I’ve waited so long for Apple Ios 12.1.4 Release Date. The previous version of Apple IOS was high as well, yet something better is always a welcoming step. The update is significant, and many people are wondering whether they should go for 12.1.4 or stick to the earlier version. In this article, I’ll be doing a detailed Apple IOS 12.1.4 Review with in-depth analysis of features the new operating system offers. Also, I’ll talk a little about the previous Apple IOS and where did it lack. I’ll be covering the latest updates, how they do in comparison with the earlier version, How to install the updates, and more.

IOS 12.1.4 Review

About Apple IOS 12.1.4 –

Apple IOS 12.1.4 released all over the world in February 2019. It is widely recognized and praised around the world. This Apple IOS 12.1.4 Review update is strictly for people working with Apple IOS 12 and later versions. The upgrade works for all the 6th generation Apple devices such as iPhone 5S and iPad 2. The Upgrade occupies roughly around 90 MB-100 MB for space and promises to fix the most significant bug of Apple devices. You should be very discreet while upgrading your iPhone as there is no way to downgrade it once its upgraded.

Apple IOS 12.1.3 Problems:

Apple IOS 12.1.3 released in the last month of 2018. It was expected to solve the connectivity, and network issue iPhone5S, iPhone6, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS users were facing. Contrary to that, the Apple IOS 12.1.3 cut a sorry figure. There were connectivity issues, networking problems, error with file exchange, and much more. People instantly started regretting upgrading to the Apple IOS 12.1.3 due to several reasons, namely.

  • Cutting off cellular data
  • No wifi connectivity
  • Drastically draining battery
  • Bluetooth going on and off
  • Problems with GPS

(Overview) Should You Upgrade to Apple IOS 12.1.4 Review Updates, Features & Beyond

Apple IOS 12.1.4 came out near about three months later the 12.1.3. Many people have been waiting for this Apple IOS 12.1.4 Review upgrade as they were feeling betrayed and frustrated from the last update. The upgraded Apple IOS promises to do away with errors and fixing bugs in the previous version, but how well does it fare overall?

Apple IOS 12.1.4 Updates –

With the latest version of Apple IOS 12.1.4, you get a bundle of joy for updates. The Damocles sword for Apple was its excellent Facetime service, cellular data, and wifi. If you’re not familiar with the Facetime problem, It used to start randomly calling people and start the MIC before even them picking the call. Group Facetime is permanently disabled on the earlier version of Apple IOS, and if you want to use it, you’ll have to upgrade to the new Apple IOS. There are also some additional minor security patches and fixes in this Apple IOS 12.1.4 Review update.

IOS 12.1.4 Review

Apple IOS 12.1.4 Size –

Unlike its predecessors like Apple IOS 12 and Apple IOS 12.1.3, This Apple IOS 12.1.4 Review may come as the most significant upgrade ever. Opposing that, The space occupation of 12.1.4 update could vary for different iPhone users.

IOS 12.1.4 Review

iPhoneSize of Update (Approx.)
iPhone X89.6 MB
iPhone Xs89 MB
iPhone XR90 MB
iPhone 6 (on Apple IOS 12)100 MB

Apple IOS 12.1.4 Connectivity –

The connectivity is the Achilles heel of Apple IOS 12. Since the day it released, people started protesting and gave utterly negative comments on the connectivity issue. Apple assured the users that the next update would eradicate this bug, but sadly the following few updates couldn’t cut the mustard. However, Apple IOS 12.1.4 gives a better performance in terms of Connectivity.

IOS 12.1.4 Review

Apple IOS 12.1.4 Battery Life –

Another problem, Apple IOS 12 users have reported it was a weak battery standby. Although the Battery size is also something to consider while calculating the stand by time. However, the operating system’s optimization skills could do wonders with even a small battery life. This was a vital issue Apple IOS 12 was battling with. I must say that Apple IOS 12.1.4 gives you a better battery saving.iphone battery

Apple IOS 12.1.4 WiFi Connectivity –

There were many errors reported by Apple IOS 12 users that often their cellular data goes missing. The only option they had was to connect their phone with a wifi station. But the Apple IOS 12.1.4 took that away from us as well. Resources suggest that people are now not only facing cellular discontinuity, but also their wifi is going on and off.

iphone wifi

Apple IOS 12.1.4 Bluetooth –

There were no such significant problems with the Bluetooth processing with the previous versions of Apple IOS as well. Likewise, in Apple IOS 12.1.4, Bluetooth gives a decent performance.

iphone bluetooth

Apple IOS 12.1.4 Cellular Data & GPS –

The cellular data was very inconsistent in Apple IOS 12. it used to appear like a ghost and goes away quickly. Thanks to the latest update, the Cellular Data is working fine in the Apple IOS 12.1.4. If I talk about the GPS, it performs well in this Apple IOS 12.1.4 Review version, as well. The connectivity is smooth, and the locations are accurate.

ios 12.1.4

Apps in Apple IOS 12.1.4 –

The Apps in Apple IOS 12.1.3 were working just fine. Although there were minor crashes, like Instagram and Facebook, going down all of a sudden. Heavy Apps like TikTok and PUBG games were hanging.

IOS 12

A good move by Apple was fixing that error. With the latest Apple IOS, Many third-party apps like Netflix, Twitter, Chrome, and Gmail are working Superb in this Apple IOS 12.1.4 Review version. Also, Inbuilt apps such as Safari, Podcast, and Calander are stable.

Apple IOS 12.1.4 Processing Speed –

The processing speed of any smartphone could be a make or mar thing for its success. One of the reasons behind Apple’s Trillion dollar success is its speed and performance. So how does Apple IOS 12.1.4 performs in terms of Speed? It’s okay, as good as the previous version. Hence I can’t say that the processing speed is upgraded or improved in any terms.

iOS 12.1.4 speed

Apple IOS 12.1.4 JailBreak –

You might look for “How to JailBreak IOS 12.1.4. “A jailbreak version for almost all Apple IOS versions is available online, but as of now, people are struggling with coming up a jailbreak for Apple IOS 12.1.4. However, the one and the only way to jailbreak Apple IOS 12.1.4 is to downgrade to Apple IOS 11, which sadly isn’t possible with the new Apple IOS.

jailbreak iphone

Apple IOS 12.1.4 Problems –

With significant upgrades, Apple IOS 12.1.4 is infamous for its problems, as well. The phone is reported to have many bugs and performance issues. Sources reveal that many users around the world have reported Apple for Various aspects they started facing after upgrading to Apple IOS 12.1.4, such as Face ID recognition, Fingerprint Recognition, Data issues, Connectivity errors, and so on. Here’s a list of Issues associated with Apple IOS 12.1.4.

iphone problems

  • Inconsistent and irregular Connectivity of cellular and Wifi data
  • Problems in working with Third-Party apps
  • Unnatural battery drainage
  • Fingerprint recognition taking too long to unlock
  • Face recognition is not working properly
  • Exchanging files has become a hectic task
  • Problems with Downloading and installing new apps

How to Update to Apple IOS 12.1.4 –

Alright, if you’re convinced enough to upgrade to Apple IOS 12.1.4, I’ll pass on few easy and simple steps to improve your iPhone to the latest Apple IOS. Please follow the steps below to update your iPhone to the most recent Apple IOS effortlessly.

  • Unlock your iPhone.
  • Go to the Settings option.
  • Visit the General settings category
  • Visit the Updates section
  • Next, Start installing the updates
  • It takes time depending on your internet connection
  • Once downloaded start installation of new Apple IOS 12.1.4
  • It will take about 10 minutes to install the Apple IOS
  • Your iPhone will restart automatically
  • Enjoy the new Apple IOS

ios 12.1.4 update


Finally, coming to the end of this Apple IOS 12.1.4 Review article, this was my take on the latest Apple IOS update. Here, we talked about the new features, bugs fixes, upgrades, and how the new Apple IOS performed in front of the old Apple IOS 12.1.3.

I hope you liked this Apple IOS 12.1.4 Review article, Hit the comment section if you have something to say, I’m all ears for your response friends. Have a nice day!