How disappointing it is, that just after you visit YouTube to chase your favorite movies, music, teaching videos, TV shows, etc. you end up with a YouTube Black Screen with Sound Browser background Error code problem issue? Which is very much annoying at times and wastes much of your precious time. You start to feel unfortunate, due to not having the ability to observe your favorite videos. However, what makes it even a lot worse situation, is that you just have to endure this YouTube black screen as a result of an unknown error. I personally had encountered a similar frustration of YouTube playback error. Thus I can totally perceive how irritated you can be. In order to liberate different guys from YouTube black screen, today we will share some potential reasons and practicable solutions for you in order to tackle this error.

YouTube Black Screen

YouTube Black Screen with Sound

An error occurred, please try again later

Before starting to solve the YouTube Black Screen with Sound Browser Background Error code problem, you must know what could be the cause behind it. So that it is easier for you to fix it appropriately & getting rid out of this error issue.

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How to Fix & Solve YouTube Black Screen with Sound Browser Background Error Code Problem

1: Browsing YouTube with the Poor Network Connection –

When browsing online, we should ensure proper network connection. The poor network connection can stop you from loading a complete video. This can show as a stuck buffer logo or YouTube Black Screen, and even at times, we can hear audio but are not able to see its video.


When you encounter such a situation, the first thing you should do is checking your network connectivity and see whether it is working properly. If it is ok, just refresh the YouTube page to solve it. If it’s no, then change to a better network and restart YouTube.

2: JavaScript/ Adobe Flash Player causing YouTube Black Screen with Sound –

Adobe Flash Player is generally installed in several web browsers from the beginning, and it is widely used for embedding the video on sites like YouTube. It is the most common bug leading to YouTube black screen Chrome issue.


  • Uninstalling the existing Adobe Flash Player, and then downloading and installing the latest version again on your PC.
  • Make sure that the JavaScriptof your browser is kept turned on.
  • Disabling hardware acceleration by right clicking the video area. It will show a setting option and from there deselect the Enable hardware acceleration.

Disabling hardware acceleration by right clicking the video area. It will show a setting option and from there deselect the Enable hardware acceleration

3: Browser Cache can clog up the YouTube Video from running –

This is a standard reason to several videos taking part in error, and you’ll be able to determine it simply. You’ll notice that the YouTube video black screen comes in suddenly. For instance, YouTube works nicely while you are watching the 1st video whereas the 2nd one starts with a black screen YouTube. In this approach, the matter is presumably to be browsing cache.


  • Google Chrome : Click Chrome MenuMore Tools/History > Clear Browsing Data.
  • IE: Click menu icon > SafetyDelete Browsing History. Then select Temporary Internet Files > Cookies and History/Preserve Favorites Website Data > Delete.
  • Firefox: click ToolsOptions > Advanced > Clear Now for the Cached Web Content and the Offline Web Content and the User Data
  • Safari ( Mac OS X) : Click SafariMenu > Empty Cache > Empty

4: Browser Settings can Affect the Loading of YouTube Videos –

YouTube black screen Chrome complaints are generally coming from the Google Chrome and the Mozilla Firefox Browser users while they stream the YouTube videos. The following method can help you to watch your favorite YouTube videos without problem


  • For Chrome: Go to SettingsAdvanced Settings > Systems > Use Hardware Acceleration when Available, then uncheck it if it is checked.
  • For Firefox: Disable the hardware acceleration. This can be done by going to OptionsAdvanced, uncheck Use Hardware Acceleration when Available and then restart the browser.

For Firefox: Disable the hardware acceleration. This can be done by going to Options> Advanced, uncheck Use Hardware Acceleration when Available and then restart the browser

5: YouTube Page may be the culprit itself –

At times YouTube black screen with sound can happen due to the internal bug in YouTube.


  • If you not logged in: Sign in to your YouTube account for watching the video. Sometimes, YouTube rejects some videos which are closed to the non-registered users.
  • If you are logged in: Just go to the YouTube page Settings and Sign Out. This can solve the problem, and you can run the videos as accurately.

6: Videos may contain Unhealthy and illegal Contents –

If you’re able to watch some videos properly on YouTube, whereas others aren’t accessible. This can be as a result of the videos you’re trying to watch don’t agree YouTube’s policy. For instance, videos containing unhealthy and illegal contents aren’t welcome on YouTube.


There is no such way to solve this problem till now correctly, but you may move to other video websites if they are free, to watch or you can wait till YouTube give you the permissions.

Actually, the YouTube Black Screen with Sound Browser Background Error problem can result due to many reasons. Don’t get disappointed if you are unable to fix YouTube Black Screen after trying few ways. Don’t give up! Just keep on trying all of them. You will be finally able to solve the YouTube playback error!

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