Oneplus is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer founded in 2013? Oneplus has gained popularity recently due to its security features and other impressive features. Priced quite high as compared to its competitors, it has raised the standards of a smartphone one of the fresher in the market. Being high-priced, it was predicted to be a failure by experts but its gain popularity and became of the largest selling phones in the world. It comes with a customized cyanogen UI, which got rapid popularity being one of the most stylish and the ROM with most features. & today we are here showing you everything on ONEPLUS BT31B Bluetooth Sports Earphone.

ONEPLUS BT31B Bluetooth Earphone Dash Look

ONEPLUS BT31B Review Bluetooth Earphone

Now that Oneplus has launched its Bluetooth headset, it is priced quite high as compared to other competitors like Sony, Mi, Samsung, etc. But still, you get that perfect quality every Oneplus products comes with. Which eventually offers unpredictable comfort and uniqueness. So, in this article, we will be reviewing the latest Bluetooth headset released by OnePlus named as the Oneplus BT31B Bluetooth Sports Earphone.

(Buying Guide) ONEPLUS BT31B Review Bluetooth Sports Earphone Deal Price

At a Glance:

MaterialMetal, PC
Wearing TypeNeckband
ApplicationRunning, Sport, Working
Charge Time2 hours
Compatible withiPhone, Mobile phone
Connecting InterfaceType-C
Driver Unit9.2mm
Frequency Response20-20000 Hz
Impedance32 ohms
Music Time8 hours
Sensitivity97 dB
Standby Time255 hours
Talk Time10.5h
Bluetooth VersionV4.1
Bluetooth ChipCSR8645
Bluetooth ModeHands-free, Headset
Bluetooth DistanceW/O obstacles 10m
Battery TypeBuilt-in
Battery Capacity(mAh)115 mAh Li-ion Battery
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ONEPLUS BT31B Features and Specifications –

ONEPLUS BT31B Features and Specifications

Oneplus BT31B Design & Look:

The design of this earphone isn’t like any standard wired headset.


  • The device comes with a sleek design and a bullet like shape.
  • It has upper cuffs which are meant to provide you with extra comfort.
  • Oneplus BT31B is made up of metal and PC which confirms the safety and durability of the headset.
  • The all-new Bluetooth earphone is stylish in its outlook and induces a sense of passion and luxury.
  • Its design is not ordinary or copied as Oneplus is very particular about its copyright issues.
  • Its neck type is quite favorite especially in Asian markets, and this one is expected to boost up the sales of the kind.

Oneplus BT31B Battery & Power:

The device is powered by a 115 mAh Li-ion battery which gives adequate backup and music time.

  • Its battery is built-in and can not be removed and only be altered by service center officials if required for maintenance.
  • With an average charging time of 2 hours, this device is convenient to charge and use it for long hours.
  • Comes with a USB Type C charger which is quite commonly used type these days.
  • Has full support for fast charging technology and switched with the mode to allow the mode to which will be preferred as expected.
  • Comes with a music time of 8 hours which is an outstanding backup.
  • It also gives 10.5 hours of average talking time which is excellent in its type. As this much back up is not expected from a Bluetooth headset.
  • With 255 hours of standby duration, it is one of the best regarding battery to
  • Overall its battery back-up is extraordinary and best in class till date. Also, this back-up will be difficult to surpass as this one is one of the best.
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Oneplus BT31B Size & Weight:

The device is convenient and is pretty comfortable to handle without creating much fuss and the hustle which the wired ones generally create.


  • The dimensions of the earphone are (L x W x H): 30.00 x 3.00 x 2.00 cm / 11.81 x 1.18 x 0.79 inches.
  • The package contains 1 x Pair of Earphones, 1 x Type-C Cable, 3 x Eartip, 3 x Ear Hook, 1 x English User Manual. These are ample for proper understanding and operation of the product which should be ensured by the manufacturer generally.
  • The dimensions of the package are (L x W x H): 15.00 x 8.00 x 5.00 cm / 5.91 x 3.15 x 1.97 inches.
  • Weighing 0.200 kg, the product comes under light-weight category and easy to handle.

Oneplus BT31B Wireless Technology:

Now you can connect with music seamlessly without and hustle-bustle, and entanglement.

  • No need of connecting it to n computer or mobile.
  • Connect seamlessly, just put it in your ears, switch it on and boom, there you are with your favorite song playing without all the struggle to untangle the wires and plug-in the jack to the phone.
  • Now you can roam freely without any restrictions of wires and be enjoying your favorite Just connect it and enjoy the moment.

Oneplus BT31B Automatic Switch & Voice Prompt:

The device is endowed with voice prompt and smart technology to save power whenever possible.


  • Just put it in, you and music can connect that easily whenever you want.
  • When absorbed, power off and it is designed to automatically start playing when you put it back in your ears.
  • This feature is all new, and no other company has come up with this technology.

Oneplus BT31B Dash Flash Charging:

The device comes with many added feature to help do its job with ease. The features are as follows.

  • This device comes with dash charging which facilitates fast charging and carefree charging.
  • With a charging duration of 15 mins, one can play music for up to 5 hours.
  • This is expected to revolutionize the earphone world and the headset market.
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Oneplus BT31B Accessories –

Other than the device, you also get some added accessories as well. You will get,


  • 1 x pair of earphones
  • 1 x Type C cable
  • 3 x ear tips
  • 3 x hooks
  • 1 x user manual.

Oneplus BT31B Apt X Wireless Transmission:

This is all new technology which tends to facilitate fast operation and easy usage.

ONEPLUS BT31B Bluetooth Earphone Conclusion

  • This feature enables millisecond efficient connectivity.
  • This will free the user to form the struggle of connectivity and usage. This would indeed soothe the user and would come as good

Oneplus BT31B Custom Built Bass Technology:

Its custom-built bass technology is a new feature which can improve the standing wave and disturb the sound in a sound cavity of only 9.2mm. this makes the bass of the ear cloud clear and thorough. This will come as a surprise for the users.

ONEPLUS BT31B Bluetooth Earphone Sound

Oneplus BT31B Waterproof & Sweat Proof:

The device is entirely waterproof and supports perspiration during sports, rain during outdoor activities. This makes it work in even hostile conditions irrespective of whether you are in home or the rain or playing sports outdoors.

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How to Use Oneplus BT31B Bluetooth Sports Earphone

Using it is indeed a cakewalk, no need of extra knowledge and the user needn’t be conversant with the headset.

ONEPLUS BT31B Bluetooth Earphone Dash Compatibility

First, you should switch it on.

  • The Bluetooth of the phone should be switched on
  • Search for devices in mobile’s Bluetooth panel.
  • Select the Bluetooth device and boom; you are ready to rock
  • It is entirely compatible with oneplus 6.
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  • Waterproof & Supports Perspiration
  • Operate it even in Hostile Conditions
  • Put it in a while Sleeping, it can undergo the Pressure


  • Somehow Costly as compared to other similar Earphones
  • You still need to Connect the Earpiece to the Bluetooth Operator



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This ONEPLUS BT31B Earphone by Oneplus is one of the premium ones like the phone series of it. Considering its price and features, it is one of the most comfortable and easy to use devices launched by Oneplus. Also, it is readily usable with Oneplus 6 which has always been a frequently asked query by the buyers. This will indeed be one of the best experiences of your life.

If you like the idea of working smart, then this ONEPLUS BT31B device will come up to your expectations.  Without the apprehension of charging and getting tangled every time you use it will make it fall in your wish list. Certified logo of oneplus induces trust, and hence the buyers won’t be the ones to think about its durability. Hope you like this reviews & buying guide from here. Share it with others too. Thanks for checking.