Xiaomi has diversified to give its customers a musical experience with its new device called Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele. We have tapped into a niche market of musical instruments with a low-budget. It is already becoming more and more popular in the US, and the buying is spreading across the country. Musical instrument fans will adore its features and quality.

Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele Intro

Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele

The Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele is not about just another low-end of a generic offer from the company. It is an exciting hybrid of technology, music, and fun. The top-quality ukulele has a Bluetooth feature that makes it stand apart from other similar instruments, and that is what makes it accessible in the market. The Device is considered to be the world’s first “smart” ukelele. It combined smart based apps with a follow-me LED lighting, and it is so easy to use because it promises that people will be strumming their first song within 15 minutes of learning the instrument. The Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele easily pairs with any smartphone via android play store or IOS app store and then it goes through a simple tuning process. The gamified experience ensures that you make your progress little by little and hence it makes it the best product even for beginners.

(Buying Guide) Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele Review

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The Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele is like a compact version of an acoustic guitar but has only four strings. The smart ukulele pretty much looks like a basic ukulele, but it is made of an A++ spruce panel, and the wood is European Maple material. The strings are an Italian Aquila nylon string and display a beautiful petal-style hollow for a mellow sound. The Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele only weighs 500 grams, and its dimensions are 58.42 x 25.00 x 12.00 cm, which makes it light and compact to hold. The instrument also has been fixed with 72 LED lights under its fretboard which lights up to guide the player to pick the right string. The Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele has an intelligent switch design which pairs over Bluetooth as well.

At a Glance:

Price$86.99 only
Size23 inches
StringsItalian Aquila Nylon Strings
MaterialEuropean Maple and A++ Spruce Panel
Charging TimeAbout 2.5 hours
Lighting TimeAbout 10 hours
Battery Capacity800 mAh Lithium Battery
Supporting DevicesiPhone 4S, IOS 8.0 above, iTouch and above; Android system 4.3 above (support Bluetooth 4.0BLE )
APP DownloadQR code in the user manual

So here we are showing you everything about on this Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele. So you will get to know more about it. & you can also Grab it at a very Discounted Offer Price from here. So go Get one for you or you can also Gift it to someone this New Year.

Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele Features & Specifications –

Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele

Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele Looks & Features:

The app itself is specially developed for this specific instrument and is easy to use and understand.

Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele Design

  • Design:
    The app has an animated, child-like design to make it look fun and exciting. The animations are of excellent quality throughout, and it is the same case with the videos as well.
  • Audio:
    Almost all videos are set to the music, and the speaker speaks in a clear and distinct so that it is verbally legible. The speaker speaks in English and does not have a Chinese accent.
  • Additional:
    There are animations and video material for the instrument. For example, when it comes to explaining different chords or changing techniques. The app also reminds you to tune the ukulele to hear the chords better regularly.

Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele LED lighting & Bluetooth:

The fretboard LED lighting, and the Bluetooth is what makes this Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele special. Even children can learn how to play various songs with just these 2 features combined. The Bluetooth is connected to the app and makes it so easy to enjoy music played by yourself.

Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele Look

  • The fretboard is made of plastic, but it is suited to display the LED lights equipped within it.
  • When you tune the instrument, the fretboard lights up with the string you are supposed to play. Even when you are learning your chords, the fretboard lights up and shows where you are supposed to place your fingers. It is an extremely useful tool for a beginner to learn the technique of holding the ukulele.
  • The LED lights are visually appealing and make it a visual and fun way to learn.
  • The USB Bluetooth device is located on the side of the Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele. The USB is used to charge the ukulele, and the Bluetooth is used to connect with the Populele App on the IOS or android store. It is compatible with any device and therefore accessible.

External Features –

The Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele is itself an ordinary ukulele, but it comes with many additional features.

  • Made of rosewood with four nylon strings
  • The instrument has a micro-USB connector on the side and a power button next to it, but it is located inside and can only be seen when looked through the sound hole.
  • The fingerboard consists of a total of 72 LEDs.
  • It is equipped with an 800 mAh battery, and a micro USB cable is included.

Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele App games

In the Box –

The Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele many accessories that comes along with the instrument to make it easy to use and enhances the experience.

  • It comes with a cable, two picks and a set of spare strings
  • It also comes with a capo through you won’t need it in the beginning
  • The instrument itself can be placed in a linen carrier bag that comes along with the package. It makes it easier to transport the ukulele are there is also space for the rest of the accessories in a small zipper pocket

Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele In the box

Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele App: (Usage)

The instrument can be used via an app that helps beginners become experts along with their musical journey.

  • To use the smart functions, first, an app must be downloaded on your phone
  • It is available on both the android play store and the IOS app store
  • The instrument can even be started without the app, but an account has to be created os the user first. Without the app, you will not be able to replay the songs, but you can always browse through different playlists and explanatory videos on how to use the ukulele.
  • To connect your smartphone to the Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele, you need to turn on the instrument and then activate the Bluetooth on your phone. The application will then show you the available devices from which you can quickly establish a connection.
  • The app also contains a colossal library of various songs from artists such as Adele, Maroon 5, Jason Mraz, and many others. When you pick a song, the screen first shows all the chords concerning the song and then the chord diagrams and the strum pattern.

Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele App

Other Miscellaneous Features –

The Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele has a few additional features that are definitely worth mentioning.

  • Voice Recognition Feedback:
    The voice feedback helps beginners learn and improve upon their playing skills and makes it fun and interesting.
  • Interactive Games:
    You can share some intimate time with your instrument and play fun games to improve your performance on the Populele app. One can follow the chords on the app and play the ukulele, and the other can play drums on the phone, and you can have your own
  • Appearance:
    Its wonderful appearance makes it a perfect gift for your loved ones. It also comes with a trendy bag to hold the instrument in so it becomes more convenient.

Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele pros and cons

[joomdev-wpc-pros-cons disable_title=”no” title=”Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele Pros & Cons” button_text=”Grab it Now in Discount” disable_button=”no” button_link=”http://bit.ly/xpsugear” button_link_target=”_SELF” button_rel_attr=”external”][joomdev-wpc-pros]
  • High-Quality Sound & Music
  • Tuition-Free
  • Time-Saving
  • Interesting & Fun Learning Gamified Learning Mode
  • Improves Social Ability & Easy Performance
  • Must be handled with Care
  • App is not compatible with the Older Version


Overall, this Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele instrument is the perfect starter kit for beginners as it comes with the LED lighting for easy learning.  Even an advanced player can improve their skills with the app to learn and play famous songs easily.

This is all about this Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele review. Hope you like this guiding review and grab this Xiaomi Populele Smart Ukulele in the discounted price from here as well. Thanks for checking.