In the present days now, presentations are considered the defacto standard to communicate a message, showcase a new product, spread an idea, or prepare a lesson. It is part of a regular practice in any daily business routine, and tools like GoogleSlides can support presenters to prepare impressive presentations without hassle.

Make Attractive Presentations using Free Google Slides Themes

To be much productive at work, with the help of pre-designed presentation themes, presenters can finish their presentations in record time. Google Slides themes contain dozens of free presentation templates and themes compatible with Google Slides. As an essential companion for any Google Slides designer, this resource comes to save the day.

Make Attractive Presentations using Free Google Slides Themes

With the help of Google Slides themes, the presentation editor can save a lot of time by reusing existing designs and presentation themes. FGST contains one of the most advanced collections of Free Google Slides templates ready to be used by individuals or a team.

By using FGST, presentations can be copied directly to Google Drive and customized to match any presentation requirement. Furthermore, by editing text placeholders and replace the images, the template can be transformed into a final presentation in record time.

The Google Slides themes available at FGST are created with editability in mind. The templates provide a high-level of flexibility. Its ultimate goal is to provide an extensive catalog of free Google Slides themes, enabling presenters to make winning presentations in minutes.

Each Google Slides template is composed by many slides. It is possible to find popular slides with amazing designs, such as the Agenda slides as well as editable maps that can be used to represent geospatial information in your presentations.

Make Attractive Presentations using Free Google Slides Themes

One of the best things about Google Slides is that designers can collaborate online with their team and work editing the same presentation concurrently, boosting the productivity. No more .pptx by email or pen drives.

Another great feature in Google Slides is the extensive list of fonts available in the tool. This enables the presenter to create high-impact presentations with modern typography. The final presentations don’t only look awesome but also these are highly customizable.

With Google Slides, presenters can be much productive at work, and presentations can be delivered across multiple platforms. Either if the audience is in a big auditorium or online, presentations created with Google Slides can be accessed by the team at anytime and anywhere.

Make Attractive Presentations using Free Google Slides Themes

Google Slides is one of the most leading platforms to edit and deliver engaging presentations online. It is a versatile tool based on the cloud that is widely used either in business environments but also for educational purposes.

The templates provided by FGST can be utilized either in Google Slides but also exported to popular presentation tools, as a presentation template for PowerPoint or being exported to OpenOffice, PDF or export the slides as images.

Make Attractive Presentations using Free Google Slides Themes

The tool already comes with pre-designed themes for a broad range of presentation topics, but many of the themes fall short for modern presentations. In this sense, FGST is the perfect companion for presenters who are requiring to design presentations based on an extensive library of Google Slides Themes.

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