The Computer keeps Freezing Windows PC Error refers to a system, which stops taking the usual input from the keyboard or the mouse leading it to a mere fetish desktop, which you can continuously wait for to de-freeze and come back to its normal workings. The Computer keeps Freezing Windows in technical terms, refers to a crashed system, just because your computer took too much load at a time, and now it has stuck due to overload. This all starts when some large applications try to use other application’s memory. Then our operating system attempts to hamper this thing, which results in a Computer keeps Freezing Windows and lock up in our system.

Computer keeps Freezing

Computer keeps Freezing

Sometimes, due to some device drivers, i.e., the drivers for some computer software can come with their bugs. Many companies revise their software for fixing this Computer keeps Freezing Windows, but sometimes even after that, their bugs are generated.

One more common cause of the Computer keeps Freezing Windows is due to the entity, virus. Taking care of viruses very quickly or not paying any attention to it at all may reduce the functionality of your system. But, in extreme cases, this also leads to the total malfunction of your computer, making it just a piece of useless hardware.

One must check for the phase where the Computer keeps Freezing Windows problem exists. The reason behind the Computer keeps Freezing Windows issue can be primary. And might have been neglected by many users. Like the battery of your wireless mouse exhausted, and you couldn’t figure it out, or it can be too difficult for you to handle this Computer keeps Freezing Windows on your own, as the duplication of application programs and confuse the operating system were to take the command into action. So, you might check things in order to find the solution to your Computer keeps Freezing Windows problem at the earliest.

Causes of Computer keeps Freezing Windows Error Problem:

  • Malfunctioning of Input Devices: The input devices connected to your PC must be checked for their cables and batteries (in the case of wireless). In case these go unnoticed, it may hamper your work vigorously.
  • Low on Hard Drive Space: The hard drive space on your computer or laptop must be sufficient enough for the application programs to run because the scarcity of space can also cause the slowing down or Computer keeps Freezing Windows.
  • Low on Memory: Do ensure that your computer or laptop has the sufficient and compatible amount of RAM for the work you are allotting to the CPU.
  • Reboot: No reboot of your computer after a particular amount of time.
  • Overheating: The tasks been assigned to your computer or laptop are indeed heavy and overheating the processor.
  • Fragmented or Corrupted Hard-drive: The hard-drive installed on your computer is poorly fragmented (i.e., the parts of the hard-drive made at the time of installing the operating system are not proper), or the intrusion of the virus has interrupted the disk-fragmentation severely and has caused significant
  • Outdated Drivers: The drivers installed on your computer are outdated or not compatible with the version of the Operating System you have installed.
  • Malware Intrusion: The computer or laptop you are using is infected with malware due to a suspicious program you downloaded from the internet or a link that you clicked on while surfing on the web took you to a malicious website.
  • Hardware Failure: The hardware installed on your computer has ruptured due to some power problem or a malfunction in the operation of the system of equipment.
  • Too many applications occupying the hard-drive space: Either you are multitasking or doing a lot of work, the no. of applications you are working on is huge and poses a threat to the computer’s hard-disk space causing the Computer keeps Freezing Windows or slow down. This Computer keeps Freezing Windows issue also includes the programs running in the background like your antivirus, or the Skype session with somebody.

How to Fix & Solve Computer keeps Freezing Windows Error Issue

Solutions for fixing the slowing down or Computer keeps Freezing Windows PC Error problem:

1. Check your Input Devices Well –

Check your Input Devices Well

Ensure that the input devices connected to your PC offering you standard input must be in a good state, i.e., their wires must be in good condition and connected well to their input ports. If you are working with the wireless devices, do check for their batteries. The input devices, if left unnoticed, might frustrate you afterward for the small Computer keeps Freezing Windows 10 error encountered.

2. Sufficient Hard Drive Space –

Sufficient Hard Drive Space

Check for the compatible hard-drive for the tasks you want to perform on your computer while you inhibit it to your computer while building or buying from a vendor.

3. Compatible Memory Space –

Compatible Memory Space

Ensure a sufficient amount of RAM for the work you will be doing on your computer or laptop so that none of the applications lag. This Computer keeps Freezing Windows 7 solution guide can be done while choosing the configuration and at the time of up-gradation of your up-gradation of the computer.

4. Reboot your Computer –

Reboot your Computer

Restarting your laptop forcefully or manually due to a slowdown or Computer keeps Freezing Windows 10 is known as resetting. In the case of the Computer keeps Freezing Windows 8, manually hold the power button unless it turns off or if you have access to the taskbar, click restart option from the menu.

5. Overheating –


Do keep a check on your computer’s temperature, in the case of overheating, go for a clean of the laptop and regularize the airflow through it. Make sure the CPU fan is an ambient condition and is working well as it ejects the heat generated in the CPU cabin. While cleaning, do switch off your computer and push out the dirt with a vacuum from the outer part, do not touch the knobs and bends inside the cabin.

6. Install a Good Antivirus –

Install a Good Antivirus

Ensure that you have installed a good quality antivirus on your computer that looks into all kinds of viruses and the functioning of the computer.

7. Up-to-date Drivers & Operating System –

Up-to-date Drivers & Operating System

Ensure that the system you are working on has the latest compatible version of the Operating System installed on it with compatible and up-to-date drivers matching your hardware. To ensure you buy good-quality hardware from the vendor so that you can get back from this Computer keeps Freezing After Startup error.


Last note, do keep good care of your computer or laptop and raise it according to your working scenario and needs & get rid of the Computer keeps Freezing Windows PC Error problem.. And if you face further Computer keeps Freezing Windows issues, we are always here to help.

So, if you are getting or facing any issue while trying to solve the Computer keeps Freezing Windows PC Error, then comment down that problem here below in the below comment section so that we can help you in that to fix it from you permanently.

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