Great Wall the name is on a mission.This time it’s just never stopping giving chills to the spine of big players like Xiaomi and Lemonte, it again amuses us with new entry-level device codenamed Great Wall W133A the sturdy on lighter note, curved yet subtle to make you swoon with its seductive looks its available in the sensual platinum for all the hunger in you to efficiently dangerous for it got the charisma to hypnotize.

Great Wall W133A

Great Wall W133A Review

In the valley of unlimited options and lighter gravity of mechanics the competitor’s sure to gain their upper hand in the hawk making it a nightmare for them, for it to be the precisely crafted metal to incubate an undying rage of hormone for it has to offer the best in class for all the business appeal in you waiting to be unleashed. The Great Wall W133A device unibody metal finished with a shiny coating that looks pretty and ensuring little bezels up top to add to its subtlety and sleek curves to keep you curated and calm, as we take a step further in the exploration of this hypnotic piece of hardware keep your horses stable.

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The Great Wall W133A device is fascinated by a metallic finish unibody and up on the shelves with platinum variant as standard. The almost perfect cubic design is portraying a sleek hinge to make it the flexible device yet in its class. Opening the device with one hand is never a hurdle with the hinge mechanism opted by the manufacturer is effortless. Provided with a decent selection of ports and hardware to never let you down on those business trips It’s a sleek waitress waiting to be tested by the sturdy beast in you.

At a Glance:

Memory 64 GB
Processor & OS Intel Celeron Processor N3350
Display 13.3-inch display with resolution  (1920 x 1080)
Camera Primary Camera: 0.3 MP
Connectivity Wi-Fi
Ports TF card slot, micro USB port, 3.5mm headphone jack, 2 USB-A ports.

So, here we are showing you everything about on this Great Wall W133A Laptop. So you can get to know more on it & you can also grab it at a best-discounted deal price from here.

Great Wall W133A Laptop Features & Specifications –

Great Wall W133A Operating System (OS):

Great Wall W133A Operating System

The Great Wall W133A has windows 10 operating at its core making it an efficient piece of configuration.

  • With Windows 10 in its core and the company is known for its versatile compatibility.
  • With regular updates, the software is protected against every inch of threats.
  • With windows app store pre-installed to provide you with a range of options to do with.
  • Aimed at productivity, it keeps your workflow on the go.

Great Wall W133A Display:

Great Wall W133A Display

The elegant lady sports respawnable 3-inch display which is on top of its game and color saturation and color contrast is excellent, with softer viewing angles gives you the complete package.

  • Screen Size: The Great Wall W133A device is equipped with 3-inch panel rooted inside finished with platinum bezels for the perfect media experience for its users.
  • Screen Resolution: The front frame with a resolution of 1920×1080 the sweet spot mechanics for best viewing experience for its users.
  • Display Type: The display is an impressive LCD proving to be one of the best displays in low light.
  • Touchscreen: Being an entry-level piece of hardware it is not equipped with a touchscreen yet it never lets you down.
  • Unlike others, the beauty of the device is its sleek finished bezels providing an overall edge.

For the multi-tasker in you, it is easily connected to external video output to make the workflow smooth.

Great Wall W133A Processor:

Great Wall W133A Processor

The Great Wall W133A device packs an impressive power in its core from Intel Apollo lake chip family code-named ”Celeron ”

  • Specs: The processor is the consequence of Intel’s Celeron lines up made to produce effects on a budget.
    • The processor has a base frequency of 1.1 GHz and can clock up to 2.4 GHS on all the cores with its new method called burst frequency giving you all the ability to rev it up for showcasing its maximum potential.
    • The processor is a dual core with its might and Intel has made sure to produce on the end of low power consumption and exposing it with its maximum potential for them stating its strength is undoubtedly a must.
    • The chipset is operated at 6 watts power consumption, and temperature load of 105.c maxed out.
    • Great Wall W133A is customizable up to 8GB of DDR3L 1600 memory, PCI 2.0 making it the best overall piece at the price point.
  • Graphics: The chipset is engulfed with a Celeron chipset at its core opted with a 14nm process integrated into the Intel’s graphics unit code-named Intel HD 500 GPU.
    • The device is a boon for media enthusiast as the viewing experience is an absolute thrill.
    • With the GPU integration and 4GB of RAM, the device can handle some heavy tasks with ease.
  • With an absolute minimal sound at heavy loads and low power consumption, the device provides a smooth user experience.

Great Wall W133A Processor

Great Wall W133A Memory:

The device sports a 64GB of internal storage and preloaded with windows operating system garnering 5GB of storage.

  • Internal Memory: it’s provided with flash storage for all the work data and documentation validating the uninterrupted workspace.
    • The device has an internal storage of 64 GB which is way low comparing to what its counterparts are providing making it step down in this segment.
    • The read and write speeds are not out of the charts, but they are apt and adequate making data transfer a proven task.
    • Being provided with flash storage, it’s never late on catching up things with its core functionality offering best of the user experience.
  • External Memory: Providing with flash storage is a letdown. To its dawn, there’s an SD card slot on the side of the metallic burner which keeps you at bay with all the work.
    • A standard SD card slot is provided for backing up all the essentials.
    • Great Wall W133A can support up to 256 GB of storage for all the movie buff in you.
  • RAM: The device is provided with DDR3L RAM for all the multi tasks you throw at it, and it also associates with VRAM as the device CPU is integrated chipset by means of GPU.
    • The beast is loaded with 4 gigs of RAM for the smooth functioning of the device.
    • Leaving the device with multiple tabs open does not expose the heat with 4 gigs of RAM on board.
    • It can be upgraded to 8GB of DDR3L 1600 memory
    • The RAM adds to the efficiency of the device.

Great Wall W133A Camera:

The Laptop is launched with a 0.3 MP front-facing shooter to keep your work interactions with

  • A medium-sized bezel is confronting with a front-facing shooter providing an ample view of the image.
  • The location of the camera has become a sensitive issue with manufacturers opting for beneath the screen or on keyboard locations to minimizing bezels only to be visualized by an unscripted image providing a low video call experience.
  • It supports Skype calls for interaction over the web for business or a casual talk with friends.

Great Wall W133A Ports & Connectivity:

The device is on board with a decent number of port selection to keep you active on various media devices.

  • Ports: As an entry-level device it sports a fairly good amount of ports for uninterrupted
    • As the Great Wall W133A device’s design persist it’s intended for a business class audience yet as an entry-level device, it compelled to be for student and opted with enough ports for the targeted audience.
    • For all the music junkie in you is unleashed with the 3.5 mm headphone jack on the device.
    • It sports 2 USB-A ports to connect to various devices and file sharing.
    • And an SD card slot on the device to keep you busy for those crisp movie nights.
    • It has a micro-USB port which cuts the edge in its niche segment.
  • Connectivity: The device comes with standard Wi-Fi attaining those high speeds is no obstacle to

Great Wall W133A Miscellaneous:

The classy beast has tricks up its sleeve which is briefed down under.

  • Excellent Colling Technique: The heat management and ventilation is a manufacturer’s intellect and the processor rooted into it is aimed at low power consumption adding increased efficiency and durability to the device.
  • Stand Holder: Being in welcoming dimensions of 13.3 inch which is an adequate size to carry and as the most available measurement’s it’s made stand holders are just around the corner.

Great Wall W133A Accessories:

Being made with a business class look with a metallic finish giving a charismatic statement and targeted for students, it’s a makeup man’s dream to create on for it essentials are at on.

  • Out of the box, the device itself included with the adapter to power it up and paperwork for the beginner.
  • The Great Wall W133A device comes in platinum color as standard and getting a skin for it is not an issue for the big player it is.
  • As provided with decent selection ports yet to dissolve the crave a port hub is advisable.
  • For keeping it clean on the ever clicky keyboard from all stuff puffed in it on those movie nights keyboard cover is recommended.
  • As the screen is vibrant and keeping it clear is smooth with a protector.
  • To keep you sway on those party nights getting a portable speaker is apt.

Great Wall W133A Pros & Cons –

The device is clean, yet it has some corners uncovered which are laid below.

  • Great Wall W133A Pros:
    • With a magnificent design and sturdy finish being on top of its game among all the competitors yet named as an underdog it surely has the enigma in it.
    • A powerful processor for all the desire in you to strive.
    • With a spacious trackpad which is ever noticed compelling and strong, it cuts out edge with its arch-rival.
  • Great Wall W133A Cons:
    • The shooter on the device is ridicule and a usable piece on the device downgrading the mighty of the overall.


For the classy business brag in you Great Wall W133A waits to be unleashed, and if you cut a billion dollar deal which sounds way out of your option well, it’s just your buddy brings about the surplus amount of luck and desirability. If you ever wonder an individual way out your league checks you out a small piece of hypnotism is garnering all the attention for you. For the statement, it’s a class indulged with niche segments waiting for all the might of a stud in you to be unleashed in a private corner for its worth the penny.

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