Shenzhen PGD Digital Technology Ltd. was founded in 2006. It operates in research and development, design, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises. It specializes in the field of Sports Camera, Mini DV, GPS Tracker Watch, Health Sports Smart Watch, digital product. In 2009, the company created its brand called as ZGPAX. The main products of this brand were sports camera, Mini DV, Children’s GPS tracker watches, elder monitoring watches, 3G/4G Android smartwatch and other Smart digital products. & here we are showing you everything about on this ZGPAX S222 Wearable Waterproof Action Camera.

ZGPAX S222 Action Camera Look

ZGPAX S222 Review Wearable Waterproof Action Camera

Recently the brand released its latest camera with amazing features. But it’s not just the standard camera. It has something special in itself, and it won’t be a big shock if you fall for this camera by the end of this article.

This very camera is called S222 Wearable Waterproof Action Camera. By his name only, it’s two fantastic feature is evident, i.e., it is waterproof, and it can be worn too. A perfect action camera!

(Buying Guide) ZGPAX S222 Wearable Waterproof Action Camera Deal Prize

A perfect combination of fashion and technology. The S222 camera is a master blend of high-tech with a sleek design. This is a wearable, magnetic, waterproof, drop-resistant, dust-proof sports camera. The best part of this action camera is it allows you take clear, wonderful pictures of your sports even under water, as its 30m deep waterproofing makes it convenient enough for such purpose. It also has a low light/luminous mode shooting function, which makes evening photography fun. It has many great features but let’s start with its basics.

At a Glance:

“A great camera with high quality,” this is how the very new ZGPAX S222 Action camera could be best described as. Here as some of its basic specification.

Camera Type Sports
Storage Max External Card Supported Micro SD 32G
Battery  900mAh Li-ion Battery
Lens diameter f1.8
Video format MP4
Audio system Built-in microphone/speaker (AAC)
Frequency 50Hz,60Hz
Dimensions 2.48 x 2.48 x 1.47 inches
Weight  0.1300 kg

So here we are showing you everything about on this ZGPAX S222 Wearable Waterproof Action Camera. So you can get to know everything about on it. & One Offer for you here, i.e., you can also Grab it at a very Discounted Offer Price from here too. So go Get one for you, or you can also Gift it to someone.

ZGPAX S222 Features and Specifications –


This new S222 Action Camera is undoubtedly a load of great features. Here are some of them, given as follows.

ZGPAX S222 Design:

ZGPAX S222 Action Camera Design

The very new S222 Action Camera is best at its tech look. The device sports a great sporty look with compact body and several attractive functions. It comes up with a watch band, which made it wearable and easy to carry. The camera has a dimension of about 2.48 x 2.48 x 1.47 inches, and the weight is about 0.1300 kg.

ZGPAX S222 Battery:

ZGPAX S222 Action Camera Weight and Size

The S222 Action Camera comes up with a built-in 900mAh Li-ion Battery. It gets charges through USB attached to your PC. It takes a whole of 30 minutes to charge at 1080p and has a lifetime of about 3 hours. With such battery life, you can easily nail more than one sports festival with this camera making you the efficient shooter snapping some of the most amazing shots. This will eventually make you more productive and increase your output.

ZGPAX S222 Camera Quality:

ZGPAX S222 Action Camera Effect

The S222 comes with 6 pieces of HD wide-angle glasses. It allows you to click pictures in HD quality. It has picture resolution of 16, 12, 8, 5, 2 megapixels. The very S222 Action Camera provides you multipurpose sports camera (waterproof, drop-resistant, dust-proof) and magnetic suction too. It even supports luminous shooting. It also promotes multi-shot mode like single shot, automatic shooting, continuous shooting, etc.

ZGPAX S222 Action Camera Lens

The camera comes with many amazing features, and its camera quality is not something you can miss out. It offers impressive picture quality with lots more to provide than just video shooting. You can quickly click best shots out of it video which will be extremely sharp and never let you out in the quality.

ZGPAX S222 Video Quality:

ZGPAX S222 Action Camera Shooting Quality

The new S222 Action Camera supports MP4 Video format. It has MOV format video recording. It has the video resolution of 1080P (1920*1080) 60FPS. With this, you can have a video time of 90 minutes. It has a variety of video recording formats, i.e., 1080P, 720P, 2K.

ZGPAX S222 Action Camera Range

With a fantastic camera, quality comes high-quality video output. With the S222’s superior video quality you can expect sharper and brighter videos even in conditions where there is less amount of light.

ZGPAX S222 Personality APP:

ZGPAX S222 Action Camera App

As the S222 has built-in Wi-Fi function key, it downloads a dedicated APP, which helps to achieve camera “one button connection” with mobile devices which allows one-click image sharing. Now with an individual app, you can click pictures and record videos even from a distance. This lets you shoot from places you cannot reach through your hands. And eventually, this offers excellent stability while using stands for recording and shooting giving you a much professional experience overall.

ZGPAX S222 OV2718 Sensor:

The very new ZGPAX S222 Action Camera has this new cool feature called OV2718 image sensor. It uses back-illuminated image sensor technology with high light perception, which helps you get excellent image quality even under low light conditions such as cloudy or night-time scenes.

ZGPAX S222 Action Camera Sensor

Through its efficient image sensor, you can easily record even in cloudy conditions, riding you from all your weather worries while shooting videos in extreme conditions. At times you even find it much more appealing and provides a somewhat unexpected result.

ZGPAX S222 Extra Features –

That’s not it. The very new S222 Action Camera has many more features to make you fall for it. The list of features include

ZGPAX S222 Action Camera Uses

  • As for storage, it supports micro SD, which can be used for storing more amazing videos without the need to change the storage.
  • The camera supports following operating systems including Windows XP, Vista or Above like Win7, and also Mac OS.
  • With the support of Wi-Fi, the camera allows you to view, control and share on the mobile phone more easily.
  • This camera supports different languages including  Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Thai, Dutch,
  • It also comes with full support of USB 2.0.
  • The camera has an ultra-small appearance, and a variety of colors are available for buying.

ZGPAX S222 Action Camera Extra

ZGPAX S222 Pros and Cons –

ZGPAX S222 Pros:

  • Amazing Camera Quality
  • Offers External Storage Capacity
  • Lightweight  & Portable

ZGPAX S222 Cons:

  • The battery back-up offered is normal

ZGPAX S222 Action Camera Durability


This Action camera is not just going to make you feel satisfied but is going to finish off your hunger of best camera for your ultimate passion for photography. The very new ZGPAX S222 is not just wonderful, but it is something beyond perfect in it’s all means. What do you think about this very action camera?

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