On 8th March 2019, I witnessed an electrifying launch of the most brutal, Stylish, and hot game ever. Yes, I’m talking about the popular Trending game Devil May Cry 5. In the first few minutes of playing the game, I knew that I must drop a “Devil May Cry 5 Review”. So here we are, I’m going to do a full detailed Devil May Cry 5 Review of the game Devil may cry 5 where we’ll talk about the stunning gameplay, fantastic devil may cry 5 playable characters, devil may cry 5 secret missions and more about the future aspects of the makers of this game.

Devil May Cry 5 Review

Devil May Cry 5 Review: Complete Overview of the Sexiest Game

This game is made to spice up your console. It’s smooth gaming, grinding fighting sequence and soul-crushing brutality will take your breath away. This game put Sam and Dean to shame. The game has the sexiest men ruining lives of millions of demons with thousands of magical ways. It’s undoubtedly The Action game of 2019 and the year is wasted if you didn’t play this game at least once. So just check out this Devil May Cry 5 Review.

Devil May Cry 5 Review

About Devil May Cry 5:

Devil may cry 5 is a brutal hack and slash game by Capcom. It is 6th in the devil may cry installment and an upgrade in every aspect, be it graphics, gameplay, visuals, or performance.

Release Date8th March 2019
GenreAction-adventure, Hack & Slash
ProducersMichiteru Okabe
DesignersYoichiro Ikeda
ProgrammerYoshiharu Nakao
ArtistsKoki Kinoshita
SeriesDevil May Cry
WritersBingo Morohashi
ModeSingle Player MultiPlayer
Copies SoldOver 2 Million Worldwide

Devil May Cry 5 Game FAQs:

Devil may cry 5 is an action hack and slash role-playing game where you play a hot godly demon hunter. You get to use the most deadly weapons, some of the coolest and most massive swords, and a salvo of guns. Coupled with that you would be performing a highly artistic combo of acrobatic moves. Here is a list of Faqs & moe about this Devil May Cry 5 Review game.

Q1. Is Devil May Cry 5 a Prequel?
Ans. Devil may cry 5: Before the nightmare is a prequel to the devil may cry 5 written by novelist Bingo Morohashi.

Q2. Is Devil May Cry 5 an Xbox exclusive?
Ans. Yes, there is an Xbox one exclusive version of Devil may cry 5.

Q3. Is Devil May Cry 5 a Sequal to DMC?
Ans. Yes, Devil May Cry 5 is a sequel to Devil May Cry 4.

Q4. Is DMC 5 open world?
Ans. Of course, it is.

Q5. Will there be a new Devil May Cry?
Ans. I hope so, although there is no official announcement yet.

Q6. Who owns Devil May Cry?
Ans. The ownership of Devil may cry 5 is divided between Capcom and Hideki Kamiya.

Q7. Will Devil May Cry 5 Be on Game Pass?
Ans. Developers have confirmed that there will be a special edition for Game pass of Devil may cry 5.

Q8. Can you play as Vergil dmc5?
Ans. Everyone wants to, but I’m sorry to put water on your spirits, As of now playing as Vergil in Devil May Cry 5 is not possible.

Q9. What does Devil May Cry mean?
Ans. It’s the video game I’m doing Devil May Cry 5 Review.

Q10. Is Devil May Cry 5 coop?
Ans. Yes, there is a multiplayer mode, but you can’t interact with the co-players.

Story of Devil May Cry 5:

Dante and Nero returned as the playable characters in DMC5. Addition to that is a new character “V,” trust me it’s unlike any character in previous versions of Devil may cry. The Plot is similar to the earlier version of devil may cry; Dante and Nero fight a horde of Demons in a closed environment. They get style points based on few criticalities of the player’s gameplay. As I said it’s the 6h installment of the Devil may cry series If you’re keen to know more drop down a comment and I’ll do a separate article on What is Story of Devil May Cry? Let me give you quick info about the rest of the games in devil may cry series.

Devil May Cry 5 Review

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry2001
Devil May Cry 22003
Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening2005
Devil May Cry 42008
DMC Devil May Cry HD collection2013
Devil May Cry 52019

Devil May Cry 5 Gameplay –

Devil may cry 5’s gameplay has striking similarities to Devil May Cry 4 although there is a new and unique character “V” which was not there in previous versions of Devil May Cry series. Take Dante’s action sequence.

Devil May Cry 5 Review

  1. In both games, he has 4 different combat moves.
  2. Same weaponry.
  3. Just like the old version, he has four Melee weapons and four ranged weapons.

But it’s worth mentioning that in new Devil May Cry 5 Dante gets an expensive bike that he can crash into enemies, killer updates on techniques and gameplay where he can go slow and turn into two buzzsaws and back to normal in a fraction second of combat.

Devil May Cry 5 Auto Mode –

This a bliss of a feature for new gamers. You can access it only by a click on your stick. What it does is that It executes some of the most advanced combating skills and that too by not working too much on practicing the game. This auto mode makes Devil May Cry 5 the most user-friendly for new users in Devil may cry series.


Devil May Cry 5 Performance –

Devil May Cry 5, is a slack-free game which gives you powerful, smooth gaming experience. You need not worry about how many hours you spend with the stick. The game doesn’t hang or buffers even in the most advanced resolution and fps settings, obviously you should be using a compatible console and screen to have smooth gaming.


The game performs well on PC. It seems like it’s carved out, especially for a gaming desktop. You can have an effortless gaming sequence at 60 fps for the most extended durations. Developers provide you a dedicated option for users that lets them optimize Motion blur, subsurface scattering shadow cache, and lens flare. You can also play the game through your keyboard, although using a control board is suggestive.

Devil May Cry 5 Graphics –

The Graphics of Devil May Cry are indeed hot and sexy. I saw a trailer online where you see Dante carrying a naked Trish on his sexy bike and sped away. No wonder he was in a hurry! The visuals of the game are to die for. It gives a spark of aliveness on screen. Though, Devil may cry never let me down on the graphics. This particular version takes the graphics to a different level of awesomeness. Real-life and death scenarios are just startling. Dying over and over, again and again, can be a frustrating experience, but I guess that what makes this game worth playing. I think this is a courtesy of Capcom’s RE engine which gave astonishing games like resident evil 7 and resident evil 2.


Devil May Cry 5 Action –

The action of Devil May Cry 5 is scintillating and gives a dynamic, high-speed action sequence. I must say that Devil May Cry 5 has created a Niche in the action hack and slash games. Initially, its a happy go lucky kind of play, and things don’t start morbid and gruesome. You’re fighting bad guys that live in ruins. As you unlock the initial stages, the game starts to grind your spirit of winning, and the difficulty level keeps on increasing as you reach more inside the dark world of demons. Grotesque monsters pop up out of ground and old structures. You’re getting deeper inside the hell.


Devil May Cry 5 Best Features –

Every update that that Devil May Cry 5 has over the predecessors is to die for. The graphical Enhancements over the last games skyrockets the success of the game. New weapons and combat skills are also awe-inspiring. The game gives you creeps and chills of the deep dark underworld. The detailed work on the storyline and characters is praiseworthy. The style quotient and hotness of Trish are on another level. Also, Dante looks quite attractive and has some severe hair game going on. Did you see the scene where Dante carries naked Trish on his bike? Yeah, Trish gets naked in the video.

Devil May Cry 5 has dropped two trailers recently to let the users have an insight on the storyline and truly understand what makers want to deliver with the game. The trailers are worth watching, and I honestly loved both of them. You see an even stylish Dante slaying demons with his oversized but cool sword and magical acrobatics.

Devil May Cry 5 Price –

Devil may cry priced at $50 for both PS4 and Xbox versions, and that’s quite reasonable for what you get in the game. Don’t look up “Devil May Cry 5 Demo”, I don’t know if there is one and I don’t need the advice to try that too as it would just drive you away from the excellent premium feeling of owning a sweet game.

Devil May Cry 5 Review –

I loved the game. It’s sexy, stylish, brutal, and highly competitive. The visuals are just breathtaking, the gameplay is smooth, and Killing is just satisfying. Here is Devil May Cry 5 Review,

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  • Sweet Difficulty Level
  • 3 Unique Players
  • Upgraded Combo & Elements
  • Sexy Bike
  • Amazing Graphics
  • Repetitive design
  • Uneven pacing


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Hope you like this Devil May Cry 5 Review. Let me know if you want me to review a game you’re looking forward to playing and Have a great day!