In this era, there is a change in the people perspective of buying different gadgets. In the smartphone world, people are seen going for a bigger screen with features like a tablet, but at the same time, they want all the quality of a smartphone. There is where the new trend of phablet came into existence. Here we are going to talk one such device. Cube, a Chinese company, has brought a new phablet in the market called the Alldocube Cube Power M3 4G Phablet It is in pre-order now. Go now and grab one for you now.

Alldocube Cube Power M3

Alldocube Cube Power M3 Review 4 Phablet

The Alldocube Power M3 4G Phablet is a 4G smartphone. It has one of the excellent design. It is priced now at $165.99. It is quite cheap comparing the features and functionality that comes with it. From the beautiful design to that of the screen. It houses not only a big screen but a big battery as well. The battery can last you for days on normal usage. Other than the battery and screen you get a powerful processor coupled with large high bandwidth RAM. Below we have discussed each feature and specification for more details.

(Buying Guide) Alldocube Cube Power M3 Review 4G Phablet Deal Price

As there is an increasing number of device entering the market regularly with the high-end specification but at a lower price, we have now wanted the device not only to be sturdy but cool and stylish looking as well. The Power M3 device comes with a curved look which not only makes it look good but also helps in holding the device well. The Alldocube Cube Power M3 4G Phablet device comes in only one color variant, the black grey one. There are one earphone jack and one micro USB charging port on one side. The speakers are kept at the bottom. The curve body exposes a bit of the rear camera which might cause it to get damage.

At a Glance:

Price$165.99 $150.99 only (Offer ends in 01 days)
Memory64 GB flash storage space as the primary storage space with additional space 64 GB Expandable storage space.


Processor & OSMediaTek MTK6753 Octa-core processor with Android 7.0 out of the box
Display10.1 – inch IPS display with a resolution of 1920 x 1200
Battery8000 mAh which can last a day or two on a full charge for normal usage like web surfing
ConnectivityWi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth Connection

So here we are showing you everything about this Alldocube Cube Power M3 Review 4G Phablet. So you can grab the best buying guide about this product.

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Alldocube Cube Power M3 Features & Specifications –

Cube Power M3

Alldocube Cube Power M3 Operating System: (OS)

This Power M3 phablet offers the latest and fastest Android OS present in the market.

Cube Power M3 Operating System (OS)

  • You get Android 7.0 Nougat right out of the box.
  • With Android 7.0, you can use the new Multi-window view and switch between multiple apps so as to use two apps concurrently.
  • Faster and more secure than any of its predecessor.
  • Has smarter battery control which senses the unnecessary usage and controls it to increase the lifetime of the Alldocube Power M3 4G Phablet device.

Alldocube Cube Power M3 Battery: (Battery Life)

The tablet comes with a powerful battery to support all your day’s activity.

  • The Alldocube Power M3 4G Phablet device is powered by a big 8000 mAh Li-ion battery
  • Though the screen is big, this powerful battery will ensure you have the power to run the phone throughout the day without any recharge
  • The battery is built-in and is non-removable.
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Alldocube Cube Power M3 Display:

The next important thing is the display. In the display, Cube has not left any stones unturned.

Cube Power M3 Display

  • Alldocube Cube Power M3 Screen Size:
    You get a massive 10.1- inch display. This colossal size will surely keep you entertained with movies and casual games.
  • Alldocube Cube Power M3 Screen Resolution:
    Cube not only has placed an enormous screen but has used a Full HD display with a resolution of 1920×1200. The large size of high-resolution will ensure you never feel lonely.
  • Alldocube Cube Power M3 Screen Type:
    The display used in this Alldocube Power M3 4G Phablet is the IPS screen display which has excellent color contrast and crisp
  • Alldocube Cube Power M3 Touchscreen:
    As understood a smartphone cannot be complete without a touchscreen. The Power M3 phablet has 5-point finger touch sensitive which is enough for a big screen device like
  • The bezel is perfect with not too thick along all the sides.

Alldocube Cube Power M3 Processor:

Coming down to the brain of the device. The device houses a MediaTek processor to do all the task and execute them.

Cube Power M3 Processor

  • The Alldocube Power M3 4G Phablet device comes with the MediaTek MTK6753 variant. It has eight cores and is quite fast if not the fastest.
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Alldocube Cube Power M3 Memory:

The device houses quite a large memory space as the internal storage.

  • Alldocube Cube Power M3 Internal Memory:
    The Power M3 device houses a big 64 GB flash memory.

    • The flash memory has quite a high rate of reading and writes
    • In actual you will not find the exact 64 GB as some amount of that memory will be reserved by the OS for itself.
  • Alldocube Cube Power M3 External Memory:
    If the internal memory seems a bit short and will not fulfill your need, you can definitely add an extra external memory

    • using the micro SD card, and you can increase your storage space. The Power M3 device supports micro SD card up to 64 GB.
    • You can use any size micro SD provided you do not cross the limit mentioned above.

Cube Power M3 Memory

  • Alldocube Cube Power M3 RAM:
    It supports the fast processor and helps in increasing the rate of multitasking. The device comes with a powerful and high bandwidth RAM.

    • You get a 4GB DDR3L RAM on the Power M3 device.
    • This high bandwidth RAM ensures fast execution of the task, so you do not have to wait anymore for long loading time.
    • The DDR3L RAM consumes low power but gives better efficiency compared to its predecessor DDR3 RAM.
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Alldocube Cube Power M3 Ports & Connectivity:

  • Alldocube Cube Power M3 Ports:
    The Alldocube Power M3 4G Phablet device does not come much with a port. You get a handful of them to do every day.

    • You get a 3.5mm headphone jack. Now plug-in your headphone and listen to your various song at your own time.
    • The Power M3 device has a micro USB port to charge the device. Other than the charging you also can use it to transfer files and data at the much faster rate.
    • A TF card slot for the micro SD card which we have already discussed to increase the external memory.
    • You also get a dual SIM slot. Both of them supports the 4G Now make calls fast or surf net at a very high-speed without any stop.
  • Alldocube Cube Power M3 Connectivity:
    Other than the usual wired connection, the Alldocube Power M3 4G Phablet device also comes with some wireless connection.

    • The device has Bluetooth. Now connect the device to all another nearby device with ease. You can also connect Bluetooth speaker to enjoy bass or acoustic song more.
    • The Power M3 device also supports Wi-Fi. You can now connect the free internet that is present.
    • The device as comes with SIM slot, you can now make a phone call, send a message or surf net directly from the phone without the need for any external internet access.

Cube Power M3 Ports & Connectivity

Alldocube Cube Power M3 Accessories:

You can add multiple accessories to use the device to the fullest. In the pack, you get a device with an adapter to charge the device.

  • As you have a touchscreen device, the screen might be prone to scratch and damage. You can go for the screen guard which will keep your screen from damage.
  • Like the screen guard, you should go for a back cover or a flip cover which will make your carry the device quickly and moreover it will prevent any damage from any drop.
  • You can go for Bluetooth speaker by which you can listen to your favorite.
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Thus, we come to an end to the discussion about the Cube’s new Alldocube Cube Power M3 4G Phablet. It is really a powerful tablet which will hold its end of the bargain. A lot of features like the camera and others are still not known as Cube has not yet published all its final specs and features of the laptop. This is the first time Cube is going to make a grand opening with the phablet. Never the less there are some features which stood out. Especially the two things that stand out is the display and the battery. The massive display with 10.1- inch together with full HD resolution will undoubtedly one to stand out. Next is the battery which can last you more than a day. Other than these the design of the device is quite beautiful and eye-catching. The Alldocube Power M3 4G Phablet device is now on pre-order sale which will last until 16th of November. Know the specs till now; it will be really a blockbuster.

If you want to get your hands on the device, buy now from here at decidedly less discounted deal price to book one. You can click on the link that is provided. If you liked this Alldocube Cube Power M3 Review 4G Phablet article and was helpful to you, then do share this Power M3 Phablet guide with others who are in the market for phablet a mixture and best of both the smartphone and the tablet world.