Do you wish to spy on an iPhone then you must know that it’s not that easy to hack into an iOS device? Unlike Android, spying on an iPhone is tough given that an iOS device is more secure at the end of the day. However, that doesn’t make an iPhone unhackable as there are several ways to spy on an iPhone.

How To Spy On iPhone With Just The Number

As per Franklin Byrant of Spydrill, there is various iPhone spyware that works without jailbreaking it. So yes it is possible to track an iPhone with spyware. But in this post, I am going to show you how to spy on iPhone with just the number. So you don’t need to use a spy app in the first place itself. 

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Can You Spy On An iPhone With Just The Number?

Yes, it is possible to spy on iPhone with just the number. You can spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone. However, in that case, you may not be able to monitor all the activities happening on that device. With a phone number, all you can do is track the current location of the iPhone. You can also carry on phishing attacks by sending spam links as text messages but for that, you may need some hacking skills. Keep reading the article to know how to spy on iPhone with a phone number. 

How To Spy On iPhone With Just Number?

There are a few ways that you can explore in order to spy on iPhone with a phone number and without access to the target phone. Let’s get to these methods one by one.

  1. Use GEOfinder Tool

The GEOfinder tool is an online platform that allows you to track anyone’s location by sending a link or image to the target person. If you know the phone number of the iPhone user who you want to track then you can make use of it. 

All you have to do is go to GEOfinder and select a prewritten message and then enter the iPhone user number.

All you have to do is go to GEOfinder and select a prewritten message and then enter the iPhone user number

Once it is done, an SMS will be sent to the target person and as soon as they click on the link provided in the message their location will be tracked by the tool. And then you can see their current location on your GEOfinder dashboard. 

Moreover, you can also track the location of the target person by sending them an image created by the GEOfinder tool as an MMS to their number. As soon as they click on the image their location will be captured and shown to you on your screen.

This is an effective way to track the iPhone user’s current location by just their number but it won’t allow you to read their messages, see their activities and more. 

  1. Phishing Attack 

Since you know the number of iPhone users who you are willing to spy on, you can do phishing attacks on them to get their personal information. In a phishing attack, you send a message that looks like coming from authoritative sources such as a big company or website. 

Phishing Attack 

The message consists of a link that takes the victim to a website that has been generated to collect information about them. It looks like a real website and no one ever doubts that it is a scam website. 

You can make a website that looks like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat login page. So that when they enter their username and password on it to log in to their account you get access to their credentials. 

This technique is mostly used by hackers to steal the password of the victim’s social media and internet banking accounts. 

  1. Social Engineering

Social engineering is also a type of phishing attack where you use different techniques to get the details out of the victim’s own mouth without them knowing. Since you have their phone number you can do a voice phishing attack in which you call the victim and gather critical information about them. 

In both types of attacks i.e social engineering and phishing attacks, you need to have some skills and experience in hacking. However, you can also hire a hacker to do the job for you if you want. 

What’s The Easiest Way To Spy On An iPhone Without Access?

See it’s possible to spy on iPhone with just a phone number and you have already seen that. However, the methods I have shown you have their cons as well. For example, they can’t allow you to properly spy on your iPhone. Hence, if you want to get all the details stored on the iPhone then you have to use iPhone monitoring software. 

Also, unlike Android, you don’t have to install the spy app on the target iPhone. All you need is the iCloud credentials of the target person. If you know their iCloud username and password then you can spy on them remotely from the comfort of your desktop or cell phone.

An iPhone spy app will let you read their messages, see their social media chats, view their call logs, get insight into their multimedia files and much more. 

If you want to listen to their calls, track their location, etc then you can even do that with the help of the FlexiSPY app. But for that, you have to jailbreak the target iPhone. Because you can only install the FlexiSPY app on the iPhone if it’s jailbroken. 

Final Verdict

Spying on iPhone is not that easy especially when you don’t have access to it and all you have is just their phone number. However, there are some ways using which you can still spy on iPhone with just the number and I have already shown those methods to you. 

But the problem is that you cannot properly spy on iPhone with just the number. If you wish to get all the details about the target person through iPhone then you must use spyware for it. The good thing is for using iPhone spyware you don’t need physical access, all you need is their iCloud password and username.

If you could get access to their phone then you can jailbreak it then you can even install spyware in it. Installing spyware gives limitless features that help you know everything about the target person.