Fortnite Android is a battle royale survival game developed by Epic Games, and the Fortnite Mobile Android game is among the top-rated Android games of 2018. So today we are here going to show you that How to Download Fortnite for Android. Even though the Fortnite Mobile Android game is always compared to the PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) game, both the games are quite different in graphics and gameplay tactics despite the similarities they possess, as both are after all Battle Royale survival games for Android.


If you are interested to know in detail about the Fortnite Mobile for Android game including Fortnite Android news, Fortnite Android beta, Fortnite for Android release date, and Download Fortnite for Android, then we are here today with an in-depth article about Download Fortnite for Android & featuring all the details you need to know about the Fortnite Android game.

What is Fortnite Mobile Android Game?

The Fortnite Game was launched for the Windows operating system back in 2017, and the game is a survival game with different game modes that share the same engine for gameplay.

Fortnite for Android was among the most requested games of 2017 and considering the huge demand for the Fortnite game for Android and the success that PUBG had on Android, Epic Games decided to release the game for Android.

When was Fortnite for Android Released?

The Fortnite Android app was launched on August 9, 2017. The Fortnite Android Beta was announced alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Tab S4 devices and was exclusive to selected Samsung devices for the first few days.

The Fortnite Android Beta was later opened to other users after the exclusive launch period was over. During the exclusivity period, the Fortnite Android Beta version was featured only in the Samsung Game marketplace.

What is Fortnite for Android System Requirements?

Fortnite for Android game is a very graphic-intense game and requires quite a lot of hardware and software prerequisites in order to function smoothly on Android devices.

Below is the Fortnite for Android system requirements that are needed in order to Download Fortnite for Android & run the game.

  • Android version: 8.0 Oreo or above.
  • Internal Storage: Minimum 3GB of free space.
  • Minimum 4GB of RAM capacity.
  • GPU: At least Qualcomm Adreno 530 or ARM Mali-G71 MP20.

Even though the Fortnite for Android game may run on devices with hardware specifications inferior to what is mentioned above, the overall gameplay experience will be very laggy and unpleasant.

Fortnite Android Compatible Devices:

If you are looking for a specific answer on whether your Android device can run Fortnite for Android game, then below is a list of all Fortnite Android compatible devices that are officially confirmed to be capable of running the Fortnite mobile game.

  • Asus Zenfone 4 Pro/Zenfone 5Z/ROG Phone/Zenfone V.
  • Essential Phone (PH-1).
  • Honor 10/Play/V10 (View 10).
  • Google Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL/Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL.
  • OnePlus 5/5T/6/6T.
  • HTC U Ultra/U11/U11 Plus/U12 Plus/10.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge/S8/S8 Edge/S9/S9 Edge/Note 8/Note 9/Tab S3/Tab S4.
  • Razer Phone.
  • Huawei Mate 10/Mate 10 Pro/Mate RS/Nova 3.
  • LG G5/G6/G7 ThinQ/V20/V30/V30 Plus.
  • Sony Xperia XZ/XZ1/XZ2/XZs.
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix/Mi Mix 2/Mi Mix 2S/Mi Note 2/Mi 8/Mi 8 Explorer/Mi 8SE/Mi 6/Mi 6 Plus/Mi 5/Mi 5S/Mi 5S Plus/Blackshark.
  • Motorola Moto Z/Moto Z2 Force/Moto Z Droid.
  • Nokia 6/Nokia 8.

These are the Fortnite Android compatible devices that Epic Games are sure about running the Fortnite game without hiccups. However, what happens if your Android device has the minimum specs required but isn’t mentioned in the Fortnite Android compatible list?

Download Fortnite for Android

Well, Epic Games says that even if your Android device is not mentioned in their Fortnite Android compatible devices list but has the recommended minimum specs, then the game will still run on your device.

Is Fortnite Mobile for Android available in the Google Play Store?

Fortnite on Google Play Store is one of the most searched queries by Android users who are interested to play & Download Fortnite for Android game. However, the Fortnite for Android game is not officially available in the Google Play Store.

The main reason for not listing Fortnite on Google Play Store is because of the fact that Google charges 30% from every in-app purchases that are done on applications downloaded from the Play Store.

Which means, if Epic Games had listed Fortnite on Google Play Store, they would have to pay a sizeable chunk of money to Google for in-app purchases.

To escape from this fees, Epic Games did not list Fortnite on Google Play Store. So, Android users will have to Download Fortnite for Android game from Epic Games official website. Also, be aware of any other application with the name of Fortnite on Google Play Store, as they are not the official app by Epic Games.

When anyone searches for Fortnite on Google Play Store, Google warns users with a message saying “Fortnite Battle Royale by Epic Games, and Inc is not available on Google Play Store.”

(Full Guide) How to Download Fortnite for Android Devices for Free

If you are looking for a genuine guide that can take you through the procedures to Download Fortnite for Android & install it, then below is a detailed and trustable guide on the same.

  1. First of all, enable installation of apps from unknown sources on your Android device. To enable the same, launch “Settings” app and then click on “Lock Screen and Security” option. Under this option, enable the feature that says “Unknown Sources.”
  2. Now, launch the web browser on your Android device and click here to load the official Download Fortnite for Android page. You can also type “” on your Android device’s web browser in order to reach the official Fortnite Mobile download page.
  3. On the web page, click on “Get Started” button and then click on the “Download” button.
  4. The Fortnite Android APK file will now be downloaded.
  5. After successfully Download Fortnite for Android APK file, locate and click on the Fortnite Android APK file on your device.
  6. The Fortnite Android APK will now get installed on your device.
  7. After the Fortnite Android APK installation completes, launch the newly added Fortnite game icon.
  8. The Fortnite game will launch additional game files will be downloaded.
  9. Wait for the additional game file download to complete.
  10. Once all game files are downloaded and installed, the Fortnite Mobile game will launch.

And that is it. You have now successfully Download Fortnite for Android APK & Install it on your device. You can now go ahead and enjoy the Fortnite Mobile game.

Latest Fortnite Android News:

In this section, we will be adding all the latest Fortnite Android news and updates.

Fortnite for Android & IOS to get 60 FPS Gaming Support

Fortnite for Android and IOS is among the most downloaded games on both the platforms. Fortnite Mobile players always wanted to enjoy the 60 FPS Fortnite Game experience, and it seems like Epic Games is finally listening to Fortnite Mobile players.

Fortnite Mobile will now support 60 FPS gaming. However, 60 FPS gaming support will initially rollout only to selected “high-end” Android and IOS devices.

Fortnite Mobile Controller Support Incoming

Fortnite Mobile will now support gaming controllers making the game even more appealing to hardcore Android gamers and Fortnite Game fans.

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Final Words:

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