Various kinds of watches have arrived at our test stations, and we have carefully checked them, stated their features and specifications along with their pros and cons. Today, we are giving the review of one beautiful watch, which has currently topped our list. &, i.e., Zeblaze VIBE LITE SmartWatch. So just check out this review and buying guide. & here we have added an Offer Price Link so that you can Grab it at Discounted Price.

Zeblaze VIBE LITE Smart Watch Smartwatch

Zeblaze VIBE LiTE Review SmartWatch

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Why should you Buy a Smartwatch?

Who does not have a love for watches? Every man as well as woman wishes to have a collection of their own. That is because,

  • Watches are considered to be the king of all accessories that you ever wear.
  • The kind of watch that you wear speaks of yourself.
  • Simple, thin watches indicate simplicity and minimalism whereas big dial; broad strapped watches are considered to be bold and confident.
  • Not only the best watch looks classy and smart, but it should also get into the buyer’s budget.
  • Watches which are very simple lack the quality and on the other hand, watches which are big and beautiful cost too high. But, what if you get a watch of your choice that is the best in quality as well as cost-effective?

(Buying Guide) Zeblaze VIBE LiTE Review SmartWatch Deal Price

The Zeblaze Vibe Lite SmartWatch is one of the few watches that will quickly get on to everyone’s list. We got the chance to check and review this beautiful piece of work. Here, we are listing all the features and specifications of the product in detail. The watch belongs to the brand Zeblaze. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology. It is waterproof. The watch beeps in order to alert the user. The user can do Bluetooth calling, and the watch reminds the user when his phone is ringing or when he receives any message. The user can also easily find his phone with the assistance of the watch. The watch has a health tracker; which is used to monitors the user’s sleep accurately.

Zeblaze VIBE LITE Smart Watch Look

The watch can also perform other functions such as alarm, Bluetooth, countdown and being waterproof. It reminds the user of all the notifications that he receives from social media apps such as Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Wechat, WhatsApp and many more. The watch has a remote camera too. The battery capacity is 290 mAh, and the type of battery in the watch is CR 2430 button cell of Zeblaze.

At a Glance:

Brand Zeblaze
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 4.0
Compatibility Android 4.3 / IOS 7.0 and above system
Compatible OS Android, IOS
Battery Capacity 290 mAh
Type of Battery CR2430 button cell
Health Tracker Sleep monitor
Waterproof Yes
Alert type Beeping
Bluetooth Calling Phone call reminder
Find Phone Yes
Messaging Message reminder
Remote Control Function Remote Camera
Compatibility Android 4.3 / IOS 7.0 and above system
Compatible OS Android, IOS
Available Color Black, White
Band Material TPU
Case Material Stainless Steel
The Shape of the Dialer Round

So here we are showing you everything about on this Zeblaze VIBE LiTE SmartWatch. So that you can get to know more about on it. & here we have added an Offer for you, i.e., you can also Grab it at a very Discounted Deal Price. So Go Get one for you or you can also Gift it to someone.

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Zeblaze VIBE LiTE Features and Specifications –


Zeblaze VIBE LITE Design:

The Zeblaze VIBE LITE SmartWatch is a 5 ATM Waterproof Multifunctional Sports Fitness Trackers Wristband. The user can impress everyone from all the angles with this product. The watch is the gift of traditional and experienced watchmakers. The watchmakers have made it with beautiful and intelligent technology which is visible when you look at it at first sight. Adhering to the old, vintage style of watchmaking, the product comes with no compromise and excuse regarding quality.

Zeblaze VIBE LITE Smart Watch Design

The core of the watch has come with minute yet brilliant parts, and as a result, it remains strong. Hence quality core, long days standby performance. Citizen gearbox, the old Nordic imported smart chip, genuinely integrated mechanics and intelligence of the watch speak for itself. The structure and design of the Zeblaze are more reliable and controlled. It has a longer standby of 24 months.

Zeblaze VIBE LITE Built:

The mysterious and profound black texture of the watch has made for the matured gentleman temperament. The case of the watch is of stainless steel. The strap of the watch is made up of Bayer material. The belt is 43 mm in diameter. The belt does not cause any irritation and allergy on the skin. It is correctly worn resistant and skin friendly.

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Zeblaze VIBE LITE Dialer:

Zeblaze VIBE LITE Smart Watch Glass

Now, speaking about the dial of the watch. The shape of the dial is round. The dial is crafted with sapphire mirror glass which has a hardness of 9 H, just next to diamond. No marks will are left on the dial even of a knife scratch. Light gets transmitted by the dial, and the glass remains crystal clear all time long for perfect time viewing. Light and shadow glide on the glass and change in temperature, humidity, and fog leave no blemishes on the dial. The glass is highly transparent and dustproof.

Zeblaze VIBE LITE Color Options:

The watch is available in black and white editions; both are crafted to display excellence differently. The product is compatible with the Android 4.3 system and IOS 7.0 and above systems.  The languages available are Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Zeblaze VIBE LITE Fashion Appeal:

Zeblaze VIBE LITE Smart Watch Waterproof

Fashionable design with round screen display made of sapphire glass and TPU watchband which is lively and perfect.

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Zeblaze VIBE LITE 5 ATM Waterproof:

The watch is backed up by the international standard rating of IP 67. The Zeblaze VIBE LITE SmartWatch has the waterproof performance of distance of 50 meters and 164 feet. No dust, dirt gets soaked into the watch in daily life. The watch will be the perfect assistant during trekking, swimming and all sorts of activities. The watch is sturdy and durable. The Waterproof performance is high up to 50m, meet the daily life and outdoor activities in water needed without any tension.

Zeblaze VIBE LITE Professional Sports Tracker:

Zeblaze VIBE LITE Smart Watch Bluetooth

This sports watches are unique for expert exercising, precise pedometer purpose, and tracking of movement distances and burnt calories. Also, the information on sports activities can get uploaded to the App “Watch,” available to view the user’s regular workout goals and maintain the fitness schedule anywhere and anytime.

Zeblaze VIBE LITE Built-in Bluetooth:

The Zeblaze Vibe Lite smartwatch has inbuilt Bluetooth 5.0 technology to connect your mobile phone APP, incoming calls and notifications, alarm and data analysis and many features all in just at the tip of your fingers.

Zeblaze VIBE LITE Battery Life:

Zeblaze VIBE LITE Smart Watch Battery

With CR 2430 (Japan Maxell) battery, the watch delivers super long standby time, standard standby time of 12 months, and it can last more than 24 months under-saving method. No need for an everyday charge.

Zeblaze VIBE LITE Other Important Functions:

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  • SOS Emergency Contact

The watch sends out the location of the wearer to the mailbox present in real-time. One press in case of emergency and your location information gets sent.

Zeblaze VIBE LITE Smart Watch SOS

  • Health Tracking

The Zeblaze VIBE LITE SmartWatch has inbuilt monitoring sensor. The watch tracks all the physical activities evaluate the performance, gives an accurate report, adjusts the exercise schedule and provides guidance.

  • Calls & Notifications Manager

Don’t miss any of your incoming calls and messages that you receive. Set reminders on the app as per your needs.


  • Sleep Monitoring

The watch does real-time monitoring of the user’s sleep. It automatically analyses the sleep duration and time. The user can get reports of his sleep on the app and find many ideas to enhance his sleep and thus live a healthy life. Hence, the watch has control over all the activities of the user even at night.

  • Bluetooth Intelligent Connection


The watch supports Bluetooth connection 5.0 technology. It is based on low data consumption and for long distance transmission. It is compatible with Android 4.3 system and IOS 7.0 and above.

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  • Ergonomic Design & Quality
  • Made with traditional Techniques for Strong Performance
  • Waterproof, Dustproof, & Shockproof
  • Built for Sports Tracking & Health Tracking


  • Device is somehow expensive
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The Zeblaze VIBE LITE SmartWatch has ahs a traditional technology for reliable performance. It is made with Citizen Gearbox, Nordic imported smart chip, and many minute parts. It has mostly all the features and specifications that would be expected by the user, to be frank, much more than that.

Zeblaze VIBE LITE Smart Watch Conclusion

Though Zeblaze VIBE LITE is a little expensive, it is a must-have for all. Watch collectors, called as horologists need to have this in their collection indeed. So, what are you waiting for, go and grab your Zeblaze before it is too late? Meanwhile, we will be ready to present you with more interesting reviews of new gadgets hitting the markets.