Epic games presently have a worldwide presence with users count of nearly 125 million. The multinational gaming company grossed a valuation of almost 15 billion US dollars by the end of 2018. It made a straightaway profit of 4 billion dollars last year and the first quarter of 2019 has quickly become a Christmas in March for the multi-dollar company. & in this How to Change Epic Games Name article we are here going to show you How to Change Epic Games Name.

How to Change Epic Games Name

Breaking News on Epic Games –

In the event of gaming tournament Fortnite by Epic games, It is revealed by the company’s spokesperson that Epic Games has decided to award a massive $500,000 to nearly 1500 players who win the competition.

Now, coming to the topic of this How to Change Epic Games Name post. If and when a user wants to Epic Games Name Change for his Epic games account, there are reasons attached to it. I’m giving a few ideas down below on why would someone want to How to Change Epic Games username.

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What is a Username in Epic Games?

A username is your identity that everyone else recognises you with. Generally, people go for a username that is a trend in the gaming world. However, it is suggestive that you choose the name that you’re comfortable for the long run. Your username is the essence you carry around different platforms provided by epic Games such as.

  1. The Epic Games launcher.
  2. Official forum.
  3. Answer hub.
  4. And obviously, it displays on your gaming console, pc/mac, android, etc.

Check out these cool names down below.

What is a Username

Reasons why Someone would want to Change Epic Games Name:
  1. Chiefly, a person who doesn’ like his current username would wish to Change Epic Games username.
  2. Next would e changing the Username following a divorce/break up.
  3. The desire of having a more meaningful or Ethnic Username.
  4. Finally, maybe you’re doing it for a religious or political cause.

Doesn’t matter what reasons you want to Change Epic Games username. I will give you the best possible methods to do so.

(Steps) How to Change Epic Games Name Easily & Quickly

So here we are going to show you How to Change Epic Games Name quickly. So just check it out,

1. Change the Username on your Own –

To begin with, If you’re trying to change the username on your own, I will say that that this is the easiest way to Change Epic Games Name. With that in mind, here are the steps to change the username on your own. Do keep in mind that you can only Change Epic Games Name once in two weeks.

epic games name

  1. Log into your Epic Games account.
  2. Next, scroll your mouse to the account section and open that webpage.
  3. When that page opens, visit your personal information webpage.
  4. As the personal information page opens, visit a box labelled “Display name”.
  5. Now Enter your desired name.
  6. Hover to the bottom of the page and click “save changes”.
  7. DONE! How simply was that, right?

*Note: You can only change your username once in two weeks.

2. Change the Username for Switch Players –

Since you’re using Nintendo’s switch to play an epic game, you will have to contact the player Support for assistance. Don’t worry, and this is as simple as the last method.

epic games name

3. Change the Username for Xbox Live & PlayStation Users –

For the Xbox, PlayStation and Gamertag users. To change their user names, they will need to coordinate with the twitch, Sony and Microsoft support team. Rest assured, these are multinational companies and provide 24-hour support for users around the world.

epic games name

*Note: In case you’re changing your Epic Games Display Name. It only changes the Display Name for your Epic Account & will not affect your PSN, GamerTag, Twitch or Xbox Live Display Names.


In conclusion. These were all the steps you can follow for How to Change Epic Games Name. If any problem persists in following these steps, then please comment down below and do let us know how we could serve you better.

Have an Epic Gaming Experience!

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