DNS error is one of the complexes as well as one of the most common errors that users face in day to day life. The major issue with this error is that it has a very broad area when it comes to the actual cause of the problem. Now, if we talk about the commonly occurring scenarios, there is a wide number. The error may occur while browsing your favorite website or watching the favorite music video. Furthermore, the error may also occur while transferring your important documents and files over network sharing, also if you are trying to install any third-party application or using the command prompt. Users have also reported that the error appears when activating their windows after completing the installation. The purpose of this article is to give all the possible methods to fix DNS Error issue. But let’s first go through its causes.

DNS Error

Causes of DNS Error Problem Issue:

Talking about the causes of DNS Error, there aren’t anyone or two causes of this issue. The list of the reasons is quite big, and that’s what makes this error a few complicated issues. Now, if we look at all the actual reasons, the list includes invalid DNS configurations, outdated network drivers, corrupted system files and registries, unsupported IP versions, Windows Firewall. Third-party applications like antimalware and VPN programs are also one of the possible causes. The list includes some common reasons like bad network, the DNS Error issue with ports, a website that you are trying to visit is down, or maybe your ISP has blocked any particular website from browsing.

  • Invalid DNS Error configurations
  • Outdated network drivers
  • Corrupted system files and registries
  • Unsupported IP versions
  • Windows Firewall
  • Antimalware and VPN programs
  • Bad network
  • Issues with connection ports
  • Issues with the modem or router
  • A website that you are trying to visit is down
  • Temporary ISP issues
  • DNS Error Issue

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How to Fix DNS Error Problem Issue

In order to fix DNS error issue, we have gathered some of the best working solutions that you should try to resolve the problem altogether. Follow are the solutions with step by step guide.

1. Basic Troubleshooting Solutions –

We suggest you go through all the following points before moving on to the other DNS Error ps4 methods. It is not always necessary that something is wrong with your DNS configurations or IP configurations or any disabled services. Sometimes it can be a temporary issue.

  • Restart your System & Router: We suggest you once you get this error restart your system, because of background tasks and services sometimes the system become unresponsive and throws out the error. Furthermore, make sure to perform a router restart too.
  • Check all the Ports & Connections: Make sure that all the ports and connectors are connected well.
  • Cross-check your Network: Try to check if there are issues with the connection, sometimes temporary ISP issues cause this problem. Try connecting to a different network to check.
  • Check Website is Working or Not: If you are getting the DNS error ps3 on a particular website, make sure that the site is live and working correctly, if you are able to connect to other sites there are no issues with your system or network.
  • Check Credentials & Router Settings: Makes sure that you are using the right credentials while logged into a particular network; make sure that your modem and router settings are configured right.
  • Change Browser: Try changing your default browser choose among chrome, firefox, edge, or safari.

2. Verifying the DNS Configurations –

If you have verified all of the above points in DNS Error windows 10 method 1, follow this method to check whether your DNS configurations are accurate. Follow the steps for a better understanding.

  • STEP 1. Open up the Control Panel window from the Start menu and make sure that the view is set to small
  • STEP 2. Kindly find the Network and Sharing Center settings

Network and Sharing Center

  • STEP 3. On the left, you will find Change adapter settings link, click on it
  • STEP 4. Now in the network connection window, select your network connection
  • STEP 5. Right-click on the connection and go to Properties
  • STEP 6. Here, select your respective Internet Protocol version (usually it is IPv4), then below click on the Advanced button

Network and Sharing Center DNS Error

  • STEP 7. In the properties window, check whether the IP is accurate and fine for getting back of this ps4 DNS Error issue.

3. Using Google DNS Settings –

If you have verified your DNS settings and appear to be okay, try to change it by using the google DNS settings follow the DNS Error ps4 steps to see how it is done.

  • STEP 1. Open up the Run Window, in the search field, put ncpa.cpl and hit Enter
  • STEP 2. Now in the network connection window, select your network connection
  • STEP 3. Right-click on the connection and go to Properties
  • STEP 4. Here, select your respective Internet Protocol version (usually it is IPv4), then below click on the Advanced button

Network and Sharing Center DNS Error

  • STEP 5. In the properties move to Use the following DNS server addresses section
  • STEP 6. Carefully enter in the  Preferred DNS server field
  • STEP 7. enter in the  Alternate DNS server field
  • STEP 8. Finally, save all the changes and restart your system to make changes effective to get rid of DNS Error ps3.

4. Resetting TCP/IP Using the Command Prompt –

If the DNS Error windows 10 issue still persists, reset the TCP/IP settings to default using commands.

  • STEP 1. Open the command window with administrator privileges
  • STEP 2. Now In the command window, enter the following to reset Winsock
netsh winsock reset

DNS Error

  • STEP 4. Secondly, reset your TCP configurations by entering the command below
netsh int tcp reset

tcp reset DNS Error

  • STEP 5. Finally, type the below command to reset the IP settings
netsh int ip reset

netsh-int-ip-reset DNS Error

  • STEP 6. Once all the commands are executed, restart your system for getting back of this type of DNS Error codes problem.

5. Flushing the Temporary DNS Cache –

The next thing we need to do is to flush all the temporary network data stores as a cache; this data interfere with the network settings and cause the error. Follow the step to fix DNS Error 80710102 issue.

  • STEP 1. Again Open the command with admin permissions
  • STEP 2. Enter the below command to release the IP configurations
ipconfig /release

ipconfig /release DNS Error

  • STEP 3. Now flush the DNS cache and temporary files using the below command
ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /flushdns DNS Error

  • STEP 4. Last but not the least renew your configurations
ipconfig /renew

ipconfig /renew

  • STEP 5. Now restart your system to get rid out of this DNS Error nw 31253 4 issue.

6. Reset your Router –

One of the most common troubleshooting methods that often missed and overlooked is resetting the router—one of the most effective ways of resolving PlayStation DNS Error issues. Go to your router, and there will be a small reset button on either side or at the bottom of the Router. It should also include Reset written on it. Click the button to reset the configurations, and hopefully, it will fix your issue.

7. Disable Windows Firewall –

If the ps3 DNS Error issue still continues to occur, try to disable your window firewall, as a lot of users have fixed the problem by this method. Follow the steps to see how it can be accomplished.

  • STEP 1. Simultaneously press Windows+R key, a run window will open
  • STEP 2. In the search field, Put Control Panel followed by an enter
  • STEP 3. Once you get into the control panel, go to System and Security settings
  • STEP 4. On the top right you will see Windows Firewall click on it

System and Security

  • STEP 4. In the windows firewall window, on the left click on Turn Windows Firewall on or off link
  • STEP 5. A window named customize settings will open up
  • STEP 6. Here you need to Choose to Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended)  for both Private and Public network settings 

Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended)

  • STEP 6. Once you have made the changes, save them and restart your system to get back of this psn DNS Error issue.

8. Uninstalling Third-Party Antivirus VPN Programs, or Other Problematic Softwares –

We suggest you uninstall any kind of third party antivirus; these antiviruses run their services, which sometimes halts the ongoing system services resulting in the Nintendo switch DNS Error error. Furthermore, if you are using any VPN program, either uninstall it or disable it if you are getting the error, we all are well aware VPN software makes changes to our network settings. Sometimes these changes remain permanently, which causes issues. Thirdly if you have recently installed any third party application and soon after that, you started to experience the error kindly uninstall that problematic program.



DNS Error is a complex error, and by the above guide, we have tried our best to list out all the possible methods to resolve the issue. We have mentioned eight different approaches and techniques to fix the problem. Furthermore, we have also given brief information about the possible causes of the DNS Error issue.

We hope by following this troubleshooting guide, you get rid of the DNS Error. For more tech stuff, troubleshooting guides, and tips follow us. Thank you!