In today’s world, everything becomes unsecured. Everyone must make sure themselves to be more secure and safe. We are bringing you the worlds most effective and productive body camera named as SJCAM A10 Body Camera. The Significant features of this camera are Miniature in size, 320 x 240 screen resolution with 2.0 Inches TFT screen. The camera works on in build battery. Let’s see the features more briefly.


SJCAM A10 Review

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About SJCAM Brand:

This Full featured Human Wearable body camera is brought you by SJCAM, Leader of Worlds Action camera manufacturer and assembler. They also provide frequent updates of firmware for the camera to stay up-to dated software. No worries about after sales support. The only company which thinks future services before selling. So, you can always avail service from the most trusted brand company.


About SJCAM A10 Model:

SJCAM A 10 the most advanced and full power packed sports utility action camera and camcorder from SJCAM. The camera is built with Novatek 96658 chipset which is the most popular chipset amongst the class. The in-build TFT screen with 2.00″ Inches will lead you to preview your moments anytime and anywhere.


The pictures and videos captured with the resolution of 320 x 240 which is more than enough for the class. The pictures will be saved in JPEG (.jpg) format which is widely used image format.

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SJCAM A10 Chipset:

SJCAM A10 Chipset

Chipset plays the vital role in all the electronic gadgets. So, choosing the most efficient chipset is mandatory for the performance of the device. Here we have a chipset in our Camera. The Novatek is one of the most popular Chipset manufacturers started in 1997. Today most of the Televisions, Computer monitors, Laptop screens and Smartphone screens are running one the Novatek Chipset. They are the primary LCD and TFT Display Chipset manufacturer.

SJCAM A10 Battery Life:

SJCAM A10 Battery Life

Don’t worry about running out of battery life. This A10 has inbuilt 2650 mAh Li-ion Battery. The camera device can be charged merely by USB data cable using your Laptop or desktops. Additionally, you can use your power bank portal for charging. So charging in this way is never be difficult. The charging will take at least 3 hours to fulfill the battery and standby time will be 3 hours. If the device is in usage, then the device can work up to 2 hours.

SJCAM A10 Storage:

SJCAM A10 Storage

There is very tiny internal storage, but we have extensive support of higher external storage via Micro SD cards. The device can support up to 64 GB of capacity.

SJCAM A10 Camera Lens:

SJCAM A10 Camera Lens

The A10 camera’s Lens size ranges F2.5 in diameter and with wide covering angles of 140 degrees. So, clicking and capturing your most beautiful moments is just a click ahead.

SJCAM A10 Audio & Microphones:

SJCAM A10 Audio & Microphones

Don’t you have Laptop or Desktop computers to preview your moments? Then here we have an inbuilt Audio system within the camera. So, anytime you can view the video with playable audio via the build in speakers. The recorded audio format will be in AAC format. AAC is successor format of MP3 and usually called as Advanced Audio Codec with lesser sizes. So, the size will be lesser than general MP3 formats. The device also has inbuilt microphones to record the audio along with your sweet moments. There are two microphones for clear and crisp voice capturing.

SJCAM A10 Video Formats:

The device captures from Full High Definition format (FHD 1920 x 1080 with 30 frames per second), High Definition (HD 1280 x 720 with 30 frames per second), IBM’s Video Graphics Array (VGA 640 x 480 with 30 frames per second), Wide Video Graphics Array (WVGA 848 x 480 with 30 frames per second) also wider than VGA Format. Concluding that the device captures most advanced HD format to Common formats.

SJCAM A10 Motion Detection:

The device has inbuilt motion detection system basically the motion detection sensors inside the camera frequently emits Infra-Red waves to detect the movement of the nearby objects.

SJCAM A10 Night Vision:

The Latest technology, i.e., Image intensification, active illumination and thermal imaging leads the camera to view the objects during night-time and low light vision. So, the moments can be captured clearly during night-time also. Mostly used for safeguards of women’s during night times and late night travels. There are two modes where the user can select either Auto or Manual. The Auto mode is that the device occasionally senses the duration if it is night-time the night vision mode will be activated automatically.  The manual mode is that the user has to select in the device to enable the night vision mode. Only if the user enables, the device will enable the night mode else it will not turn the night vision even if it has the dark environment.

SJCAM A10 Waterproof:

SJCAM A10 Waterproof

The A10 body is made up of fiber plastic which withstands most climatic changes such as Rain, Storm, Dust, Wind, and Snow. Nothing can damage the device with nominal usage. The rating can be calculated on IP65. The IP 65 is the rating which shows that the device can withstand Multi-directional, low-pressure water jets. So, no worries in using during rainy seasons.

SJCAM A10 Connectivity:

The device can be connected to Computers or Laptops using USB data cables and WiFi. By enabling the WiFi, the device can be connected to the distance of 10 meters. The WiFi Functionality includes Image transmissions, Video transmissions, Motion detection and Remote controls. So, the device can be operated with remote systems such as by connecting your desktop or laptops to the same routers where the device must be already connected.

SJCAM A10 App Control:

SJCAM A10 App Control

If you don’t have Computers or Laptops as said in above methods, then we have an alternate solution to connect to the device (i.e.,) Smartphone application control. The apps are available for both Android and iPhones. So, you can download the app and connect to a camera with simple clicks. The hotspot from the phone detects the device automatically and communicate each other.

SJCAM A10 Applications & Usages:

This A10 can be used for various purposes. The main purpose is the device can be used by Law Enforcement agents. The legal usage of the device is for defense and find out the offenders who provide better and clear solutions to the Officers. Then it can be used as Vehicle DVR for lane changing in a high way traveling. Parking a vehicle during busy hours or peak hours in malls or cinema theatres are often difficult for all.SJCAM A10 Applications & Usages But this A10 provides us the better view of car parking behind the vehicle with laser positioning systems.

SJCAM A10 Product Attributes:

  • Package Size (L x W x H) is 15 x 12 x 8 cm (5.91 x 4.72 x 3.15 inches)
  • Package Weight: 530 grams
  • Product Size (L x W x H) is 8.30 x 5.8 x 4 (3.27 x 2.28 x 1.57 inches)
  • Package Weight: 134 grams

SJCAM A10 Package Consists:

  • Action Camera – 1 Piece
  • Fixed Back Clip – 1 Piece
  • Removable Back Clip – 1 Piece
  • Sucker Fixing Base – 1 Piece
  • Type-C data cable – 1 Piece
  • User Manual in English – 1 Piece



The SJCAM A10 will be most essential, handheld, IR, WiFi Controlled Camera used for moments capturing, Security purposes and Vehicle parking. The device includes a built-in battery for remote usage and Night Mode for capture during night times. With the dual microphone, you can record videos with noiseless audio. Also, the snaps can be taken with simple clicks and shots. The device is hard enough to withstand Rain, Wind, and Dust. You can store data upto 64 GB using the external card and finally, control this device using your smartphones (either Android or i-phones). Download the application and connect to the device seamlessly and wirelessly. We confirm you do not regret purchasing this product. Nothing can stop you to buy this SJCAM A10 camera for your essential and memory capturing events.