Do you like hearing music using earphones? Am pretty sure there would be very less who don’t like to hear music through their headsets. Xiaomi is slowly becoming a specific brand, and it’s no surprise to see those producing earphones. And here we have the latest, and most out of the box headphone manufactured by Xiaomi called the Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Hybrid Earphone.

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Review Hybrid Earphones

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(Buying Guide) Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Hybrid Earphones Deal Price

The QTEJ03JY hybrid earphones have been manufactured and launched very recently by Xiaomi.  The Xiaomi QTEJ03JY hybrid earphones are very different from other headsets in the market. So let us know in detail about QTEJ03JY Hybrid Earphones.

At a Glance:

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Features & FunctionalitiesFunction: microphone, Answering phone, noise canceling, voice control, song switching
Material Make Material: TPE
Cable Length1.25m
Compatibility:Computer, iPhone, mobile phone
Frequency Response: 20-20000Hz
Noise Sensitivity:100dB
Product Dimension & Weight: 125.00 into 3.00 into 1.00cm / 49.21 into 1.18 into 0.39 inches and 0.0140 kg
Impedance32 ohms
Ear PlugPlug type: 3.5mm, L-Bend

So here we are showing you everything about on this Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Hybrid Earphones. So that you can get to know more about on it & One Offer for you here too, i.e., you can also Grab it at a very Discounted Deal Price. So go Get one for you, or you can also Gift it to someone.

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Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Features and Specifications –

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Comfort Level:

It fits comfortably with an ergonomic contoured form which provides the efficiency and comfortable environment for the users. It offers more comfort and is versatile because it has the features to control the calls and play music with ease.

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Material & Sound:

The Xiaomi hybrid earphones are a dual driver earphone with dynamic and balanced armature drivers and adopt the best material. The headphone is made of a graphene which is eco-friendly and robust material. This helps to transmit the sound fast with a high frequency of around 20000 Hz. This helps in producing sound, which is rich, crystal clear and sharp.

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Fiber Wire:

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY

The Xiaomi hybrid earphones are provided with high elasticity fiber wire, and the fiber gives the resistance. It is also resistant to perspiration. The Xiaomi hybrid earphones offer the L-plug which saves it from wear and tear.

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Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Different Sizes:

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY

The Xiaomi hybrid earphone comes with 4 pair ear tips which are XS/S/L/M in size. The soft silicone ear tips are very comfy to wear. It will help to fit people of different age groups and physique easily. This is a big plus which you seldom get from other models.

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Design & Color:

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Hybrid Earphones Sound

The QTEJ03JY Hybrid Earphones is not similar to any other earphones. The Xiaomi hybrid earphone is unique in make and design. The headphone is on par with the Xiaomi ANC in-ear jack with USB-C plug. Additionally, the textile fabric insulation and angled jack of the cable is pretty good. The black-themed color is an additional plus.

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Price:

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Hybrid Earphones Design

It comes at the price of $29.99 which is a pretty good deal for a high-end earphone like this one. If you go for same features in other brands like Sony, it was evident that the price might be 2x or 3x the price of QTEJ03JY Hybrid Earphones.

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Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Sound:

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY

The Xiaomi hybrid earphones have used material which is 100 times stronger material than steel. Also, it conducts 100 percent of the electrical signal passed through them. It offers the authentic sounds in the way that you don’t miss even a single beat. Tri-band equalization sound is another plus. The Xiaomi hybrid earphones sound produced is resoundingly richer and fuller in quality.

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY L-Shape Plug:

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Hybrid Earphones Plug

The L-shape plug is durable in use and more comfortable in the long run. This reduces the chances of buckling and wearing out. It even provides soft and comfortable ear tips which help to sit comfortably in the ear for a longer duration. This even reduces the risk of developing ear skin irritation. The manufacturer of the product has used the medical grade silicone which is delicate, gentle and soft for the ear skin. For the perfect fitness, the Xiaomi offers four pairs of ear tips that fit this ear plug.

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Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Package Contents –

The Xiaomi hybrid earphones package contain 1 x pair of earphones, 3 x pair of standby ear tips and, 1 x English manual.

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Hybrid Technology:

The Xiaomi hybrid technology is one of the most relaxed and fantastic techniques which adopts the combination of the dynamic and balanced-armature driver. It handles the low-frequency audio, and the drivers provide a 3D surrounding effect.

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Hybrid Earphones Equilizer

The Xiaomi hybrid earphones have a metal acoustic cavity with its polishing process. The graphene diaphragm delivers the luxurious sound in all bass ranges. Graphene used in the dual diaphragm to offer rich performance and also serves to keep the low notes mellow.

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Wiring:

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Hybrid Earphones Attractive

The wiring of the Xiaomi hybrid earphone is just amazing. The QTEJ03JY Hybrid Earphones come with high-quality stretchable TPE wiring which is hard and durable too.

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Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Microphone:

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Hybrid Earphones Microphone

MEMS microphones present in QTEJ03JY Hybrid Earphones are comfortable for calls and supports the hand free-calling. The microphone provides convenience to answer the calls anytime anywhere.

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Pros and Cons –

Let us now come to the part where we weigh the pros and cons of QTEJ03JY Hybrid Earphones to figure out if this is a worthy buy.

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Pros:
  • The Xiaomi hybrid earphones are comfortable to the ear skin because they have picked up the medical grade silicone which is delicate, gentle, and soft too.
  • Various sizes for the perfect fit on the ear skin are an added advantage of QTEJ03JY Hybrid Earphones.
  • L-shape of the earphone facilitates long-term use and reduces the chance of bucking and wearing.
  • Easy to control calling feature is for people who want to take long calls. It supports hands-free
  • The QTEJ03JY Hybrid Earphones come with the highly stretchable TPE wiring which is very hard to use and durable too. This will enable us to have a long life for these earphones and especially helps to survive the wear and tear.
  • The Xiaomi hybrid earphones come in a combination of two drivers which are balanced and dynamic drivers. And it will help to achieve the balance in the bass for high and mid audio ranges.
  • The Xiaomi earphone produces the more vibrant and fuller sound, and hence your sound quality is not compromised here.
  • It comes with tri-band equalization which helps to keep the sound as natural and unaltered as possible.
  • Uses the graphene diaphragm, which delivers the fantastic sound in the mid-bass. This is pretty unique for a product of this price range. Graphene is used mostly in high-end and costlier models of earphones.
  • Conducts 100 percent of an electrical signal which passes through them. That implies there is no loss of sound from the source to your ear.
  • The Xiaomi earphones are a metal acoustic cavity. It helps to produce the best possible sound effect and noise cancellation.
  • It provides the excellent music sound with sensory fashion.
  • The earphone is compatible with a computer system, iPhone, mobile phones too.
  • The Xiaomi hybrid earphones come with a cable length of 1.25m. This is pretty good given the fact that the source could be far from your ear.
  • The Xiaomi hybrid earphone is sleek and light-weight.
Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Cons:
  • There is hardly any significant disadvantage QTEJ03JY Hybrid Earphones. However, the price of Xiaomi products, in general, is touted to be dead cheap. As a price tag of 30 USD for QTEJ03JY Hybrid Earphones does not look very compelling for entry-level
  • A protective cover/case to keep it after use is missing. That helps to maintain the earphones for longer life.
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Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Hybrid Earphones Conclusion

The Xiaomi QTEJ03JY hybrid earphone is a fantastic earphone. It has superb features, and the make and material are too good to avoid them. So guys, if you are indeed very interested in buying a good earphone which is not exorbitantly priced then these QTEJ03JY Hybrid Earphones, is definitely for you. You definitely can’t ask for more in this pricing and with this minute level of features. This is the pro range for any vivid music lover. The best part is that you could buy one and use it for all your device range from mobiles to computers.

So this is everything about on QTEJ03JY Hybrid Earphones. Hope you like this Xiaomi QTEJ03JY Review & Buying Guide. Share it with others too so they can also get to know more about on it. & Thanks for checking.