Video has been found to be the most persuasive content as it is capable of triggering emotions, which is crucial for human beings to make decisions. This is why video presentations play such an important role in promoting and presenting your brand. mysimpleshow provides one of the easiest and feature-rich video presentation platforms to help you win customers.

The video is capable of catering to both the auditory and visual systems, allowing your target audience to get messages through facial and body expressions, and music. Studies show that 6 in 10 consumers will spend more than 2 minutes to watch videos that can educate them about the product they are interested in buying. And that creates a huge selling opportunity for you.

So what makes mysimpleshow better than your basic presentation application or other alternatives?

How mysimpleshow Video Presentations can Help you Win Customers

How can it help you win your customers by instilling the right emotions?

It has a set of features that have been tested and developed over the years.

Get Suggestions for the most relevant Storyline

When you create your video presentations using mysimpleshow, it is great to get all the help you can get from the application itself. It will provide you suggestions based on what your goals are behind creating the presentation.

It will require you to answer a few questions before starting to create your video presentation and then it will suggest the most relevant and effective Storyline templates that can help you get your message across in the best possible way.

So how can Storylines help you with your presentations?

  • They add structure to the content used in the presentation
  • They also help you develop creative plots

Thus, you will be able to create professional video presentations without any help from anyone else.

Tell a great Story

Stories help you engage people’s interest and convince them about your products/brands in a better way. mysimpleshow helps in organizing the ideas when creating your presentations. It will keep presenting useful advice and valuable examples, helping you present your message in the best possible way to inform and impress your audience.

Use Imagery to Educate & Impress your potential Customers

Whether your Explainer videos will be used by your marketing team or it will be part of your advertising or online promotional campaigns, the use of right imagery can educate and impress your potential customers. mysimpleshow has a unique feature known as Explainer Engine that will present meaningful illustrations to help create a visual story.

This algorithm will make it even easier to create your video presentations.

If you want more than what the Explainer Engine presents you with, you can search for more illustrations from mysimpleshow’s visual database. It is easy to find illustrations that perfectly match your project requirements.

You can create powerful, impressive videos using original illustrations from an endless collection. Then, you are also allowed to upload your own images, logos, and files (and textual content).

Add Voiceover

A unique advantage to mysimpleshow is that it offers voiceover addition feature. Its advanced text-to-speech feature allows you to create professional voiceover instantly and without having to create your own recording.

At the same time, you can also have your own voiceover recording and uploaded to add to the video presentation. Even when you add your own recording, mysimpleshow will synchronize the voice so that it perfectly syncs with your storyline.

Preview & Edit your Video Presentations

Once you have created your video presentation, the application allows you to preview the video and edit it with ease. It also allows you to get a preview at any time during creation.

You can also make changes to the illustrations, text and all the content to create the perfect presentation.

Reach out to your Target Audience

Once your video presentation is ready, you can export it in an easily shareable format. The video can become a part of your online campaigns. Your marketing team can carry it along or access it online through a link and give presentations to potential customers. You can also share the presentations to YouTube or create online ads using its link.

Share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to reach a larger audience.


When it comes to presentations, it is no longer about the simple image-based presentations. Explainer videos with voiceover, relevant illustrations, and compelling content can make a huge difference in engaging your potential customers and influencing their buying decisions. mysimpleshow provides you with easy-to-use tools that make it a breeze to create impressive and informative video presentations.

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