools App

At first sight, FxPro Tools app is a great thing. It provides lots of helpful information, trader’s dashboard, economic calendar, market data, trading calculators, and a linked blog. FxPro lets you register, deposit, funds, and trade being online 24 hours a day. The app is available on the AppStore for IOS and on the Google Play Store for Android. But is everything really so good?

Let’s look closer at what the app actually is.

Generally, the app has hundreds of different tools, divided into various categories and departments. Via app you can search for the Forex pair, index, commodity, or share. The interface is very simple. Probably, you will not need any instructions to understand how everything works together. You have just to tap on the screen, and a certain position will be opened.

Trader’s Dashboard

This category was included in the app at the request of customers. A mobile version of the trader’s dashboard gives a unique opportunity to monitor the time and the type of currency which is fluctuating the most. You don’t have to sit in front of your computer 24/7. Mobile dashboards allow you to monitor the situation on the market even on the longest trips to Australia, China, or whatever country you’re going to. Probably, it is one of the most noticeable innovations FxPro platform has.

Economic Calendar

The economic calendar informs you about all important announcements in the business world. You can filter, close, and place all information on the calendar due to its relevance and your personal preferences.

FxPro Tools App


In this section, you get market information about how prices are changing throughout the day. You get an expert view of the market to set more accurate time for the entry and exit. You can even set alerts to receive notifications when a certain instrument reaches a price you want.

Trading Calculators

Here you get a mobile version of currency converters, pip values, swap, and cTrader commission calculator.


Additionally, you get a free access to all FxPro blog posts and articles, being always up to date on the events in the online trading world.

If you were interested much in what was happening in the online market but had no opportunity to stay updated all the time, the mobile solutions are probably all you need to keep abreast of all the latest trends and recent notifications.

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