If you don’t know that How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to TV Optical or for connecting the Samsung soundbar to your Television then today you must have to check and read out this below post once thoroughly to grab the best & easy methods for doing this. So, all you have to do is just read this How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to TV post fully once,

A Soundbar is basically an individual loudspeaker enclosure device that creates a reasonable stereo effect from a single cabinet. They are also much wider than they are tall. To take advantages of both from the soundbar & stereo set system, some manufacturers also produce the sound bar hybrids in which the sound bar represents the center, left & right speakers plus (Wireless) subwoofer & rear left & rear right speakers.

You can understand more about it’s on this below How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to TV post. Soundbase is similar like the soundbar but designed for the TV (Television) to stand on. Because of their larger size, sound bases typically have better bass sound than soundbars, unless the latter has the separate subwoofer.

How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to TV

How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to TV Optical

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So, here we are going to show you that How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to TV Optical easily without doing much hustle.

(Methods) How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to TV Optical

1. Power ON your Samsung TV

2. Setup TV input to where your external device is connected

(If the cable box or satellite receiver is connected to your TV on HDMI 1 then set your TV to HDMI 1)

3. Power ON your Sound Bar

4. Place the Sound Bar within 20 inches. the TV

(You can move it later)

5. & then press the SoundShare button of your sound bar remote control

6. The front display of Soundbar will read ‘TV.’

7. & then ‘Television SoundShare’ will scroll across the screen

Alternatively, you can press the Source button on your Soundbar remote & toggle through all the inputs & set to TV SoundShare.

8. Using the TV remote bring up the TV menu & locate the SoundShare settings

The following steps for How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to TV Wireless post are:

  • Go to the Menu
  • Click on the Sound Settings
  • Now, click on the ‘Speaker Settings.’
  • & Now click on the “SoundShare settings‘ there
  • Now, click on “Add New Device” option there
  • & Select “ON” button there
  • That’s it, done

9. When the Prompt appears

(You may need to wait 30 sec. for it to appear)

10. Use directional arrow buttons on your TV remote to select YES option

11. & then press ‘Enter.’ there

(A ‘connecting’ prompt will appear before a confirmation prompt displays.

12. Now you see that OK is automatically highlighted, Press Enter

(Audio will begin outputting through the sound bar within 8-10 sec.

13. You can now move the sound bar upto 16 feet away from TV

14. The Sound bar display will read “TV CONN” & will dim out until there is not display.

(This is normal & it is done so as not to introduce on your TV watching experience.)

15. The ‘TV (Television) Speaker select settings’ will automatically change from the TV speakers to SoundShare when a connection is established with a SoundShare device.

16. If you miss the Prompt, then wait about 10 sec. Before it displays again

17. If it does not then press the ‘Return’ button on your TV remote control to return to the SoundShare settings menu & repeat steps again

18. If you do not see a prompt verify that the soundbar is powered ON & press the Sound Share button again to place in SoundShare Mode

That’s it, done

These are the quick and the best way Methods for How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to TV Optical from you entirely. Hope these methods will surely help you for How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to TV.

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