This year, EA Play 2019 event is going to be less play more talk event in the year 2019. The second largest gaming company in the United States and Europe will be holding it’s annual gaming event. In addition to that, they have skipped the conference, they used to keep every year. This year, Electronic Inc is going to hold live streaming of their new games and updates in the first two days of the EA Play 2019 event. Which makes their ground strong on the commitment of “Less talk more Play.”

EA Play 2019

Fun Facts about Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) –

Trip Hawkins, a former employee of Apple, founded EA in 1982. The headquarters of EA is in Redwood, California. Generally, you don’t recognise employees of a corporate company. But Electronic Arts Inc (EA) on the other hand, is celebrated for promoting the programmers and designers of its games. Which makes it much loved among the employees. Coupled with that, EA is known for experimenting a lot with new games. Suppose you have a small game that EA likes. With no delay on speculation, it will acquire your Company and leave you a ton of money for the rest of your life. How cool is that?

(Overview) EA Play 2019: It’s All About the Games

EA Play 2019 Location:

EA will be celebrating the 4th year of EA play, which started in Los Angeles. This year the EA Play 2019 event is going to take place at the famous Hollywood Palladium situated in Hollywood, California. The Theatre comprises sitting capacity of a mega 5000 people. Passes start booking from next month, so be ready and subscribe to the newsletter of EA Games Subscribe now.”

ea play 2019EA Play 2019 Date & Schedule:

This year, EA Play 2019 is going to hold their annual gaming event at Hollywood Palladium from 7th to 9th of June. The show will kick start at night on 7th June. People living in their homes can stream live content from the EA games website.

From the beginning of the EA Play 2019 event, Gamers can get hands no Experience of new games by the gaming giant while a parallel stream for users at home will be able to enjoy live streaming of the same by the content creators.

EA play 2019There will be one on one sessions and Q&A sessions for gaming critics and users with the developers and designers of games. Furthermore, EA has announced that the gamers get a behind the scene coverage of every game through the game-play and the developer talks.

What CEO Andrew Wilson Said?

Given that the last financial quarter of 2018 was not so bright for EA, The CEO Andrew Wilson said through the news portal of Electronic Arts:

“This is a difficult day. The changes we’re making today will impact about 350 roles in our 9,000-person company. These are important but tough decisions, and we do not take them lightly. We are friends and colleagues at EA, we appreciate and value everyone’s contributions, and we are doing everything we can to ensure we are looking after our people to help them through this period to find their next opportunity. This is our top priority.”

Concerns of the Company –

The fan base of Electronic Arts faced attrition in the last few months of 2018, To save grace through EA Play 2019 event, Electronic Arts hopes to stand a chance. CEO Andrew Wilson makes it their top priority to make “Apex Legends” and “Anthem” a success and shine through 2019. A sharp contrast to that, Anthem in the news for its bugs issues rather than a praise bringer.

Concerns of the CompanyEA Play 2019 Highlights –

  • The EA Play event is free for anyone to attend.
  • Next, The EA Play 2019 event is going to feature some of the best gaming designers and creators in the world.
  • You get the first-hand experience of the new games.
  • Possible update on Respawn’s ‘Jedi: Fallen Order’.

Highlights of the Event


Finally, I’d like to say that the EA Play 2019 event is going to be an exciting event and every EA lover will be waiting for the EA Play tickets be available as soon as possible. The last moment pulls out from Sony made it difficult for the organisers and EA wants to fill that gap with everything leaving no stone unturned. But hopefully, everything plays out in their favour.

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