As we know, the disk has MBR and GPT two types. If you want to convert GPT to MBR in an old system such as Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 32-bit and Windows XP 32-bit version, you may open Windows disk management program to have a try. When you right-click the GPT disk, you find the option of “Convert to MBR Disk” is grayed out.

Convert to MBR

To make the selection active, you have to delete all partitions on the disk if you still decide to convert GPT disk to Disk Management. And also, you have to backup all data on the partition if you think they are important for you. It is obvious that the whole process is troublesome and bothering. Sometimes, remove all data is impossible for most people. One old way to solve this problem is with disk party utility through command. But you still need to suffer the trouble of back upping data and restoring them. Now with the development of software technology, there is a better way to convert GPT to MBR directly without back upping and without data loss. You just need a professional third-party partition software.

How to Convert to MBR Grayed out in DM

The tool is called AOMEI Partition Assistant. Download it from AOMEI official website, install and run. On the main interface, right-click the GPT disk you want to convert to MBR. Then select “Convert to MBR Disk” option.

Convert to MBR Disk

In the pop-up window, click “OK” the close it.

Convert to MBR Disk

Back to the main interface, you can preview the task in pending operation. To save the change, please click “Apply” on the toolbar to commit.

Convert to MBR Disk

You see, with the help of AOMEI Partition Assistant, few steps can achieve your goal – convert GPT to MBR. If the old GPT disk is larger than 2TB, you should delete or move extra data before conversion. AOMEI Partition Assistant is an all-in-one partition disk optimize software. You can use it to resize partition, merge partition, split partition, migrate OS to SSD, create Windows to Go and so on to make your system performs better.

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