A vacuum cleaner is very essential to any house for sure. After all who has the time in the world to clean up our house these days. A vacuum cleaner, when introduced, was considered revolutionary and useful. It was deemed to be unchallenged, and people felt that this is more than what anyone wanted at home for cleaning. Well as with any other gadget it just does not stop with that. There was always constant and continuous efforts to improvise and make them better. As a result of many advancements in Vacuum cleaner came Robotic cleaners. They were excellent but were not that effective as per human expectations. Now with better technologies, the robotic vacuum cleaner of the present generation is good. & today here we are showing you everything about on this ALBOHES M504 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. So that you can get to know more about on it from here too. So check it out once,


ALBOHES M504 Review Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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(Buying Guide) ALBOHES M504 Review Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Deal Price

Let us dig deeper into one such latest Robotic Vacuum cleaner from Albohes.

At a Glance:

ALBOHES M504 FeaturesALBOHES M504 Specs
BatteryLithium Ion with a capacity of 2600 mAh
Power RatingThe power voltage is 220V, and the power rating is 20W
WeightThe product weights around 2.7Kg
Working Time120 minutes
Working Modesauto, zigzag, spiral and edge
Damp MoppingThis is an advantageous feature in this vacuum cleaner for cleaning wet surface.
Dry Vacuum SweepingYes
Auto RechargingYes
Time SchedulingYes
Climbing HeightIt can climb up to 30 degrees.
Total Charging TimeIt might take up to 5 hours to get a full charge.

ALBOHES M504 Features & Specifications –

In M504 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review we will see the various functionalities that this M504 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has to offer for us. It is predominantly designed for home usage though you could use it for smaller offices.

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ALBOHES M504 Functions:

As with any standard vacuum cleaner, it uses general dry vacuum cleaning of the area you intend to clean. Apart from that, there are a good number of features like damp cleaning which is used for anybody who wishes to clean with water or clean wet surfaces.

ALBOHES M504 Self Recharge:

M504 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has this fantastic feature where it can recharge on its own. It creates a sound of some Sci-Fi movie right. Well, it is not. It can return to its charging base and charge by itself. Work made simple for us right!

ALBOHES M504 Sound During Operation:

The most significant concerns of anyone using Vacuum cleaner is the kind of noise / high sound levels it produces during its operation. It is of such high decibel that others can’t even concentrate on their work. But this M504 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner promises that you can even sleep during its operation. Then just imagine how low the sound could be. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest compelling reasons to consider this vacuum cleaner apart from its robotic nature.

ALBOHES M504 Design:

In M504 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review, one cannot forget mentioning the design of M504 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. This is incredibly slim and sleek which means it can enter the nook and corners of your house.

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ALBOHES M504 Special Features –

Some of the unique features of M504 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is that it has an anti-drop feature which means it won’t fall or hit any objects resulting in its damage.  The anti-collision and anti-drop features make this possible. Now one should have the confidence in Robotic Vacuum cleaners like M504 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

ALBOHES M504 Timer:

The vacuum cleaner has timer feature which will enable you to be present the time to a fixed time-interval say like in the evenings to tidy your house up. This sounds really cool and useful, doesn’t it. You could literally relax while this M504 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner takes up the job of cleaning for you.

ALBOHES M504 Motor:

The motor used in M504 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is potent and efficient. It can suck out the dirt and air, and the filters will completely remove the dust and dirt and vent out only fresh air from it.

ALBOHES M504 Cleaning Modes:

The M504 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has 4 cleaning modes which would be mostly good enough for all types of cleaning one needs from a vacuum cleaner. The modes are,

  • Auto
  • Zigzag
  • Spiral
  • Edge
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ALBOHES M504 Battery & Power:

The battery used in M504 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is Lithium-Ion. The battery is 2600 mAh. The vacuum cleaner is designed to consume low power. It takes just 20W.

ALBOHES M504 Price:

The price of M504 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is just under 200 USD.

Having gone through the M504 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review now, one would have a fair idea on the M504 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and its features.

Let us dig into the pros and cons of M504 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

ALBOHES M504 Pros & Cons –

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ALBOHES M504 Pros:
  • The best part it has automatic cleaning feature. No one would dislike a vacuum cleaner which can clean with minimal human intervention.
  • The M504 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner consumes less power for such powerful features.
  • The max operating time of 2 hours is good for cleaning large houses.
  • The damp cleaning feature is excellent for those who are worried about cleaning wet surfaces and are concerned about what could happen when the vacuum cleaner accidentally gets in touch with water.
  • The M504 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner can clean angled surfaces upto 30 degrees.
  • The different cleaning modes are advantageous to cover all types of surfaces and scenarios.
  • The scheduling part is useful for office goers as they can even set the time to a time in which they won’t be available at home.
ALBOHES M504 Cons:
  • The pricing of M504 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a slight concern for budget buyers. Could have been less priced to cover all audience of buyers.
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Final Take:

The final decision is that ALBOHES M504 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is worth buying if you want more than a vacuum cleaner. The timing feature and other attractive features of M504 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner make it a compelling buy.

So what are you waiting to go for the ALBOHES M504 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, if you are a cleanliness freak who wants to clean the house multiple times in a day.