I was browsing for the latest news in the gaming world. There, I stumbled upon a Far Cry 5 Reviews article on the Far Cry 5 release; hence, I had to get a copy of it as soon as I could. Will break you into tears. Just kidding, am I? In my earlier posts, I talked about Fortnite, Xbox, and Epic Games. But this Far Cry 5 game is a diversion from the usual shooter experience. Far Cry 5 Reviews is all about cults county, wildlife, and loads of explosive ammunition where you have to liberate your town from the tyrant leaders along with a small wing of a revolutionary army.

Far Cry 5

Makers of this Far Cry 5 Game:

This game is fifth in the Far Cry series which is based on first-person shooting. Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto did a great job as developers. The producer of the game is Darryl Long, and Cedric Decelle programs it. I would happily give you the list of people deserving credits for this Far Cry 5 game but do you want to read that? I guess not. The first game came in March 2004 and the latest version Far Cry 5 came in March 2018, Talk about people obsessed with dates.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 Storyline:

The story revolves around a small imaginary town named “Hope Town” situated in Montana, United States. A cult whose head is Joseph Seed runs this small county. They are indoctrinated by Joseph and are regularly ll treated by his followers. In these circumstances, The government of the United States intervenes in the matter and afterward, initiates a joint operation headed by United States Marshals and the county sheriff’s department.

The character you get is that of an unnamed junior Deputy who, along with members of United States Marshals and the County department sets a mission to arrest Joseph on charges of kidnapping and intentions of hurting siblings in town.

Far Cry 5Joseph doesn’t resist the arrest and says that God will not allow him to let go of the town and tag along with the officers. In the process of taking him away, the cult members start attacking the force. Before they could take Joseph away on a helicopter, the cult crashed it. Joseph gets away and leads the cult, ordering them to take the force members hostage.

Far Cry 5

The Deputy, however, survives the crash and escapes that place with the help of a man. He explains that Joseph beguiles the Cult that the arrest was a prophecy by God, and the end of the entire world is about to come soon. Therefore, the cult is ordered to save the county and the whole city is spread with lunatic believers of Joseph’s seed. The deputy orders the man to gather information, save the other allies, and destroy the cult from the inside out. The city was by then, cut off from the outer world.

Far Cry 5 Features –

  •  Far Cry 5 offers a platform where you can live a roleplay of a shooter in a dangerous open environment.
  • The gamer can customize his appearance.
  • You can use a weaponry system that drops bullets over a distance.

Far Cry 5

  • There is also a feature of recruiting the local army as allies.
  • The gamer is free to explore the world of the Far Cry 5 game as soon as he finishes the introductory stages.
  • Completing the Far Cry 5 game in a fixed region awards the gamer the resistance points.


  • Resistance points help the gamer to gather and unfold significant story events.
  • You get “Non-playable” unique players who have their specialties.
  • The player can tame wild animals through these unique players named “The Specialists.”

Far Cry 5

  • Tamed animals assist the player in reaching his objective through their different combating skills.
  • A Multiplayer extension is also provided.

Music of the Far Cry 5 Game:

The music of Far Cry 5 is thrilling. The beats make you want to eat your console (Not literally). Made by Dan Romer and directed by Tony Gronick, the music is based on a Gospel theme, which gives you the very soulful feeling of Christianity and fills you up with raw energy. The makers have emphasized the need to create more relatable music, that’s why gamers can experience multiple genres of Rock, Country, and industrial music.

Listen to the Song featured in the Far Cry 5 Game:

Action Sequence of Far Cry 5:

The Far Cry series is getting better with each passing year. Far Cry 5 offers a realistic and lifelike action sequence. The game provides users with far greater colors. The resolution that can blind you with sharpness.  Honestly, this Far Cry 5 game is as close as reality gets. Ubisoft left no stone unturned to make sure this game reaches its full potential.

Far Cry 5

They also released a short action film named Inside Eden’s Gate, Â which shows the story behind the beginning of the Far Cry 5 game. The movie includes three filmmakers and their journey through Hope County. They meet siblings Mark and his sister, Faith who is kidnapped by the Eden’s Gate cult. The movie is available on Amazon Prime and YouTube.

Ending of the Far Cry 5 Game:

The ending of the game received mixed Far Cry 5 Reviews. Joseph is let go by Deputy as part of his prophecies comes true (The part where man detonates a nuclear bomb) Even Deputy gets a fair chance. If he chooses to walk away, his life will be spared by Joseph, and otherwise, Joseph will force Deputy to fight and save their hypnotized friends.

Far Cry 5

A secret ending is found at the beginning of the Far Cry 5 game where the Deputy decides not to arrest Joseph when they had a chance in the beginning. The man decides to let go of Joseph and orders his group to leave. Despite resistance by the rest of the soldiers, they reason by saying that it is better to leave the place to save their lives. Otherwise, no one will leave the place alive if they choose to arrest Joseph. This is the actual reason. Far Cry’s ending received mixed Far Cry 5 Reviews. The bad guy Joseph is let go by making everyone believe he is a good man. What do you think?

(Honest Review) Far Cry 5 Reviews & Ratings: Video Game

Metacritic78%Far Cry 5 is not the game we expected, but it’s exactly what we should have wanted in the first place.
Common Sense Media4/5The violence is like something out of an action movie & isn’t disturbing at all.
Being stranded & hunted by the well-armed militia was a very cool moment.

As we can see in the ratings by different websites, Far Cry 5 is a clear winner. People loved the violence and took it just as an action film. Fans of this Far Cry 5 game loved being chased and hunted by the cult. Their overall experience of the game was excellent. Millions of downloads from around the world show that the game is a Cult Success (pun unintended).

Far Cry 5You can google images of people around the world role-playing Far Cry. It shows how much people from all generations loved the Far Cry 5 game. At gaming festivals, you can find at least ten guys dressed up as Joseph Seed.

Far Cry 5 Best Exotic Locations:

I’m always looking forward to a few key things in the Far Cry series. Such as exotic locations coupled with blood and gore, the creative anecdotes the story has to offer and especially the surprising random blood shedding explosive scenes. In short, I’m an adamant follower of the game.

Far Cry 5

The core of the Far Cry 5 game is rock solid as always, and the story has a lot of things to offer, Far Cry 5 is an epic war story that takes me to the utopia of a parallel universe where I can experience being more than just a nerdy gamer.

The animation is outstanding. You are bound to love this Far Cry 5 game irrespective of whether you’re a hardcore or weekend gamer. Particularly, the menace and blood-shedding in this game provide a user excellent adrenaline rush. One can easily get hooked on playing it over and over. And the more you play, the better your skills get, with every shot at survival, you will be getting a better view to see opportunities to expand your expertise. The fun around playing this Far Cry 5 game isn’t just limited to one frame, you have a whole avenue of different weapons, costumes, and the classic drop-a-bullet feature.

Far Cry 5 Awards & Nominations:

The nominations for Far Cry 5 are in more categories than you can count on your fingers. Some of them are down below.

Far Cry 5 Reviews

  • Best action game.
  • Most wanted game.
  • Best Co-operative game.
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  • Offer a Wide Open World to Play
  • Recruiting Locals was Cool
  • Animation & the Realistic Touch
  • The story could have a better ending
  • Difficulty level needs improvement

Final Verdict:

In conclusion, the more I speak about the popularity of Far Cry 5 Reviews The less. The revenue this Far Cry 5 game generated is crazy, and the number of its users has skyrocketed over the last few months. I don’t know a single person in the gaming industry who doesn’t love this game. So if you like this Far Cry 5 Reviews post then please share Far Cry 5 Reviews with others as well.

The animation, the storyline, the theme, the music, guns, there is no end to the points describing how well Far Cry 5 is. Hope you like this Far Cry 5 Reviews. In conclusion the entire Far Cry 5 Reviews post. We love this Far Cry 5 game, and we hope you too like it because not loving it is next to impossible. Hope you enjoy reading this Far Cry 5 Reviews article.