Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the very recent and exciting survival games on the market today. The popularity of this game has been on the rise right from its launch in 2011 time. Well though it was having far fewer features and support at that point in time. With an increase in adoption, it matured into the advanced version that is there today. Right now the game is supported for the following platforms & here we are showing you that When was Tilted Towers Removed in Fortnite Battle Royale.

What’s Fortnite Battle?

When is titled tower being removed Fornite then and now

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Sony PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • IOS Mobile
  • An Android version will also be launched very soon

A Brief Note on Survival Games:

Any game enthusiast would have undoubtedly played survival games for sure. The kind of adrenaline rush that it brings is unbelievable. You almost feel like things are real and tend to forget the fact that you are in the midst of a game at the end of the day. There are pretty popular survival games like Counter-Strike which have ruled the PC games space for more than a decade. Now in the last decade or so the shift has been towards mobile games as one could see people glued to their mobiles/tablets more than PCs or Laptops.

When is titled tower being removed Survival Games

Hence the gaming industry has started to move its focus towards the larger audience base which in this are mobile users. Well, that does not, mean PC games are being overlooked as still today one could see that PC games with large screens and advanced controls like joystick support give you the real feel of gaming.

A Brief Note on the Game-Play Model:

Let us try to give a very high-level overview of the game. The exact genre of the Fortnite battle game is battle royale.

When is titled tower being removed Fornite Game Model

  • It can support up to 100 players who usually transcend through a sky-diving to a glider to ultimately their hiding spot. Through this process, they also try to get their ammunition, weapons and other resources required to play the game efficiently.
  • Without any weapon, you are bound to die in a matter of minutes. Guess why? This game has a storm that is randomly going throughout the virtual world and causing havoc.
  • Because of this players really cannot hide in safe zones like in other survival games. This in fact is one of the much-appreciated features of this game.
  • Owing to the storm movement players have to continually move around which would obviously result in a player meeting another player who might be his enemy.
  • Hence you need to have a sufficient set of ammunition and weapons to counter-attack as and when required.

What are V-Bucks?

When was Tilted Towers Removed

Though the game is absolutely free, it does have a revenue model obviously to support them. Basically, there is a provision for micro-transactions that will help the players to purchase things called V-Bucks. It is pretty much the internal currency of this game. A few things that can be done with V-Bucks include purchasing skins, weapons, and other stuff to enhance the player’s look, feel and power. They can also be used to move to further stages in the game through passes.

Reception & Revenue:

The very fact that Fortnite Battle has grown tremendously both in reach and user base is a testimony to its success. Having said that as with any game, there have been few negative reviews too, but there are far more positive impressions around which is kind of taking this game’s popularity to the next level. Here are a few trivial which will help one to understand how well the reception was and how much money it is making in the market

When is titled tower being removed Fornite Revenue

  • Do you know that within just a fortnight (sounds co-incidental or destiny?), this game was able to get around 10 million players worldwide?
  • The current active players are estimated to be around 45 million which is a stupendous figure.
  • It is making hundreds of millions every month, and that is pretty evident proof of the success of the game.

What’s the Buzz about When was Tilted Towers Removed?

The Tilted Towers in Fortnite Battle Royale is indeed a star attraction of the game. A lot of the players do have a personal affinity towards it. The 3.6 updates of the game which was released very recently had some cosmetic updates to the look and feel of the tilted towers. Contrary to the popular messages going around on When was Tilted Towers Removed this time around the tower does stay intact but with some changes like some furniture and fireplace kind of setup. Anyway, Epic games which own and build Fortnite Battle Royale are accustomed to bringing in major changes including the addition of titled towers.

When was Tilted Towers Removed

Now I guess the question of When was Tilted Towers Removed will be put to rest temporarily. There might be a few pessimists who still feel the signs of the tower. The types of furniture and other changes are more signs of the impending meteor strike. Well, to be honest nobody would be surprised if the tilted tower is removed in the upcoming versions of the game. It might even be the case when after all the speculations of the removal of tilted towers are put to rest to the surprise of everyone. Epic games might push an update removing or replacing or totally remodelling the tilted towers. After all, a change does set in new context and expectations for the game. Till then keep watching the updates and enjoy Fortnite Battle Royale.


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