A camera can capture several emotions. Be it photos or videos. Now cameras are seldom purchased as you could see fantastic cameras on most smartphones. A decade ago the resolution of cameras in mobiles was not of excellent quality, and the cameras were thumping ahead of the mobile cameras. Now the scenario has changed completely as you get on-par resolution and features with a mobile camera. So here we are featuring Pinlo M1C Three-Axis Camera Stabilizer.

Pinlo M1C Camera Stabiliser Specs

Pinlo M1C Review Three-Axis Camera Stabilizer

Ever used a camcorder or video camera? I am sure you would like the video quality and the balance you get while using it which is slightly tricky with still cameras or mobile cameras. The primary reason being the position stability. It is pretty tough to hold the camera steady for an extended period without shaking it. Now comes the solution to fix this problem for mobile cameras.  Do you know that camera stabilizers were in place since 1991? Martin Stevens invented the first camera stabilizer for motion picture and video cameras. In professional photography, camera stabilizers are a must. Especially in ad-film shoots, one could see the camera stabilizer finding heavy usage. Now with increasing adoption of cameras in every household, there comes a pressing need to have them for camera lovers.

(Buying Guide) Pinlo M1C Review: Three-Axis Camera Stabilizer Deal Price

Xiaomi has been known to produce excellent stuff at very affordable pricing. Its foray into Camera Stabilizers is not surprising given the fact they sell an outstanding sized number of the world’s smartphones these days. It is very sleek and easy to handle. Let us get into the technical details of Pinlo M1C Three-Axis Camera Stabilizer.

Pinlo M1C Three-Axis Camera Stabilizer:

Quickly let us give you an idea of what can be done with the M1C Three-axis Camera Stabilizer

  • For all smartphones: They don’t confuse you a different version/pricing for various It is just one thing for all smartphones, bet it Android mobiles or iPhones.
  • Camera controls right where you need it: All the camera commands that you need for recording like zoom controls, capture controls are right there on this camera stabilizer. They are at an excellent handy spot for you to operate so you won’t need to touch your mobile for controlling things.
  • Advanced modes: There are few good and advanced levels of stabilization modes which facilitate you to shoot at ease even during a lot of motions and movements.
  • Panoramas, Object Tracking, and Time-lapse: The advanced controls available in this camera stabilizer enables one to shoot impressive panoramas, easily track objects and also record and capture motion time-lapse.

Pinlo M1C Camera Stabiliser weight

At a Glance:

Price$199 > $173.87 only
SizeDimensions in Folded 208 x 53 x 43mm

Dimensions in Unfolded 266 x 53 x 43mm

Operational RangePan option present is a 360-degree free rotation

Tilt angle ranges from  -100 degree to +100 degree

Rolling can be possible from all aspects. Complete 360-degree free rotation can be performed with ease

Mobile Phone SupportThe M1C camera stabilizer does support most phones irrespective of the operating system. However, there is a width limitation of 58mm to 85 mm.
BatteryThe battery capacity is 1050 mAh. This is pretty good for a camera stabilizer and can help this to last few hours.
RuntimeSince the battery has a decent power capacity, and the M1C Three-axis can last up to 4 hours.
Output & EnergyThe output rating is 7.4V. Energy rating is 7.8Wh
Charging ConditionsThe charging temperature should be ideally between 0 to 45 Degree Celsius
Operating temperatureThe device does in work in most temperature conditions. The optimal range though is -10 to 45 Degree Celsius

So here we are showing you everything about on this Pinlo M1C Three-Axis Camera Stabilizer. So you can get to know more about on it & one Deal for you here, i.e., you can Grab it at a hugely Discounted Offer Price from here too. So, go Get one for you or you can also Gift it to someone.

Pinlo M1C Features and Specifications –

Pinlo M1C Camera Stabiliser Video Quality

Pinlo M1C Dimensions & Weight:

Pinlo M1C Camera Stabiliser Uses

In general, this is sleek and easy to use the device. Below are some more details on the size specifications

  • The product weight is just 0.45Kg and can be easily used by anyone. It is neither heavy nor ultra-light.
  • The total package weights around 0.6Kg.
  • The dimensions of the package is (L x W x H): 25.00 x 8.00 x 7.00 cm / 9.84 x 3.15 x 2.76 inches

Pinlo M1C Battery:

This being an electronic camera stabilizer does require a battery for it to operate.

Pinlo M1C Camera Stabiliser Look

  • The battery capacity is around 1050 mAh.
  • It does last for upto 4+ hours which is not bad. You can always have backup power banks if you are traveling longer distances and expect to surpass the 4-hour barrier.

Pinlo M1C Display:

This camera stabilizer does not have a display for which you need to check the mobile as of now. The controls, however, are present directly on the M1C.

Pinlo M1C Controls:

The following controls are available in M1C Three-axis.

Pinlo M1C Camera Stabiliser Specs

  • Of course, the controls to record videos and capture pictures.
  • Zooming option is also present which makes it almost like a professional video camera.

Pinlo M1C Ports & Connectivity:

The camera stabilizer ports & connectivity options are

Pinlo M1C Camera Stabiliser Ports

  • Ports:
    The primary port present is the charging port.
  • Connectivity:
    The M1C Three-axis camera stabilizer does not need a cable to connect with the mobile phones mounted like most of the selfie sticks. It connects via Bluetooth 4.0

Pinlo M1C Internals of Camera Stabilizer:

Pinlo M1C Camera Stabiliser Design

Do you know what is present inside a camera stabilizer that lets it take steady photos and videos? Accelerometer sensors and G-sensors are the keys to their success. Built-in M1C Three-axis camera stabilizer, these sensors track the position and speed of our movement with a great deal of accuracy to get adjusted to those movements. An additional feature is the built-in servo motor which compensates them and makes it possible for the camera stabilizer to stabilize the smartphone and receive sharp and shake-free pictures and videos without any shake.

Pinlo M1C Accessories:

The M1C does come with bare minimum things you would need.

Pinlo M1C Camera Stabiliser Overview

  • The camera stabilizer
  • A charging cable
  • An additional weight plate.
  • An instruction manual.

Pinlo M1C Camera Stabiliser Gimbal

Pinlo M1C Pros & Cons –

Now you understand how critical is gimbals or camera stabilizers for your and how good is M1C Three-axis gimbal? Let’s dive deeper into its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Pinlo M1C Pros:

    • M1C Three-axis Camera Stabilizer performs exceptionally well during shaky and bumpy situations like traveling. No matter how good you hold your mobile phones while treading a forest the video quality would be unimpressive.
    • The make and build are compact, much like a selfie stick and is portable and light-weight.
    • The performance when it comes to taking pictures and videos is excellent without much glitches in the pictures or videos.
    • The connectivity via Bluetooth is a plus which means you can logically operate both of them without even placing inside the mobile phone holder
    • Easy and important controls are an added plus to Pinlo M1C Three-Axis Camera Stabilizer.
  • Pinlo M1C Cons:

    • If the camera holder could have provision to hold even tablets, at least the smaller ones, then this would be even more universal for all mobile devices.
    • The pricing is on the higher side and is not okay for budgeted mobile users as some of the mobile prices are just less or equal to the pricing of Pinlo M1C Three-Axis Camera Stabilizer.

Pinlo M1C Camera Stabiliser Internals


Overall Pinlo M1C Three-Axis Camera Stabilizer is very useful for frequent travelers and explorers. Also useful for folks who need to shoot long duration videos or take several pictures. Go for it if you have these usages and you won’t be disappointed.