To begin with, this Path of Exile Review article on “Path of Exile review” should be more of an accolade than a Path of Exile Review. I congratulate Grinding Gears for a rock-solid six years of progress with continuous improvement throughout its lifetime. For the readers who Don’t know about the Path of Exile Review game yet. Path of Exile is a free-to-play-action shooting game which follows an open Beta platform. October 2013 is when the Path of Exile Review game came into existence.

path of exile review

The free-to-play action RPG Path of Exile, created by Grinding Gear Games, has captivated the gaming world. It was released in 2013 and features a robust economy, a dark and gritty atmosphere, and intricate character customization. As we examine what makes Path of Exile (PoE) unique in the crowded ARPG genre, we’ll go in-depth on the Path of Exile Review game’s mechanics, aesthetics, and special features.

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World and Lore

Wraeclast: A Land of Darkness

The Path of Exile Review game is set on the dangerous and enigmatic continent of Wraeclast, which is home to forsaken people, twisted creatures, and ancient gods. This country is filled with tales of power, desperation, and history that together form a rich and engrossing story.

  • Rich Storytelling: The storyline is woven through various acts, each unveiling new aspects of Wraeclast and its inhabitants.
  • Diverse Environments: From haunted forests to desolate beaches, the variety in landscapes keeps exploration thrilling.
  • Compelling NPCs: Each NPC encountered has a unique personality and story, contributing to the overall lore.

Gameplay Mechanics

Deep Customization

  1. Skill Gem System: Unlike traditional ARPGs, PoE employs a unique skill gem system, allowing players to freely customize their abilities.
  2. Ascendancy Classes: The Ascendancy Class system offers further specialization, granting access to unique skills and bonuses.
  3. Passive Skill Tree: Featuring a sprawling skill tree, the Path of Exile Review game provides endless possibilities for character builds and strategies.

Loot System

  • Currency Orbs: Path of Exile replaces traditional gold with currency orbs, used for crafting and trading.
  • Item Rarity: Items come in different rarities, each providing varying levels of power and utility.
  • Crafting System: The extensive crafting system enables players to modify and upgrade their gear, tailoring it to their needs.

Engaging Combat

PoE combat is dynamic and demands strategic consideration. With a plethora of enemies and bosses, each encounter demands a good understanding of mechanics and character capabilities.

Leagues and Events

Every few months, a new league is introduced, bringing fresh mechanics, items, and challenges. These leagues maintain a fresh and interesting gaming environment.

Visuals and Sound

Aesthetic Appeal

Darkness and fantasy are combined in PoE’s visuals. A captivating atmosphere is aided by the carefully designed monsters and intricate environments.

  • Art Style: The game’s art style is unique and consistent, contributing to the overall theme of darkness and despair.
  • Graphics Quality: While not the most cutting-edge, the graphics are more than adequate, with the ability to run on lower-end systems.

Sound Design

In PoE, the sound design is excellent. From the eerie ambient sounds to the clash of weapons, every audio element enhances the gaming experience.

(Overview) Path of Exile Review: Steam, Gameplay, Download & More

In this Path of Exile Review article, we’ll be going through the plot of the Path of Exile Review game, How it came to existence, the newer versions, and how this Path of Exile Review game continues to give gamers new features to explore.


Initially, the Path of Exile Review game was developed when a group of players was frustrated with the age-old role-playing games. This Path of Exile Review game went under a scrutinised testing period of three years until it was released. The first version of the Path of Exile Review game was the Alpha version which ran for a year after being developed and upgraded to a beta version. To date, the beta version is present along with its presence on Steam.

Path of Exile review

  • A version for Xbox was devised in August 2017.
  • Next, A version for PlayStation 4 came recently on March 26th, 2019.

The Plot:

Path of Exile is an imaginary parallel universe. It is an action-packed game which rightfully could be called a successor to Diablo 2. The Path of Exile Review game is developed, especially keeping a typical fantasy of living an unknown life in mind. You can imagine the dexterity makers put in making this Path of Exile Review game, knowing that the Path of Exile Review game features its currency. It is considered one of the best RPGs (Role-playing games).

Coming to the Plot, the player gets a character and controls it from an up-high view. You can explore more of the fictional world, go to open areas, and visit caves and some spooky underground prisons. You can accomplish more weaponry and useful equipment as you clear stages.

path of exile review

Places that are not on the main visible ground generate randomly. Which is, In addition to the separate maps, each player gets to range over freely. Coupled with that, players on the same server can simultaneously swap their credentials and team up.

Classes to Choose from:

You are allotted three core values to choose from.

  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Intelligence

Path of exile review

Each beginning class powers one of these core values, and you can choose the category you identify with. The initial stage is that a player has to start with Wraeclast at Twilight Strand. On clearing the Initial stage, a player can choose from the Ascendancy subclass, which is a combination of two core values.

TemplarIntelligence and Strength
ShadowDexterity and Intelligence
ScionDexterity, Intelligence, and Strength
DuelistStrength and Dexterity


Witch is unbeatably the best of the intelligent class. Her powers include flame, shadow curse, and disease. She’s spooky, vengeful, and discreet when it comes to making allies and a dangerous opponent. The evolutionary characters of the Witch are as follows.

Path of exile review

  • Necromancer
  • Occultist
  • Elementalist


Scary guy, you can see battle scars all around this animal of a man, and he features tribal tattoos. He’s robust and active and you can for sure, imagine that his core value is Strength. He uses equipment such as Gauntlets, Casques, Plate Mail, Greaves, and Tower Shields. You can see a morbid smile when he achieves his mission. The evolutionary characters of Marauder are as follows.

Path of exile review

  • Juggernaut
  • Berserker
  • Chieftain


Ranger reminds you of Claire Redfield from the Resident Evil game, and the only difference is that Ranger is a silent killer working from a distance. She is a remarkable observer. Don’t take her for a docile woman. She fights like Amazon with fierce courage. She is adept at using a sword, dagger or any weapon she can get. The evolutionary characters of Ranger are as follows.

path of exile review

  • Deadeye
  • Raider
  • Pathfinder

These were the beginning players you get in the first stages of the Path of Exile Review game. Let us talk about the ancestry players who comprise two power values.


The Templar in Path of Exile is a hybrid class of strength and intelligence. Of course, you can say that he is much older than the other players, but your presumptions will change after you look at his chiselled physique and mindfulness. He is an experienced war hero, and his equipment comprises Mesh Boots, Kite Shields, Chain, Chainmail, Coifs, and Ringmail. The evolutionary characters of Templar are as follows.

Path of Exile review

  • Inquisitor
  • Hierophant
  • Guardian


Duelist is an interesting hybrid character which has not only Strength but also Dexterity. A spontaneous style which is quite easy to make angry. He offers excellent strength and boldness. His actions speak louder than his words, and he kills the opponent with a cold heart. Adding to that, he is quite good-looking. His choice of equipment includes Bridagines Helmets, Round Shields Scale Boots, and Scale Gauntlets. Further, the upgraded characters of Duelist are as follows.


  • Slayer
  • Gladiator
  • Champion


As the name suggests, the shadow is a silent killer. It is a combination of Dexterity and Intelligence, which makes him super lethal. An expert in laying traps, Shadow enjoys killing his opponents by trick and deception. He has a record of killings, and you don’t want to make friends with this man. Equipment of Shadow includes Boots, Masks, Coats and Spiky Shields. Evolutionary versions of Shadow are as follows.


  • Assassin
  • Saboteur
  • Trickster


Finally, Scion. The best character one can play with is Scion as she is a fusion of the best three powers Dexterity, Intelligence, and Strength. This makes her one of the most potent classes you can play. She is a born rogue. Daughter of a malicious Nobel, Scion faced banishment for killing her husband on their wedding night.

The loophole in this Path of Exile Review character is that she’s a jack of all but the king of none. She lacks specialisation in the rest of the six classes. her equipment list solely relies on which sub-character you associate her with, but in the initial stage, she gets a “Spectral throw.” There is only one evolutionary version of her named “Ascendant.”


**NOTE: Scion is not available to players in initial stages,
and you have to free her in level 3.

Path of Exile Review by Leading Game Publishers –

PC Gamer90%It’s blessed with a unique identity one that is built on experimentation and constant evolution.

An immense amount of free content and extremely open-ended character progression never quite overcome its underwhelming combat.

MMOs.com4/5The Path of Exile Review game pulls no punches the complexity of the passive skill tree alone will send players scrambling for a guide within minutes of creating their characters.
[joomdev-wpc-pros-cons disable_title=”no” title=”Path of Exile Pros & Cons” button_text=”Download Now” disable_button=”no” button_link=”” button_link_target=”_BLANK” button_rel_attr=”nofollow”][joomdev-wpc-pros]
  • Classic Theme
  • User-Friendly
  • Free
  • Multiple Customisations
  • Open Playfield
  • Best PVE & PVP
  • High Difficulty level
  • High competition in Role-playing games
  • Maps could be misleading

Community and Support

Active Community

One of the most engaged and helpful gaming communities is that of Path of Exile. Both newcomers and seasoned players can find a place to learn and share thanks to the constant flow of fan-made content, guides, and discussions.

Developer Interaction

Grinding Gear Games values player feedback and engages in an ongoing conversation with the community, making changes as needed. The interaction between players and developers fosters a sense of community.


In Path of Exile Review conclusion, Path of Exile is a 360-degree regular evolutionary game, and you will be stuck to your screen once you start playing this mega game. The difficulty level keeps users compelled to their displays, and components like free customisation and a short storyline make it more connective to every gamer. In the long run, the Path of Exile will prove to be a revolution.

Before we wrap this Path of Exile Review article, Please comment if you agree or have something to add to the Path of Exile Review. Do let us know if you want us to Path of Exile Review more games.

The action RPG Path of Exile is a masterpiece. It provides a gaming experience unlike any other thanks to its intricate world, extensive customizability, fun gameplay, and supportive community. You wouldn’t want to miss Path of Exile’s journey through Wraeclast, whether you enjoy ARPGs or have never played one before.

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ)

1. What sets Path of Exile apart from other Action RPGs?

Path of Exile stands out for its extensive level of customization, distinctive passive skill tree and skill gem systems, exciting combat mechanics, and a game world that is constantly changing thanks to leagues and events. Rich lore, a richly detailed world, and the developer’s dedication to community involvement all help the Path of Exile Review game stand out from others in its genre.

2. Can you explain the Skill Gem System in more detail?

In Path of Exile, skills are objects in the form of gems that, when socketed into gear, grant abilities. Active skill gems, which grant players the ability to use active skills, and Support skill gems, which alter the properties of active skill gems when linked together in gear, are the two main categories. A wide variety of skill combinations and character customization options are possible with this system.

3. How does the game’s economy work without traditional gold?

Instead of using gold, Path of Exile’s economy is barter-based and runs on various currency orbs. These orbs have inherent uses, primarily in crafting, which generates a demand for them and serves as the foundation of the Path of Exile Review game’s trading system.

4. Are the leagues in Path of Exile different from the standard game?

Yes, leagues in Path of Exile serve as the Path of Exile Review game’s version of seasons, each introducing new gameplay mechanics, challenges, items, and potentially changes to the game’s core rules. Even for seasoned players, this ensures a new and distinct experience every few months.

5. What kind of environments can players explore in Wraeclast?

There are many different types of environments in Wraeclast, such as haunted forests, deserted beaches, old ruins, and underground caverns. Each area has a distinct design and offers various difficulties, enemies, and lore to learn.

6. How does the Crafting System in Path of Exile work?

Path of Exile has a robust crafting system that enables players to customize and improve their gear using various types of orbs. Players can customize their equipment to suit their unique needs and playstyle by changing item affixes, quality, sockets, and other factors.

7. Is Path of Exile friendly for newcomers to the ARPG genre?

While Path of Exile is known for its depth and complexity, it has a welcoming and active community, along with a plethora of online guides and resources. This makes it simpler for newcomers to pick up the basics and explore the intricate world of Wraeclast.

8. How does Grinding Gear Games interact with the Path of Exile community?

The Path of Exile community and Grinding Gear Games continue to have a close and honest relationship. They promote a cooperative and encouraging environment by actively participating in discussions, taking player feedback seriously, and frequently updating the Path of Exile Review game based on community feedback.

9. Can Path of Exile run on low-end systems?

While the Path of Exile Review game features detailed environments and well-designed monsters, it is optimized to run on a variety of systems, including lower-end ones. This guarantees that players with various hardware capabilities will have greater accessibility.

10. Is Path of Exile truly free-to-play?

Microtransactions in the free-to-play game Path of Exile are mainly used to purchase cosmetics and in-game amenities. With this business model, gamers can enjoy the entire game without having to spend any money while still having the option to support the game’s creators or improve their gaming experience.

We want to give both new and experienced players a better understanding of what makes Path of Exile a remarkable and enduring presence in the action RPG landscape by responding to these Path of Exile Review frequently asked questions.