Xiaomi has been releasing a lot of interesting and exciting hardware from its pipeline lately, and one such device that has taken the market by storm is the Xiaomi Back Shark SKR 4G Phablet. Xiaomi Black Shark SKR-H0 is the best gaming phone in which the company has invested a lot of money and technology. It has attracted extensive attention from the customers since the second it appeared in the market.

Xiaomi Black Shark SKR - H0

Xiaomi Black Shark SKR-H0

The Xiaomi Black Shark SKR-H0 Phablet is the first gaming smartphone released by the company. The phone is a dream for gamblers, and it comes in black with glossy green accents, it also boasts potent hardware and a grippy back. The phone has an attached controller with an analog stick that can be plugged in an out when necessary into the smartphone. The rest of the hardware is definitely worthy of a flagship phone in the market. The focus of Xiaomi is again on the fluid reproduction of games and videos in their smartphones. The internal system of the phablet will be equipped with customized software, a varied drop-down menu, it has an online platform for players, gestures for the fingerprint sensor, and an additional key to access the Shark Space. The Shark Space gather all your games on one platform.

(Buying Guide) Xiaomi Black Shark SKR-H0 4G Phablet Review

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The design of the Xiaomi Black Shark SKR-H0 Gaming smartphone is the most successful in the market. It is a typical smartphone amped up with extraordinary features. The dimensions are especially up for competition. From the front, it looks like a regular smartphone, and it may not display its intended use, but the back is made of metal and adds to the stability and impact protection of the smartphone. The round frame and a comfortable and grippy back contribute to the enhanced gaming experience. The color of the phone is black and is surrounded by a poison green frame that illuminates and pulsates in the dark. These features have caught the eyes of many gamers and smartphone lovers.

At a Glance:

Price$590 only
Memory64 or 128 GB
Processor & OSSnapdragon 845 Octa Core CPU
Display5.99 inch 2160 x 1080 pixels
Battery4000 mAh Built-in
Camera20.0MP + 12.0MP rear camera and 20.0MP front camera
SIM Card Slotdual Nano SIM card, dual standby

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Xiaomi Black Shark SKR-H0 Features & Specifications –

Xiaomi Black Shark SKR - H0

Xiaomi Black Shark SKR-H0 Operating System: (OS)

The Xiaomi Black Shark SKR-H0 comes with an Android operating system.

  • This smartphone has an operating system that is 5ms faster than iPhone X and 20ms than Samsung Galaxy S9+, therefore, it is the smoothest OS in the market
  • Its operating system is based on MIUI gives the user access to a wide range of Xiaomi services, and it also features the newly created Shark Dock to turn off all Apps and clean your smartphone’s RAM and reject phone calls, etc. Hence, you can be more focused on your games.
  • The preference of gaming players designs the OS.
  • The phone itself is high-speed and responsive and is the best in the market

Xiaomi Black Shark SKR H0 Design

Xiaomi Black Shark SKR-H0 Battery:

The Xiaomi Black Shark SKR-H0 is equipped with a large battery for a smoother and long-lasting overall experience while gaming.

  • The 4000 mAh high-capacity battery is a massive advantage for the users because gaming usually takes up a lot of power. It is also equipped with a QC3.0 quick charge technology, and it only takes an hour for the smartphone to be 80% charged. The charging is via USB-Type-C with Quick Charge 3.0 technology.
  • The smartphone’s controller also has its own battery with 340 mAh and offers in addition to a two-stick shoulder button.

Xiaomi Black Shark SKR-H0 Design & Display:

The flawless and fluid display of the phone keeps you engaged and undisturbed while playing.

Xiaomi Black Shark SKR H0 Conclusion

  • The display comes with the “MEMC” technology, which is a cheaper alternative to the 120Hz display of the Razer phone.
  • The 18: 9 display can be found at the top and bottom margins of the smartphone, and it also has a fingerprint sensor on the
  • The contrasting green color runs around the frame of the phone and refines the back, and the logo comes in poison green color. The green color is illuminated and also pulsates occasionally.
  • The entire screen is 5.99 inches tall and in 18: 9 format. It is resolved with 2160 x 1080 pixels, resulting in crisp 403 PPI and clear. The corners are slightly rounded as well.

Xiaomi Black Shark SKR H0 Display

Xiaomi Black Shark SKR-H0 Processor:

The smartphone comes with the most advanced processor and it best suited for gaming experiences

Xiaomi Black Shark SKR H0 Processor

  • The flagship hardware configuration is what makes it suited for gaming. The Xiaomi Black Shark SKR-H0 Phone utilizes the Snapdragon 845, which clocks even higher than the Samsung S9
  • The device uses its powerful heat pipes made of copper components to cool down its 2.85 GHz CPU which uses the liquid that circulates to produce better performance.
  • Its performance is significantly better, 25 – 30% higher than Snapdragon 835 and it also comes with a multi-layer cooling kit that has the potential to reach the full power of a CPU.

Xiaomi Black Shark SKR-H0 Memory:

The device comes with reasonably good storage and is capable of storing 64 GB worth of data in the form of games.

Xiaomi Black Shark SKR H0 memory

  • The device comes with 64 GB or 128 GB depending upon the variant you choose, and your interior storage has a 6 GB RAM for your internal settings
  • The Android 8.0 Oreo comes in pre-installed in the phone, and it also has a customized launcher which focuses on useful gaming features.

Xiaomi Black Shark SKR-H0 Camera:

The smartphone has a camera packed with features such as in a flagship phone.

Xiaomi Black Shark SKR H0 Camera

  • The main camera, situated in the back, is a dual cam, which consists of a 12MP and a 20MP sensor.
  • It has a feature called the Phase Detection Autofocus which can shoot typical Xiaomi bokeh shots. The front camera or the selfie-cam works with 20 megapixel and an aperture of f/2.2.

Other Miscellaneous Features –

The Xiaomi Black Shark SKR-H0 has a plethora of other features and aspects that are worth mentioning.

Xiaomi Black Shark SKR H0 Conclusion

  • The phone comes with a new fastest mobile chip which is the latest Snapdragon 845 and is likely to set new records in the market. The graphics of the Xiaomi Black Shark SKR-H0 boosts the Adreno 630 making games much smoother and easy to play.

Xiaomi Black Shark SKR H0 Extra Eye SIght protect

  • The phone is available in a global version that operates across the world with customization as per that country. Besides Chinese and English, the OS of the worldwide version also supports more languages, like German, French, Portuguese, Turkish, and Arabic.

Xiaomi Black Shark SKR H0 Sound

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  • Latest Android OS 8.0
  • 5.99-inch IPS LCD Capacitive Touchscreen Display
  • Screen-To-Body Ratio of 76%
  • Full HD+ Resolution
  • 6/8 GB RAM for Multitasking
  • OctaCore Processor
  • Not Dust Resistant
  • No Wireless Charging Feature


Xiaomi Black Shark SKR H0 Extra

After considering all the pros and cons, there is no doubt that the Xiaomi Black Shark SKR-H0 is the best option for gaming. It is fantastic because of its vivid colors, appearance, connectivity, high-capacity battery, and customized UI.