Well, we can say that the internet is a whole part of our daily lifestyle, and even imagining surviving a day without your internet connection was difficult to accept. So, today, let’s get familiar with the world of Internet hiding behind the worldwide web. The thing which we are going to discuss today is Best DNS Servers near me Providers, and you must be thinking that it’s some big techy word or a technical abbreviation. But, guys no need to exaggerate it that much, because you all might already be familiar with the term DNS, but you might not know its exact role and usage. So, DNS or Domain Name System is a simple system that resolves and directs the IP address to a particular domain name. Confusing, well, let me make it easier for you. Might you know about Google? I feel that you said yes, so here, the term referred to as Google is a DNS (Domain name system), which is owned by the company called Google.

Best DNS Servers

Best DNS Servers Providers

Yep, it’s that easy; to make it easier, every domain name has its IP address, which is resolved by the DNS server (Google’s public IP The domain names can be easily readable by humans, but the machines can only identify the intellectual property address. Our Internet Service Provider, aka ISP, is smart and automatically connects us with the assigned domain name. Still, if your system doesn’t work correctly, then you can quickly change the domain name and shift to better working DNS.

How to Change the DNS Servers Providers?

The DNS server is responsible for the speed of the internet, so it needs to be perfect for a fast and quick working network. The DNS server can be easily changed to receive a swift and dynamic network, so every system has a different method to change the DNS server. Well, get to know these techniques, shall we:

How to Change the Best DNS Servers Provider

  • Windows PC:

The DNS server on the window needs to be changed separately on each router. It means you need to change the DNS server for both the Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections if you use both wireless and wired network connections on your system. The DNS server can quickly change from the Network and Sharing Center. But, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of changing the DNS server every time, then you can install the DNS Jumper app. This app is free and easily allows you to shift from one DNS server to another and enjoy the Netflix and Hulu outside the USA. The users can also put this easy command on the CMD to change the DNS server simply to Google’s self-owned DNS.

netsh interface ip set DNS name=”Local Area Connection” static

  • Android & IOS Devices:

The users can also change the DNS server on their Android and IOS smartphones and tablets. For that, open the settings and then click on the network option. Then press the advance internet settings, the dialogue box will appear where you can easily change the DNS server provider address.

Okay, so if like me, you are dying to find out some fantastic Best DNS Servers vendors, then let’s find out the Best DNS Servers for gaming Providers without wasting any time.

(Free) Top Fastest Best DNS Servers Providers you can Try

  1. Google Public DNS

Google Public DNS

Okay, it’s impossible to make a list of the Best DNS Servers for PS4 provider without taking into consideration, Google’s Public DNS. This is the perfect Best DNS Servers for Xbox one, and the server is free from any issue. In so long, we haven’t heard any complaint against the Google Public DNS. The DNS with primary DNS addresses and the secondary DNS address, is the most used and reliable Best DNS Servers for PS4. But still, to view some restricted websites, you can easily change this domain name to another DNS address. The Google public DNS is easily connected with the IPv6 connectivity in case you need it. With the advanced security measures applied by Google, the Google Public DNS is protected from the DNS Cache Poisoning attacks and DoS attacks.

  1. DNS. Watch


The users who want speed and reliability all together definitely should go for the DNS.Watch. The DNS.Watch is the fastest Best DNS Servers PS4 in the world. The Best DNS Servers near me have universal connectivity and can easily support any system. It can work on the Linux, Windows, and IOS operating systems efficiently. You can quickly adapt to this DNS server and enjoy the speed. If your DNS provider doesn’t support your favorite website, then simply shifts to the DNS. Watch, with the DNS address and

  1. OpenDNS


The best alternative of Google’s Public DNS is the 2nd largest Best DNS Servers for gaming after Google OpenDNS. It is a well-designed and straightforward Best DNS Servers for PS4. The DNS server is available in the two different types, one for the home users and another for the enterprises. The OpenDNS may be considered as the alternative to Google, but the DNS system is packed with numerous features. The OpenDNS has advanced security measurements such as Parental control, Phishing protection, Malware protection, etc. The users can quickly switch to this power pact DNS server by entering this IP address and Enjoy speed and protection with this Best DNS Servers for Xbox One.

  1. Comodo Secure

Comodo Secure

If you are looking for a secure network connection, then the Comodo Secure DNS us your product. The network is fully secured and provides protection against the viruses and keeps your whole system safe. The Best DNS Servers for PS4 provide the fast speed and ultimate protection against viruses attacks. The DNS protects our computer systems and as well as offers the most secured internet connection. The technology-wise Best DNS Servers for PS4 is very advance and can easily connect to the nearest DNS network to provide adequate speed. The beautiful DNS server can be yours by entering the following IP address in your system: and

  1. Alternate DNS

Alternate DNS

This is a speedy Best DNS Servers near me to ease out your life and provide you the ultimate speed you always desire for. The Alternate DNS is a fast, reliable, and robust DNS server. The most unusual feature of this Best DNS Servers for gaming is that it filters all the unwanted ads and provides you a clean network. So if you are annoyed with the pop-up ads that ruin your workflow and slowdowns the network speed, then the Alternate DNS is the only best option for you. To quickly configure your system with the Alternate DNS IP address, which is as and to enjoy the service without any interruptions.

(Paid) Top Fastest Best DNS Servers Providers you can Try

  1. Rage4


Well, one of the simplicity and user’s favorite Best DNS Servers for PS4 that will make you fall for it. The Rage4 supports anycast DNS, which allows the user to use their dual anycast network to amplify the speed. The Rage4 also supports the CDN’ed domains, full API support to manage third-party services, GeoDNS to serve traffic from predefined servers, and ModulesGarden module support for integration cPanel. The Best DNS Servers for Xbox One are straightforward, and you can pay as the pricing increases. The DNS server has 30 over server under it, so the speed is never going to be an issue for you after using it.

  1. Dyn DNS


It’s a very attractive and compelling third-party Best DNS Servers for PS4 to provide you the Ebonics experience of speed. Dyn DNS is a dynamic, drastic, and dramatic DNS server to hold the interest of users. The connection stability with the Dyn is robust, and you will never lose network with this server. The phishing attack can save your system from the assault of the viruses and protect your network from the malware attack also. The Dyn will always protect your network, even if you don’t have any security system in the system. Make speed and safety your network at the IP address and

  1. BuddyNS


The DNS server required some time to get connected and start working, but with this BuddyNS Best DNS Servers for PS4, you can create a DNS in only 10 minutes. No other DNS can connect, so fast as the BuddyNS. The DNS is available at very affordable prices and low rates. Intended for domain name owners as a secondary DNS provider, they allow you to host unlimited zones and records, which enable users to prevent their lots of time.

  1. DNSimple

As the name suggests, the DNSimple is a simple Best DNS Servers in my area. The server was made to ease the life of the user and prevent them from the hassle of too much documentation and tutorial. The DNS server is a simple, optimum picture of delicacy and elegance. The DNSimple provides secure registration, SSL setup, and API documents. The server is strictly designed to deliver comfort to the users, and its friendly user interface is straightforward to understand and set up the connection. They’re a good provider for users of a novice, advanced, and even pro-tech backgrounds. You will never regret using this simple server, and you will never want to change the Best DNS Servers near me ever again.



Okay, so we have presented you with the Best DNS Servers Providers around the globe, both paid and free. They are all delicious and exclusive, so you can quickly shift from one DNS server to another to test them. So, go and enjoy the experience of multiple Best DNS Servers.

If you face any error issue while trying Best DNS Servers Providers, then do comment down that problem here in the below comment section or directly email us so that we can help you in that too.