The Chinese manufacturers are on the spree of extreme competition among themselves. With a price tag of 299.69, it gains a fair amount of curiosity. Manufactured in 3 color variants black, gold and red the Meizu is on the verge of breaking stereotypes with its un visualized resources resonating a piece of hardware unlike any other. You can check the MEIZU Pro 7 Review Smartphone from here to know more, and you can also buy it at a hugely discounted offer price from here too.


MEIZU Pro 7 Review

MEIZU Pro 7 is released in the mid-range smartphone segment which is mercilessly invaded by its other Chinese counterparts. The urge of creating crafted hardware with precise skill has laid down something unique making it a name for itself. The company opted for 4 GB of RAM and a MediaTek processor to squeeze the wolf of a full moon in it, well the devil is hidden behind the hardware with a niche yet new which is what making a buzz in this realm and a battery with a humongous capacity to fulfil all your needs at any point of time during the day. In the realm of edge to edge and bezel-less displays Meizu is making its name for the opting difference with confidence. More of the details about this unanimous masterpiece are mentioned below. Go through the below details to find out what’s appealing about this latest offering from Meizu.

(Buying Guide) MEIZU Pro 7 Review Smartphones “Offer” Price

The MEIZU Pro 7 body is crafted with metal unibody finish it looks premium and the package to be unveiled at the back of it which you couldn’t resist for boner neither a stare, at the top equipped with dual cameras and a flash aside with a fingerprint sensor on the home button on the front all of which are merely giving it a premium finish. With volume rockers on the side and headphone jack at the bottom which is considered extinct in the next few years with design susceptibility taking new heights and is highly appreciated. USB C is induced at the bottom of the piece and enabling fast charging for this hardware and taking it a step further with its rivalry. The audio output is located on the bottom of the device coupled with USB C and similar looking audio grill which functions as microphone, what stands out for MEIZU Pro 7 is the secondary display at the back which is what termed as groundbreaking induction of beauty in the sexy beast to rage your hormones yet resist it with a stare, the sexy curves of the cult has gossiped below.


At a glance:

Price$299.69 only
Memory64 GB
Processor & OSMediatek P25 with Octa-core processor  running on Android on their flyme UI
Display5.1- inch FHD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (FHD)
Battery3000 mAh Li-ion polymer battery.
CameraBack Side: 12.0+12.0 MP (Auto Focus)

Front Side: 16.0 MP

ConnectivityDual Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS
PortsType USB-c port, 3.5mm headphone jack

So, here we are showing you everything about on this MEIZU Pro 7 Review Smartphone. So you can get to know more about on it & one offer for you here, i.e., you can grab it at a very discounted deal price from here too. So go get one for you, or you can also gift it to someone this New Year.

MEIZU Pro 7 Smartphone Features & Specifications –

MEIZU Pro 7 Operating System (OS):

MEIZU Pro 7 Operating System

The MEIZU Pro 7 comes with the Android operating system.

  • The device has Android 7.0 OS with it which is last generations yet staying top of the league
  • The Nougat is Google’s offering to the world of smartphones with the simplified mainstream operating system.
  • The Nougat is visually stunning and polish with customization at its fingertips
  • The flyme UI is snappy and fast satisfying every deep root of an android user.

MEIZU Pro 7 Battery:

Meizu exulted a large battery to its new offering for a package surprising in all the edges of the realm of smartphones

  • The device sports a 3000 mAh Li-ion polymer battery which is non-removable making it a beast caged.
  • The MEIZU Pro 7 device features a USB c type port supporting fast charge making it clear piece of crafting and it does only take 90 minutes for full charge.
  • Providing you a 6-hour on-screen usage and lasting for 13 or more hours on a single charge and depending on the usage and the user it lasts a day on moderate usage.

MEIZU Pro 7 Display:

MEIZU Pro 7 Display

The unsung star of the device which precedes its stardom.

  • Screen Size: The MEIZU Pro 7 is engulfed with 5.2- inch FHD display with a standard aspect for an undistracted production of colors.
  • Screen Resolution: The screen comes with Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • Display Type: The screen is an AMOLED display with a PPI of 403 making it one of the best displays in its segment.
  • Touchscreen: The phone features a capacitive display for smoother functioning; however, it’s one of the best displays in its class compared with the rivals.
  • Bezel: The Meizu adopted to keep it with bezels yet pulling off the secondary display was feet to be noticed in the hidden light.

MEIZU Pro 7 Processor:

Entering into the hardware of this aesthetic device Meizu didn’t leave any slots empty to unleash the maximum potential of the device for its users.

MEIZU Pro 7 Processor

  • Specs: The device is powered by MediaTek processor for the smooth working of every task.
  • MEIZU Pro 7 comes with MediaTek Helio P25 processor.
  • The processor’s octa-core configuration is designed to tackle highly demanding tasks from gaming to editing of pictures and videos with ease.
  • Clocked at 2.6 GHz equipped with 8 ARM cortex cores this device is an intellect waiting to be tested.
  • Graphics: The piece is coupled with Mali T860 dual graphics processor.
  • With Mali T860 dual GPU this thing gets those smooth frame rates for some highly demanding games yet, being in the mid-range segment you’re treated with premium frame rates for the tasks thrown at it.
  • The configuration makes it one of the best for the gamers never to let down.

MEIZU Pro 7 Memory:

To keep you gracious with all those memories of your unknown side and special moments the device comes with fairly good storage and also supports an external SD card up to 128 GB.

  • Internal Memory: The device comes with 64 GB as your internal storage space of which approximately a 10GB is occupied for the operating system
  • As the MEIZU Pro 7 device loads up with stock android, there’s null bloatware to it to consume more of the internal storage.
  • RAM: For smoother functioning and seamless multitasking the device is equipped with 4GB of RAM
  • 4 gigs RAM ensures the quick launch of apps and zero loading times.
  • With the Android operating system and hardware support of 4GB of RAM, multitasking is done on the go.

MEIZU Pro 7 Camera:

MEIZU Pro 7 Camera

The Meizu phone features a primary dual camera at the rear with an LED flash and a secondary camera at the front.

  • On the rear side, Pro 7 equipped with 12.0 MP and 12.0 MP dual cameras with autofocus and a LED flash to capture the best moments, the second camera at the rear is intuitively functioned in producing bokeh effects and used for taking black and white pictures, can also record videos at 1080p full HD resolution.
  • On the front side, you get a 16.0 MP camera for capturing the perfect selfie with a bunch friends and giving you the best video quality over a video call with friends.

MEIZU Pro 7 Ports & Connectivity:

The device is paired up with USB-c and a headphone jack which is on the verge of extinction and highly appreciated for being onboard.

MEIZU Pro 7 Ports & Connectivity

  • Ports: For seamless connectivity between desktop and other electronic gadgets the phone boasts latest tech roadster USB-c type.
  • You get a USB-c port for charging the MEIZU Pro 7 device. And sharing data and files across devices is fast and smooth, and as its being most preferred the compatibility yet to be questioned.
  • For all those users to save you from the loneliness of young you. It has a headphone jack for all the melody listeners.
  • Connectivity: The Device is equipped with the latest WiFi and Bluetooth for unlimited connectivity between multiple devices.
  • You get dual Wi-Fi which is compatible with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac. Making it mount speeds up to 50 Mbps without any issues.
  • The device also comes with Bluetooth 4.0 which more widely adopted the standard and efficiently optimized for fuller user experience.
  • To find your routes from an unknown deserted place or it is a valley empty the device is equipped with GPS to navigate you through the best of the routes.

MEIZU Pro 7 Miscellaneous:

MEIZU Pro 7 Miscellaneous

The Meizu is a package of surprise which is worth mentioning here.

  • The MEIZU Pro 7 device has a secondary display on the back and with new technology on board, and the company is making a difference and showcased that selfies are possible with rear cameras giving you the perfect pictures.
  • For keeping your device and information protected the device sports a fingerprint sensor on the button on the below display which serves as a home button as well as the notion of the fingerprint sensor.
  • The device runs on Android 7.0 which is google assistant enabled to help you on the go. Which can be accessed from the home screen, being with the Android operating system and its accessibility features the device never lets you down.

MEIZU Pro 7 Device Accessories

MEIZU Pro 7 Device Accessories:

The stylish yet simple device is provided with a matte case out of the box.

  • Out of the box, the Pro 7 device features first underneath along with the power adapter and USB-c cable along with some basic instruction manual.
  • The unboxing experience is worth mentioning the underrated segment which should be said.
  • The screen with a resolution of the sweet spot and a FHD display to keep you staged to the screen.
  • The device comes with a massive battery but if you’re a traveler power bank will be advisable.
  • For music enthusiasts to enrich, you’re experiencing a Bluetooth speaker recommended.

MEIZU Pro 7 Pros & Cons –

MEIZU Pro 7 Pros:

The stand out features of the MEIZU Pro 7.

  • Full HD display and rear secondary display.
  • 4GB RAM with T860 Dual GPU for the efficient performance.
  • Stock Android experience with the latest Android operating system.
  • A niche price tag for all those in need of a style statement in all its glory.

MEIZU Pro 7 Cons:

Well, everything can’t be perfect as this beast too.

  • The device thermals are sure to be considered as the battery is also non-removable.
  • The camera configuration is great, yet there are rivals which outrank it.



The MEIZU Pro 7 device with such curves and mastery can only be named as pro with curves of ocean and new innovation packed behind it making one of the very few devices can be termed as iconic, and with all the glory of its looks it definitely is stealing the glances and for all the hunks squeezing looks like it are tempting to be lusted out by the rage yet Meizu made it clear the lustful looks are a combination of intellect meets innovation.

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