With the coming of phablet or large size smartphone, tablets are slowly becoming a history, but in certain parts, it is still a hit among all groups. Here we have brought a new tablet that is brought by the Teclast. Their latest model Teclast Master T8 Tablet comes with some suitable hardware and software but at a budget price point. The device is at pre-sale and is the price at $176.11.

Teclast Master T8 Tablet

Teclast Master T8 Review

The Teclast Master T8 comes with only one color variant, that is the Champagne Gold. As there are no other options in the exterior look, Teclast has added some of the excellent hardware and good software to back it up. From large battery to a high-resolution display. The security is not left behind with a fingerprint scanner to secure your device. The device is quite sturdy and feels good to hold. All the features and specification of this Teclast Master T8 laptop is discussed in details below.

[Buying Guide] Teclast Master T8 Review Tablet Deal Price

Teclast made a considerable upgrade from its predecessor tablets. In this Teclast Master T8, the device looks sturdy and feels premium. The Teclast Master T8 Tablet device is all metal covered. The back is sealed with the battery, so all the memory card slots are present on the sides of the device. On the rear side, you see the Rear camera on the top left side. On the bottom, you get the logo of the Teclast. The speaker is at the rear of the device which produces some quality sound if not the best. Overall a good design built quality.

Teclast Master T8 Tablet

At a Glance:

Price$176.11 only
Memory64 GB flash storage space as the primary storage space with additional space 256 GB Expandable storage space.


Processor and OS1.7 GHz MediaTek MTK8176 Hexacore processor with Android 7.0 out of the box
Display8.4 inch JDI OGS display with a resolution of 2560×1600
Battery5400 mAh with a run time of 6 hours continuous movie playing on full brightness on a full charge
CameraFront facing 13 MP, Rear camera: 8.0 MP with flash and Autofocus.
ConnectivityWi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth Connection
PortsA TF card Slot for expansion storage, USB Type-C, and a 3.5mm headphone jack

So, here we are showing you all about the Teclast Master T8 Review Tablet. So you can get to know everything about on it. & also buy it from here at the very best discounted deal price.

Teclast Master T8 Features & Specifications –

Teclast Master T8 Operating System: (OS)

The T8 from Teclast offers the latest and fastest Android OS present in the market.

  • You get Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box.
  • Now use the Multi-window view and switch between multiple apps or use two apps simultaneously.
  • Faster and more secure than any of its predecessor.
  • Has smarter battery control which senses the unnecessary usage and controls it to increase the lifetime of the device.
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Teclast Master T8 Battery: (Battery Life)

The tablet comes with a sturdy battery to support all your day’s activity.

Teclast Master T8 Battery

  • The Teclast Master T8 device is powered by a big 5400 mAh Li-ion polymer battery.
  • It is a non-removable battery.
  • The battery was tested to have run for 6 hours straight video playing for 6 hours on full brightness.
  • On normal usage, you can last it with more than a day.
  • To know more about the power usage and the adapter check out the link provided above.

Teclast Master T8 Display:

The next important thing is the display. A tablet is nothing without a big screen.

Teclast Master T8 Display

  • Screen Size:
    The Teclast Master T8 device houses an 8.4- inch display. The big screen not only helps you enjoy to watch movies or web surfing but even playing games at high-resolution.
  • Screen Resolution:
    The display has a screen resolution of 2560 x 1600, WQXGA. Though it is not a 2K resolution device you still can enjoy one of the best resolutions
  • Display Type:
    The screen is by JDI’s LCD display. The screen is OGS which give a better touch experience.
  • Touchscreen:
    The Teclast Master T8 device as you have by now know is a touchscreen. The device has tested positive for a 10-point finger touch sensitivity.

The bezels of this Teclast Master T8 device are thinner, which gives you a broader view and also looks nice to watch on the tablet’s device.

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Teclast Master T8 Processor:

To handle all this features and work, Teclast has added a powerful MediaTek processor to the tablet, so it never fails you in anything.

Teclast Master T8 Processor

  • Teclast Master T8 Specs:
    The Teclast T8 device houses a powerful MediaTek processor that is fast as well as smooth in the execution of all the process.

    • It comes with an MTK8176 Hexacore processor which is clocked at 1.7 GHz. If you want more speed, you can turbo boost the processor core with a speed upto 2.1 GHz
    • It has two cores as ARM Cortex A72 and four other cores as ARM Cortex A53.
    • The processor is tuned to consume less power but gives the maximum efficiency.
  • Graphics:
    The Teclast Master T8 tablet comes with the powerful graphics processor.

Teclast Master T8 Graphics

  • It has IMG GX6250 Graphics card working at 700 MHz
  • Though the GPU is powerful, you might face some lag and frame loss while playing games at high settings.

Teclast Master T8 Memory:

A tablet is of no use without memory, so a good size ROM is needed to operate the device.

  • Internal:
    To save all your documents on the device it comes with a flash memory for quick read and writes.

    • You get 64 GB of flash memory for storing all your data.
    • You do not get the entire space as the operating system will use some of the space.
  • External:
    If the internal storage space seems too small to you then you can go for external

    • The Teclast Master T8 device has a TF card slot which supports micro SD card.
    • You can place up to 256 GB of external storage space.
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  • RAM:
    The tablet also comes with a hefty RAM to support the CPU and the GPU for smooth and higher degree of multitasking.

    • The Teclast Master T8 device comes with a 4 GB of DDR3L RAM for your gaming and other work.
    • The DDR3L is a better version of the DDR3 which offers higher bandwidth and operated at a lower power.

Teclast Master T8 Camera:

A tablet like any other smartphone is incomplete with a camera to capture those precious memories.

Teclast Master T8 Camera

  • If you are selfie lover than this is undoubtedly the one for you. On the front side, you get a big 13.0 MP of the camera to captures those favorites
  • On the rear side, you get an 8.0 MP auto-focus camera. The camera is situated on the top left side. You get a flash to capture every memory even in the dark. The rear camera also supports video capture.
  • The Teclast Master T8 tablet has an in-app camera to make the picture more beautiful. It has filters and different edit functionality that you can surely try it out.

Teclast Master T8 Ports and Connectivity:

There are numerous ports and connection that you can try out to enhance your tablet.

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  • Ports:
    Though in this Teclast Master T8 tablet you will not find much of the ports still there are some that are worth mentioning.
    Teclast Master T8 Ports

    • The tablet comes with a USB type C port. Other than the charging, this allows high-speed data transfer from phone to other devices and vice versa. This port can also transmit videos at full 2K resolution.
    • On the top, you also get the 3.5mm headphone jack. The headphone jack is the combo of both the microphone and the audio.
    • On the sides, you get the volume rocker and the sleep and start button.
    • The dual speakers are situated on the bottom. Overall it produces a good quality sound if not the best.
    • In between the speaker, there is a TF card slot where you can insert a micro SD card to boost the memory.
  • Connectivity:
    The device is not limited to ports. You also get some wireless connection on the tablet.

    • Like all other tablets and smartphones, the device supports Bluetooth to connect to nearby devices to share data and other files.
    • The device supports dual Wi-Fi, meaning it supports two bandwidths to have fast access to the internet. Now connect to your Wireless router and enjoy web surfing.
    • The device also supports GPS which helps you to navigate and know where you are. You have to use navigational apps like Google Maps and others to name a few.

Teclast Master T8 Connectivity

Teclast Master T8 Miscellaneous:

All device has some unique specialty that makes it stand out from the rest and gives the best value for money.

  • Fingerprint Scanner:
    Security has been the primary concern for everyone in this digital world. So Teclast has incorporated a state of the art fingerprint scanner. The scanner is placed below the screen on the front side. It unlocks very quickly without any problem. You can lock your phone or other apps.
  • Type C USB:
    It was a surprise to see Teclast incorporate USB Type-C port. Though it is still in its early stage, no one can deny its potential. Other than the quick charging features, you can transfer any files and data at very high-speed
  • OTG:
    The device also supports On-The-Go devices, now just plug-in a USB and can transfer data directly without the need of any intermediate.

Teclast Master T8 Accessories:

You can go for different accessories for you to protect your tablet from damage as well as make it useful to its full potential.

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  • In-Box:
    You get quite a few accessories in the box. Other than the tablet you get an adapter and a USB cable, an OTG cable and a manual
  • Extra:
    If you want, you can cash in some extra amount and buy some gears that will suit and make an amazing experience with the device.

    • As the device has a touchscreen, you can buy a screen guard protector to protect the screen from any scratches.
    • If you travel a lot with the laptop, you can definitely go for a back cover or a flip cover which will be good to handle and also give a certain level of protection from a drop.
    • To increase the memory, you can add external memory using the micro SD card.
    • Just for the T8, you can get an exclusive gamepad made just for T8 which makes your gaming experience more pleasant.


One of the best tablets that you can get your hands on is Teclast Master T8 Tablet. Some of the stands out features is the large battery, the QHD display which gives the lovely experience of playing games or watching videos. They mind your privacy, the device has a fingerprint sensor to secure your phone and all its apps. The Type-C USB is also a bonus to the device charging the battery fast. You get the latest Android 7.0 Nougat. Though there is nothing to complain about at this price tag, one downside is the GPU. As the company promoted using the gaming experience, this two-year-old GPU might give you some lag or frame loss.

At this price tag, Teclast Master T8 Tablet is undoubtedly one of the best tablets at the time. The device is currently on a pre-order sale. Go and grab one for yourself. If you liked this article or was helpful to you, then do share it with others who are in the market for a new tablet. If you have any queries or want to know more about this tablet, do comment down below, and we will surely get back to you with the answer you want.