Over the last some time, we’re hearing a lot about the Chinese Tech Giant Huawei banned in US, and today in this article, we’re going to break down all the facts and other stuff regarding the same. So let’s begin and let us tell you the whole story behind the banning of Huawei in the US and using parts made by US-based companies.

Huawei Banned in US

Let’s Deep Dive & Know About Huawei Banned in US

The Chinese telecom giant has run into its biggest trouble with the beginning of 2019. The main concern with Huawei has been issued regarding its comfortableness with the Chinese government and fears that its instruments may be used to spy on other countries and corporations. This is the reason behind the US banning Huawei networking equipment in the US in 2012.

Huawei Banned in US

For many years the US government has warned the world that Chinese tech and telecom giant Huawei is not to be trusted due to its close relationship with the Chinese government. But Huawei denies any wrongdoing from the past, and it continues to maintain its innocence through the recent charges which got applied to it.

  • Some governments like Australia and Japan have agreed on this and have blocked Huawei equipment from their next-generation 5G wireless networks.

Huawei Banned in US

Huawei banned by the US government led the company to –

  • Internet giant Google was blocking Huawei’s and its sub-brand Honor’s future access to Android updates.
  • UK-based chip and processor designer firm ARM has ceased all activities with Huawei, and multiple retailers and networks around the whole world have had to block dealing with Chinese tech giant Huawei for fear of losing sanctions from the US government.

Huawei Banned in US

During Huawei banned in US and all these setbacks, Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei maintained a positive outlook for the brand, stating that “We will certainly be able to continue serving our customers.” After all this, U.S. President Donald Trump has handed Huawei a lifeline by saying that U.S. companies are allowed to sell products to the embattled Chinese tech firm following over a month of uncertainty.

Huawei Banned in US

Before Huawei banned in US, Chinese tech giant Huawei bought 11 billion dollars worth of equipment from the US in 2018, according to the founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei. Ren also said that this US restriction would cost the company $30 billion this year and next. He stated that the company is working to end its dependence on US companies by making its own chips and smartphone operating system, but that he also wants Huawei to buy from US suppliers if possible.

Huawei Banned in US

Final Thoughts :

Our final thoughts on Huawei banned in US is that the Chinese tech giant was in some problem before, but after the lifting of the ban by the US government and other tech firms has given one more chance to the Huawei to continue its business with others without any wrongdoing. Trump’s move by lifting the ban on Chinese firms not only aid Huawei but will also boost Google and other Huawei partners who invested significant time and resources into developing a relationship with Huawei to boost their own businesses through its business.

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