Student years are an incredibly beautiful time. This is the time to search for answers to various questions about life, the universe, and about the structure of the world and society. This is the time of active absorption of information, the time of filling your inner world and its further ordering. However, at the same time, these are the years when it is easy to lose yourself and get lost in an incredible stream of information. To prevent this from happening, and for maintaining balance in student life, many helpers can take part in the responsibilities and make the process of learning the world a little easier and more interesting.

Top Sites That Will Balance Your College Years

(Top 6) Best Sites That Will Balance Your College Years

Academic Writing Helpers –

The best helpers for growth and studying are among the custom writing companies that tell you how to write any paper. In addition, you may use Google News if you are researching to be aware of what is happening in the world. TimeEdge with its numerous scientific articles, informative videos, and functions that develop students’ creative thinking.

Academic Writing Helpers

Many sites specialize in paper writing to facilitate student learning. It is always necessary to cope with college exams successfully, but it requires a lot of time. This company write your essay for a small fee. Feel free to use it in cases where the deadline is too close and the amount of paperwork accumulated exceeds the number of hours in the day.

Todoist –


If you can’t imagine your life without structuring tasks or you can’t remember all the important info, so this app is recommended for you! This convenient event planner will remind you of all important events, and meetings and form the list of cases that have been prepared for today. At the end of each day, the app will remind you that you have to mark all completed cases and make a new list of plans with the help of any device to which the extension is connected. The application can be synchronized with a Google account, which makes it convenient to display the to-do list in the browser.

Grammarly –


This excellent extension helps to prevent any grammatical and punctuation mistakes that can be made in the text. Often enough, students have to type in a hurry or do a task late at night to catch the deadline. At such times, the number of mistakes increases significantly due to reduced attention, fatigue, and many distracting factors, especially if the student shares his room with classmates. Grammarly automatically underlines a place in the sentence where a mistake was made, and it also offers an option for correction. The extension is tied to a Google account, and thanks to that, it is available on any device and any site.

Wolfram Alpha –

Wolfram Alpha

This universal calculator is useful for any course and any faculty. The site presents a wide range of areas in which calculations can be made of any nature, starting with the number of words in a sentence and ending with the number of elements in a chemical compound. Mathematics, physics, history, and even art can be calculated or analyzed. This is a very informative and versatile site that is useful to every student.

TED Talks –

TED Talks

This is a unique site and perhaps one of the most useful that has ever been created on the Internet. Here you will be able to find engaging talks about useful things, stories about current research from the first person, historical facts, as well as last world news. The site is also useful in learning languages, thanks to its online dictionary function, in which you can add words from a video directly while browsing just by clicking on the word in the subtitles. With TED Talks, the student receives both rest and learning. Isn’t it wonderful?

Quizlet –


This is a lovely site, where you have the possibility of creating your personal cards at any theme that you will learn in classes. All materials are presented in the form of pictures with a description. It is known that the visualization of information is the best method for remembering. Because of it, this resource is very popular and useful as an assistant in learning.

Make your life easier in any possible way, and do not be afraid of trying new things!


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