One of the most important phases of the music industry would have to be the production of a particular track or set of tracks. It is in this phase where the whole song comes together, where tracks are assembled in order to create a masterpiece. There are several apps that come in handy for music production, which allows you to make quality tracks outside of the recording studio, and with your Android smartphone. If things go right, you could find your song up for download on Amazon music downloader and other areas. What are these production apps for music on android? Let’s find out below.

List of Top 10 Best Music Production Apps for Android (Guide)

MorphWiz –


First on this list, and is touted as one of the best is MorphWiz. It’s a synthesizer app which you could use to play various sounds and incorporate all of these into your song. One of the coolest effects is performing vibrato using your fingers and being able to play a huge variety of sounds to make your produced track the very best.

Nanoloop –


This amazing free app helps you with music production by being a synthesizer, sampler, and sequencer in one app. In a nutshell, the app works by allowing you to compose your very own electronic music arrangement to play in parties, as well as publish on the internet. There are as many as 6 channels that could be worked with, and in each channel, 2 patterns for 8 instruments.

SPC Music Drum Pad –

SPC Music Drum Pad

Another great app you could use on Android for mixing your tracks is this one. It’s basically an audio station which lets you both record and mixes your songs of choice. The interface has a cool and rich futuristic feel to it, where you could load tracks on 16 points, which definitely comes in handy during adding of songs and live sound mixing.

Recording Studio –

Recording Studio

As blunt as it can get, this free app allows you to do the things normally done in a recording studio. The free version, apart from allowing you to create different tracks with various components through mixing them, also comes with a piano app as well, thus sparing you the hassle of having to bring with you a piano. Rest assured, all of the components would mix easily, thanks to the very plain and simple interface.

Music Maker Jam –

Music Maker Jam

If you’re not an expert, and probably are looking for a springboard when it comes to producing music, the Music Maker Jam is the best for you. This app enables you to create your own composition by remixing your rhythms, regardless of genre, whether it be rock, jazz, dance, hip-hop, etc., it has got you covered. To make a good thing even better, these features are already available in the free version. A maximum of 8 channels could be mixed.

Nanoloop –

This sequencer tool, albeit plain looking, is the best tool for beginners and casual musicians alike. Despite being for beginners, it is also a good enough app for the more experienced ones, too. You could sync 8 instruments, compile sounds, and tweak it in ways you may not have taught possible initially. If you have never picked up an instrument in your life, this app is the way to go.

Arpio –


The stylish, futuristic interface is something that could make this app stand out, and also is ideal for those who don’t really have that much experience with musical instruments. With that said, it still is a fun app you could either use just for fun or for you to make music beyond the ordinary.

Music Maker Jam –

Music Maker Jam

As blunt as it is, this app is actually already very familiar with a desktop software app. It’s known for its no-nonsense surface, which is direct to the point and is one of the neatest, uncluttered ones around. To use this effectively, only a few taps are needed to mix the songs properly. There are lots of in-app purchases, as well as access to a community of music lovers and creators.

Soundtrap –


Despite the design appearing simplistic and all that, it actually is a straightforward app that allows you to play out melodies, work on the built-in instruments, as well as utilize the app for the recording of instruments and vocals. Its interface, which is primarily drag-and-drop makes the job easy, and to make it easier, has a messaging system that’s integrated to enable track collaboration.

Caustic 3 –

Caustic 3

This app combines the best of both worlds, in terms of samplers and synthesizers in one. It’s optimized for real-time use, making it the perfect accompaniment for DJ gigs. With the rack, you can make use of a wide array of equipment, such as virtual analog synthesizer, PCM-A Line Bass synthesizers, drums, machine samplings and much more.

So these are some top 10 Best Music Production Apps for Android.

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