Apple has been organizing a worldwide developer conference (WWDC) since 1987. Santa Clara was the place where the first-time WWDC took place. After fifteen years in Santa Clara Apple moved the WWDC event to San Fransisco But for “Apple WWDC 2019” They returned to San Jose After 13 years. It is heaven for Developers, and I know you would kill for a pass. It will set you $1599 back! Better stream it online. So let’s check out everything about the Apple WWDC 2019 article.

Apple wwdc 2019

Everything about Apple WWDC 2019: Dates, What to Expect & More

Apple WWDC 2019 is going to be in San Jose, and you’ll be requiring a $1599 pass to attend this event. You can get passes by an online lottery. This event is mostly for developers and new updates on products and software by Apple. But students can get passes through scholarships and Also members of StEM are allowed to participate. The event is eyeing more than 8000 attendees from hundreds of countries. Previously, in 2018 the organizers saw a massive 6000 no of guests, from 450 countries which is expected to be twice this year. Now let’s get to know more about this Apple WWDC 2019 guide.

Apple wwdc 2019

Apple WWDC 2019 Venue –

San Jose McEnery convention centre is going to Host Apple WWDC 2019 event. It is a marvellous 550,000 square foot convention centre is the largest convention centre around and is named after the former mayor of San Jose, Tom McEnery. Apple has returned to San Jose for WWDC after 13 long years, and it is going to be the 30th in the series of its developer conferences.

Apple WWDC 2019

How to Watch Apple WWDC 2019 Online?

Apple WWDC 2019 event is going to be launched on their Keynote presentation, and they have invited Apple enthusiasts from around the world to attend this event. Creative minds throughout the globe are striving to participate in this event Live, and if you’re one of them, I’ll tell you how you can watch Apple WWDC 2019 event without boarding a flight to San Jose.

Creators, developers, and Apple devotees who’re looking to stream the event Live on their Apple devices can install the WWDC APP on their iPhone, Ipad, or Apple TV and register themselves for the show. In addition to that, you can stream the show through Apple Developer websites as well.

Apple wwdc 2019

What to Expect at Apple WWDC 2019?

Apple will start the event with a keynote presentation and unveil its new products. The announcement of these products will set the flow for the next days of the Conference. Significant developments are expected in the hardware sections as there have not been any in the past few years.

Apple wwdc 2019

Apple IOS 13 –

Apple’s next-generation IOS update is expected to release at this Apple WWDC 2019 conference. Rumours are that Apple will redesign the Interface and layout in IOS 13. Some innovative features are supposed to be in this version, some of which are already released by other developers.

Rumoured Features Suggest:

Apple WWDC 2019

Redesigned Mac Pro –

In April 2018, Apple announced a redesigned Mac Pro in the year 2019. As it is due time for that, we hope to see some niche developments in the old model.

Rumoured Features in Short:

  • New compact design
  • Better thermal capacity
  • “Sunny Cove Xeon chips” announced by Intel in 2018
  • A competitive price

Apple WWDC 2019

Mac OS 10.15 –

The new generation Mac Operating system 10.15 is notably the best product Apple has ever delivered. There are many expected upgrades, but Chiefly, an update in multitasking.

Rumoured Features in Brief:

Apple WWDC 2019

Mac Pro –

If rumours are to be believed, Apple is considering redesigning their Highlighting product “MacBook Pro.” Now, this is the part where Apple has made no announcements or dropped any hints or spoilers on whether a New MacBook Pro will release. But Fan based theories suggest that Apple has been working on a new Mac Book Pro since 2017 and we might witness a new MacBook Pro in this year’s Apple WWDC 2019.

Possible Featured:

  • Top end design
  • Better interface
  • Latest components
  • 16-inch screen
  • Mini LED Model

WWDC 2019

Apple TV 6th Generation –

In the Apple TV’s 6th generation, we can expect Apple to make some upgrades to its 5th generation TV operating system, hardware, and colours and hopefully, we will see a 5k supported screen with some high-end specifications.

Expected Features:

  • 5k supported screen
  • Airpods support
  • Siri support
  • Face recognition

Apple WWDC 2019

Apple Watch Series 5 –

The Apple Watch is a much-followed trend in today’s world, and you can see every 5th person supporting one. The model Apple currently offers is the Apple Watch Series 4 and fans are eager to see a glimpse of the Apple Smartwatch 5 in the forthcoming event.

Rumoured Features of Apple Smartwatch 5:
  • Ceramic casing design
  • A new way to charge your watch
  • Upgraded software
  • Sleep tracking feature
  • OLED panel

Apple wwdc 2019


In Apple WWDC 2019 conclusion, I’d like to say that the Apple WWDC 2019 event is going to be something every Apple Fan is curiously looking forward to seeing Including me! If you have any concerns, queries or something to add to the Apple WWDC 2019 post, feel free to share in the comment section below.

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