Hasee has made the headlines of the gaming world again with a curated individual called T6. The piece of hardware is a junior to what is called an everlasting season of power the 27M. The Hasee God of War T6 is a power in itself be it the looks or the dynamics it possesses. The launch of this gaming hardware has paved a red carpet with a grand welcome to the manufacturer Hasee to the industry of gaming with some sky-high expectations.

Hasee God of War T6

Hasee God of War T6 Review

The world of gaming is fierce with competitors having the resources of oceans and passion of fires it’s not been easy for Hasee, and they didn’t flinch the best of them is produced at a high. The Hasee God of War T6 keeps the expectations at bay and precedes its hype. With a red accent to it and the dynamics to keep you craving the T6 is not all but the right lady to keep you lifted. The T6 price tag $1214.39 and the possession of power is a nightmare to the rivals never wanted in their times of agony. Let’s stare at this curved lady a bit in the below.

Hasee God of War T6 Review – X5 Gaming Laptop “Offer” Price

The T6 is produced in all black aluminum finish with red accents as scars from the manufacturer on revenge to the best. The sturdy body and dynamics are the laboring segment of the device and the perfect design executed with lofted hardware and blend of optimal software to keep the gamers hypnotized. You just don’t want to miss this lady in the black for it got the looks to keep you on the drive and curves to keep you swooning and majestic to keep you going with its aggressiveness is all your rage. Hasee God of War T6 is perfect for a real gamer to help him reach the throne of the gaming world.

At a Glance:

Memory1 TB, 128 GB SSD
Processor & OSIntel Core i5-7300 HQ Quad Core 2.5GHz
Display15.6- inch display with resolution  (1920 x 1080)
CameraPrimary Camera: 1.0 MP
PortsTF card slot, 3.5mm headphone jack, microphone jack 3 USB-A ports, HDMI, UB type-c, RJ-45 connector port.

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Hasee God of War T6 Features & Specifications –

Hasee God of War T6 Operating System (OS):

The T6 is embedded with Windows 10 the company’s latest offering and the best.

Hasee God of War T6 Operating System

  • With Windows 10 in its core, it never lets you down on the performance you’ve desired for.
  • Microsoft’s word for regular updates keeps you running smooth.
  • With windows, the device promises with the best
  • A piece of hardware for gamers handles the unbound tasks as a cake walk.

Hasee God of War T6 Display:

  • The gaming laptop is built with an eye scintillating display to give its users the best of the experience for the time spent on it.

Hasee God of War T6 Display

  • Screen Size: The device front panel is at 15.6 inches with red accents on the top and edged corners with noticeable bezels.
  • Screen Resolution: The LCD panel has a resolution of 1920×1080, and FHD display never falls short to provide the best in its class.
  • Display Type: The panel is IPS LCD with decent color contrast and gamut, and its brightness is good enough for low light scenarios.
  • Touchscreen: Gaming devices are rarely seen with touchscreen this device is also on the same page.
  • The device looks are what makes the crowd throw a stare at it with classic gaming built and every inch is for gamers not for none.
  • The device is provided with some ports to select from to never let your gaming experience hinge in any case.

Hasee God of War T6 Processor:

  • The device packs the power in it from Intel’s Kaby lake architecture hailed from the kaby lake family codenamed I5-7300HQ

Hasee God of War T6 Processor

Hasee God of War T6 Specs:

The processor is the result of Intel’s mid-range production called I5 it is one of the all-around processors ever produced by the people of Intel.

  • T6’s processor functions at a frequency of 2.5 GHz on all the cores giving you the best of the speeds in its league.
  • The processor is a quad-core processor with all the four cores spinning to generate power with a pack of punch to keep you at bay with its un-competed performance.
  • This laptop features a 3-Level cache chipset to a maximum of 6 MB and can max out the temperature of 100.c with the beast it is, yet it’s the calm machine around.
  • It is customizable up to 32GB of DDR 4L 1600 memory, PCI 2.0 making it the best overall piece at the price point.
  • It has 2 threads and 14nm process to keep you running all the time.

Hasee God of War T6 Graphics:

  • The device comes with a Nvidia chipset at its core opted with a 14nm process integrated with the Intel’s processor to give you the best performance at all the times.
  • For the commanding gamer in you, it is the source of power for playing high-end games.
  • With the GPU Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti, this device has enough juice with 2GB DDR 5 VRAM the frame rates are smooth, and those AAA-titles are mere a joke for this.

Hasee God of War T6 Graphics

  • With an unmatched power and sturdy built for which is intended for the games and tasks are little a sip of water to it.

Hasee God of War T6 Memory:

The device is loaded with 1TB HDD and also is provided with flash storage of 128 GB to keep you running in any of the tasks assigned to it.

  • Hasee God of War T6 Internal Memory: Along with HDD storage it is also provided with 128GB of SSD to catch up with you on your daily basis.
    • With 1TB of storage, it’s enough for all the media and files to store and suffice.
    • With the SSD along with the HDD, it’s to achieve reasonably decent read and write speeds.
    • HDD and SSD both suffice for all the storage requirement of the user and gamers.
  • Hasee God of War T6 External Memory: If the room provided with it is not enough it’s upgradable, and if you don’t want all that hurdle it is provided with an external SD card slot.
    • A normal SD card slot is provided for backing up all the essentials.
    • It can support up to 256 GB of storage for all the needs of you.

Hasee God of War T6 RAM:

The device is provided with DDR 4L RAM for all the heavy loads of gaming you blast upon it without mercy, and it also has a VRAM alongside for the proficient performance it delivers.

  • The piece is engaged with 8 gigs of RAM for the smooth functioning of the device.
  • The RAM provided is enough for the heavy tasks and process running with ease being a gaming laptop it is.
  • You can update the RAM to 32GB of DDR 4L 1600 memory
  • The RAM sums to the proficiency of the device.

Hasee God of War T6 Camera:

The Laptop is launched with a 1.0 MP front-facing the camera to catch up with your work on the go.Hasee God of War T6 Camera

  • A bezel alongside the camera to accompany it and to capture the moments embedded in the device.
  • The camera is in an optimal position in this device to capture a decent picture. The location of the camera has become a sensitive issue with manufacturers opting for beneath the screen or on keyboard locations for minimalizing bezels. This also helps to visualize an unscripted image providing a low video call experience
  • It supports Skype calls for interaction over the web for business or a casual talk with friends.

Hasee God of War T6 Ports & Connectivity:

For a gaming device, it is it sports a range of ports to keep accessible to other outputs for improved gaming.

 Hasee God of War T6 Ports & Connectivity

Hasee God of War T6 Ports:

  • As a gaming device, T6 comes with a wide range and variety of ports to keep your product on the go.
  • For the device it is and the dynamics it has all the ports keeping it available for all the wide variety of audience making its market a much with options.
  • For all the music enthusiast, this device comes with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.
  • The device comes with 2 USB-A ports to connect to various devices and also for file sharing.
  • And an SD card slot on the device to keep you busy for those crisp movie nights.
  • It has a USB Type-C port which is a new microform of the standard ports.
  • It is provided with a microphone jack for all the voice over the individual in you.
  • It’s provided with HDMI port enabling it to connect across the devices and the proficiency it promised.

Hasee God of War T6 Connectivity:

The device comes with standard Wi-Fi attaining those high speeds is no obstacle to

Hasee God of War T6 Miscellaneous:

The gaming turf has some honorable mentions before its lay down.

  • Excellent Cooling Technique: As a gaming device require proper heat management, and thermals. So that it will not burn your desk, and T6’s ventilation is decent to keep the noise and heat at bay.
  • Stand Holder: Being in catchy dimensions of 15.6 inch which is most welcoming. The availability of precision holders is never the less a block away.

Hasee God of War T6 Miscellaneous

Hasee God of War T6 Pros & Cons –

The study looks at the hunk have to let off its curiosity in the niche.

  • Hasee God of War T6 Pros:
    • With an overall built it’s an easy pick for young ones need of a buddy
    • A decent configuration to keep all day work on the go.
    • With a design to complement its built is undoubtedly an edge over its competitors.
  • Hasee God of War T6 Cons:
    • The 1 MP front-facing piece is just rubbish is just existence of no use.
    • All this device adds up a hefty weight for it to carry is a burden you don’t want to.


For the blend the ease mechanics and distinguishing looks and built it’s an amalgamation worth having a craving for. With an exciting configuration it’s a gaming device to not to forget and the hefty it may seem. The Hasee God of War T6 device packs a punch to keep you gamers always have an undying quest to be around it. It’s all-in-all a perfect mix of the satisfying piece of hardware. It helps players who want to be at their best with the best gaming laptop.

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