Generally, the iPhones are robust and highly reliable phones when it comes to processing. Again even iPhone is an electronic product and human-made equipment which is sometimes susceptible to damage. Moreover, iPhones are more open and vulnerable to hardware damage and display shattering than software issues. Here we’ll address the software issue where an Apple “iPhone XS Won’t Turn ON.”

iPhone XS Won't Turn ON

Causes of Apple iPhone XS Won’t Turn ON Issue –

Although the iPhone works smooth, on some rare occasions, it freezes, and you’re left wondering why your Apple iPhone XS Won’t Turn ON. There could be several reasons why your iPhone may not switch On. However, some of the most popular reasons why it happens are listed below.

  • Unfinished updates on iPhone
  • Apps are not up to date
  • iPhone is not Charged enough
  • Damaged hardware
  • Overused smartphone.

(Guide) How to Fix & Solve Apple iPhone XS Won’t Turn ON Issue

In the following few simple methods, we’ll fix your problem and bring it back to a perfect working condition.

1. Complete Charge your iPhone XS –

Most probable cause why your Apple iPhone XS Won’t Turn ON or light up is a weak battery. iPhones, as good as they are, they’re vulnerable to quick battery drain. Here are a few simple steps to fully Charge your device quickly.

iPhone XS Won't Turn ON

  • Switch off your Device (if applicable)
  • Connect the lightning cable
  • Turn ON the Power on the adaptor
  • Let your iPhone rest for next one Hour

After the full charge, you will have a fully functioning Device and this Apple iPhone XS Won’t Turn ON issue is fixed.

2. DFU Mode Fix for iPhone XS –

Another approach to fix a Frozen iPhone is to set your iPhone in the DFU mode. DFU mode is defined as the Device firmware update mode. In this interface, your device is highly adaptable to update or repair, and it works like magic for a black or nonfunctioning iPhone.

iPhone DFU mode

  • Connect your Device to your Windows or Mac PC
  • Launch iTunes on the computer system you’re working on
  • Press and Hold the side button (on/off) for 3-4 seconds
  • For the next 10 seconds, Press volume key up and down
  • Congratulations, you’ve made it to the DFU mode
  • Itunes will detect your Device in DFU mode
  • The software is going to ask you to repair or restore your Device
  • Choose to Restore the phone
  • Done!

After the device is restored, it should start working effortlessly and this Apple iPhone XS Won’t Turn ON problem is gone.

3. Update your iPhone XS Firmware –

Another way to fix the iPhone Frozen screen is to update the firmware on your new iPhone XS. Following some easy steps on your phone’s screen, you’ll update your iPhone in no time. Doing so is simple, and following a few short steps, you’ll be able to update your device to good as new.

updates iPhone

  • Unlock your Device
  • Go to the Settings
  • Open General Settings
  • Visit the Software Update section
  • Download the updates
  • Next, Install the updates

Once you’re done updating your iPhone, it will give a flawless performance and you will get back of this Apple iPhone XS Won’t Turn ON problem.

4. Update Apps from Appstore –

Unfinished updates or old version of Apps in your iPhone could not only slow down your iPhone but also cause problems in processing. To eradicate this Apple iPhone XS Won’t Turn ON problem, you’ll be needed to update the apps on your iPhone through the Appstore section. Follow these simple steps to do so.

Update Apps

  • Unlock your Device
  • Visit the App store
  • Go to the Updates section
  • Choose to update all apps at once instead of manually updating each app
  • Done!

Finally, after the updates are done, your phone will return to its original working condition and this Apple iPhone XS Won’t Turn ON issue is solved.

5. Take your iPhone to Specialist –

If you’ve come down to the fifth method and your phone is still not functioning, we’re left with our ultimate choice. Unfortunately, in this case, it appears that your iPhone XS is suffering from not a Software but a hardware issue. I know its tiresome, but these days you could have an IT specialist right at your door by dialing for a personal session of IT service. Call the service provider, and a highly certified person will reach out to you and fix the hardware damage to your phone.

Apple genius

*Note: If your phone is under a year old purchase, you can claim the warranty for the damage and get free of cost repair so that you can get back from this Apple iPhone XS Won’t Turn ON issue permanently.


In these steps, we went from Restoring to repairing your Device. I hope you liked the content of this Apple iPhone XS Won’t Turn ON article. Let me know if you face further challenges with your Device, and we fix it for you. have a great day!