Devil May Cry 5 has become the most modern and sexy game of 2019. Also, this game has greatly influenced the gaming world as you see people disguised as Dante and Nero at every Comic con festival. The game has already sold Millions of copies in the USA, China, and other parts of the world and its fan following is getting stronger with each passing day. The game is ruthless; hence people are searching for How Long To Beat Devil May Cry 5.

How Long To Beat Devil May Cry 5

How Long to Beat Devil May Cry 5? Difficulty Level, Mission List & More

The fifth installment of the Devil May Cry series is here, and It’s bloody fantastic. The game is split into 20 missions. To clear each Mission, you’ll need to practice a lot, and Once perfected, success at unlocking a new task will take more or less 40-50 minutes. In this How Long to Beat Devil May Cry 5 article, we’ll discuss the entire Time Chart to clear these twenty missions. I gave away Devil May Cry 5 Review in one of the previous items. It was a full-blow detailed article on Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough. Coming to the report, I’ll address the critical question “Devil May Cry 5 How Many Missions.”

How Long To Beat Devil May Cry 5

Mission List

As I said earlier, You have to clear twenty missions to sit on the throne of Devil May Cry 5. This game not only gives you a single but Multi modes in the form of a Cameo System. You can play this game with your friends via Devil May cry 5 Local Co-Op. However, you won’t be able to communicate with them. If you’re wondering, is Devil May Cry 5 Too Short? Here is the list of missions with their average clearing length.

mission list devil may cry 5

NumberMissionAverage Time to Clear
0Prologue40-50 Minutes
1Nero40-50 Minutes
2Qliphoth40-50 Minutes
3Flying Hunter40-50 Minutes
4V40-50 Minutes
5The Devil Sword Sparda40-50 Minutes
6Steel Impact40-50 Minutes
7United Front (Playable as Nero and V)40-50 Minutes
8Demon King40-50 Minutes
9Genesis40-50 Minutes
10Awaken40-50 Minutes
11Reason40-50 Minutes
12Yamato40-50 Minutes
13Three Warriors (Playable as Nero, V, and Dante)40-50 Minutes
14Diverging Point: V40-50 Minutes
15Diverging Point: Nero40-50 Minutes
16Diverging Point: Dante40-50 Minutes
17Brothers40-50 Minutes
18Awakening40-50 Minutes
19Vergil40-50 Minutes
20True Power40-50 Minutes


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