If you are also one of them who are facing and getting this type of Conan Exiles Server Status Down Problem on your Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation 4 (PS4), or Xbox One, then today just check out & read this guiding article, so that from here, you can get rid out of this issue permanently.

Conan Exiles Server Down

A Quick Info on Conan Exiles:

Conan exiles are one of the survival video game which is published by Funcom. This game runs on different platforms like Microsoft Windows, PS4, and Xbox One. This game is wholly set in the world of Conan, the Barbarian, which is a custom playable character rescued by the Conan while starting the journey. The earlier version of this game released in the year 2017. But, the official release date of this game for all the platforms is on May 8, 2018. The director of this game is Joel below. The engine used in this game is unreal engine 4. This game is on the genre of action-adventure and survival. The game is available in both the single-phase and multi-player modes.

Conan Exiles Server Down

Gameplay & Motive –

The survival in the fictional prehistoric Hyborian Age is the most basic premise of the Conan Exiles game. Conan will rescue the player, and exile will navigate into a harsh desert landscape. The biome was always available for exploring the exiled lands. The frozen north is one of the new biome added in the latest update. Many new armors are present with the new elements to explore various new lands. The star metal is also attached to build better weapons and strong armor. Some customizable options are also available in the Conan exiles like gender, voice, and physical attribute sliders for both the head and body.

Conan Exiles Server Down

Multiple Game-Modes –

You can choose the race of your choice as there are many races available. Religion also plays a crucial role in the Conan exiles game. The players can learn about the beliefs of the NPCs in the game. To change the allegiance, you can use the NPC acolytes in the game. The natural resources can be used by the players to manage hunger and thirst gauges. The aggressive human NPC’s will exist in a large number in the villages, small encampments, and the rare city. The human NPCs can be captured using the thrall system of the Conan exiles. Some benefits are present for a player from the captured slaves based on their profession. The benefits for the players will include faster crafting speeds and exclusive crafting recipes. The customization is allowed at each level by selecting the attribute points and crafting recipes.

Conan Exiles Server Down

Causes of Conan Exiles Server Status Down Error:

The Conan Exiles Server Status Down error and news channels officially air this information. The developers are planning to patch the PS4 version with some crash fixes. No peach routes are available for this update, and the servers will go down shortly. The full patch notes will open when the servers are live again. The Conan exiles servers have experienced a bit of battering at the time of its release. Some users did not join the multi-player adventure due to the crashes, drop-outs, and several outrages in the game. Conan Exiles Server Status Down & Server crashes are one of the frequently reported problems in the Conan exiles game. Many players did not take their first step into the survival adventures due to the server crashes in the game.

Conan exiles servers down Resons

What are People doing to Resolve this Conan Exiles Server Status Down Problem?

  • Attempts by Third Parties –

Funcom has attempted to sort out the issues related to the Conan Exiles Server Status Down & server crashes in the Conan exiles game. It has become one of the most significant problems for the players when the server’s down as they are not able to play the games. New servers were added in the Conan exiles for the PS4 and PC by following the downtime. Additional servers of the Conan exiles were rolled out in the EU and UK. It may take a few days to settle the Conan Exiles Server Status Down issues of the Conan exiles. There are some issues concerned with the game about the servers. The update 1.0 was out on May 8, and further updates are expected to land quickly in order to fix the freezing problems and bugs in the game.

Fix by Funcom

  • Fixing Internal Problems –

The main Conan Exiles Server Status Down issues have also appeared about the frame-rate dropping on the PS4 and PS4 pro. It is better to set up a private server on PS4 if you are continuously experiencing the server problems in the Conan exiles game. One private server can handle up to 70 players in the game. The Conan Exiles Server Status Down issues are just the teething problems right now, and they may also affect the launch of the multiplayer games in the Conan exiles. If you started playing the Conan exile games recently, then you can have a look at some guides to know about the survival in the games.

Third party fix

  • From the Gamer’s End –

There is a downside in the game from the time of its release. As a lot of Conan Exiles Server Status problems are present, which have made the game unplayable. A lot of players are complaining about the issues related to the game from the time it was released. Valuable feedback is obtained from the survival fans of canon exiles in this open world. The essential things should focus on the community at the time of its launch. The issues and errors should be fixed by the team so that the players can enjoy playing the games. The players of the Conan exiles are really upset with the Conan Exiles Server Status Down issues, and they are not able to join any other server as the time is out.

  • Resolving Booting Issues –

Some players are not able to start playing the game because of such launching issues. The stream icon will change to green for a few seconds and then crashes when you try to launch the game. The players may encounter the performance & Conan Exiles Server Status issues and some random crashes throughout the game. First, check the requirements of the system when the servers are down and try to meet the minimum standards of this game. You can upgrade your PC to know why you are encountering such Conan Exiles Server Status Down issues.


(Guide) How to Fix Conan Exiles Server Status Down Problem

One of the most encountered errors in the Conan exiles is the Conan Exiles Server Status Down issues, which annoy most of the players.

How to Fix

  • The developers of the game are trying to fix the Conan Exiles Server Status Down issues as the game suffers from some weird bug.
  • These issues of the game will include crash on the server list, server crash, crash to desktop, and crash after the loading screen.
  • You can optimize the game for maximum performance on your PC until the developers of the game release an update.
  • It is better to install the latest graphics driver to sort out some of the Conan Exiles Server Status Down issues on your PC.
  • The performance of the game is optimized with some constant frame rates.
  • Even though the download service is useful, it is a bit annoying for the players.
  • It will just take a few minutes to download the tools which are required to fix the servers in your game.

You can manage to fix this Conan Exiles Server Status Down errors in the Conan exiles and explore the world of the exile in order to conquer the foes. You can save a lot of money if you set the underlying issues of the game by yourself by following the guides. The developers will keep on releasing the updated patches for the game.

You will have fun when you explore the Conan exiles world without any Conan Exiles Server Status Down issues. Once the problem is okay, you can click on the launch game button and play the game.