It is a busy lifestyle, and people are busy with their work and other critical things in life. When you think about cleaning, the next thought that strikes you is that it takes a long time to clean your home. That’s one reason why people these days hire a cleaning person to clean the house, but that can cost a lot of money. So guys stop wasting your money on cleaning budget. If you think there is no other way, then you are wrong. Because there is a way to clean house with ease and comfort. All you need is a PUPPYOO WP536 Wireless Handheld Upright Household Vacuum Cleaner.


WP536 Wireless Household Vacuum Cleaner

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(Buying Guide) PUPPYOO WP536 Wireless Household Vacuum Cleaner Deal Price

The wireless household vacuum cleaner can finish your cleaning work very soon. It has excellent cleaning performance and is better than full size corded vacuums. You can avoid the stress by buying this wireless vacuum cleaner. Let us see more details in the WP536 Wireless Handheld Upright Household Vacuum Cleaner review.

At a Glance:

PUPPYOO WP536 FeaturesPUPPYOO WP536 Specifications
The Volume of Dirt CupDirt Cup: 0.5L
Power RatingPower: 120W. Voltage: 100-240V. Output Voltage: 26V, 0.5mA. Power Suction: 6.36kPa
BrushCome with 3 Brush Heads
WaterproofWashable Design
BatteryType of Battery: Lithium-Ion Battery (2200mAh)
Full Charge Working Time35 minutes
Noise LevelNoise: 79dB

So here we are showing you everything about on this PUPPYOO WP536 Wireless Handheld Upright Household Vacuum Cleaner. So that you can get to know more about on it & One Offer for you here inside this.. i.e., you can also Grab it a very Discounted Deal Price from here too. So go Get one for you, or you can also Gift it to someone.

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PUPPYOO WP536 Features and Specifications –


So now it’s time to dig deeper with more details on the WP536 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner review:

PUPPYOO WP536 Details of the Product:

The model of wireless vacuum cleaner is WP536. It is handheld, upright type and comes with the wire length of 30287m. The wireless vacuum cleaner helps to clean all kinds of floors.

WP536 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Design

PUPPYOO WP536 Weight & Dimension:

The product weights 2.2500 kg with the package weight of 3.5880 kg. Product size will be like 120.00 into 23.00 into 21.00cm /47.24 into 9.06 into 8.27 inches.  The product is not sleek but not bulky either.

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PUPPYOO WP536 Inside the Package:

The package of WP536 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner contains the following.

  • 1 Machine.
  • 1 Connecting Pipe
  • 3 Brush
  • A Kit of Installation Accessories
  • 1 Charger
  • 1 English Manual to Guide.

WP536 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Work

PUPPYOO WP536 Super Powerful Suction:

It has powerful suction and hence can observe the dust and dirt from the dusty area. Aspiration can clean the areas like the hard floor, carpet, car, bed, sofas, tile floor, wood floor, etc. The wireless vacuum cleaner comes with adjustable angle of 270 degrees and with 3 flexible wheels, which helps to clean all type of places.

PUPPYOO WP536 Battery: (Battery Life)

It has an excellent battery performance. The battery provided with this product has a rating of 2200mAh, and it is of the lithium-ion type of battery. With a full charge, it can function up to 35 minutes, and we can clean area of 100 square meters.

WP536 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Battery

PUPPYOO WP536 Come with 3 Brush Heads:

The 3 brush heads help to clean multiple areas just in few minutes. It is the complete choice for the various needs. Buy this wireless vacuum cleaner and clean your home without stress. The 3 head brush cleans your house thoroughly and covers all the corners. It has two modes of cleaning viz one for efficient cleaning and one for thorough cleaning.

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PUPPYOO WP536 Washable Design:

WP536 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Washable

Have you ever heard a vacuum cleaner which can be washable? Here is a fantastic feature of this product which is one more compelling reason to buy it. It is washable! You can clean it every time after you clean the home.

WP536 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Washable

PUPPYOO WP536 Voltage & Power:

The wireless vacuum cleaner has the voltage rating of 100-240V, and the output voltage is 26V. It has a power capacity of 120W. It has a powerful suction of 6.36kPa, and its noise rating is 79 dB.  That is not too much noise.

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PUPPYOO WP536 Price & Color:

WP536 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Speed

The wireless vacuum cleaner is easy to buy over the online. It is available at online sites at the cost of around $180 But if you buy it from here then you will get it at $129.99 only (Flash Sale Price). It is available in various colors. The product once ordered does the ship in a week’s time approximately.

WP536 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Benefits

PUPPYOO WP536 Container:

It has a 0.5L large container which is easy to empty after it gets filled up with dust. The vacuum cleaner has few extra brushes which are 2 in 1 multifunctional suction vacuum cleaner and 2 in 1 multi-purpose furniture brush vacuum.

PUPPYOO WP536 Easy to Move:

When detailing the WP536 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner, it is hard to miss the part which is a highlight of this vacuum cleaner. There is no wire to hamper your movement. The Vacuum Cleaner from the customers is that it cleans very efficiently and quick.  Also, they say it is a time-saving machine for cleaning home.

WP536 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Usage

PUPPYOO WP536 Performance:

It has a reliable power digital motor which runs at the rate of 280 m/s. The vacuum cleaner is designed with the cyclonic filtration. And the filtration system is excellent in this because it filters the different size and types of waste in the various compartments.

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PUPPYOO WP536 Appearance:

It looks very lovely and stylish unlike many of the old drum models of vacuum cleaners. The wireless handheld household vacuum cleaner is lightweight compared to many other models. The vacuum cleaner comes with the 0.5L dust cup which is simple to dismantle. It is effortless to detach the dust cup and can be done by just pressing and holding the release button which is available at the end of the dust cup. The dust cup on a general note is more prominent than other handheld vacuum cleaner models in this range.

PUPPYOO WP536 Pros and Cons –

PUPPYOO WP536 Pros and Cons

  • The wireless vacuum cleaner is easy to carry anywhere, wherever you want.
  • It comes with three extra brushes head to clean all type areas & dust.
  • The wireless handheld household vacuum cleaner is available in many countries through online websites.
  • One of the fantastic features of this product is, it is washable, easy to clean & more convenient.
  • The device is a time-saving vacuum cleaner with powerful suction.
  • Charges quickly & the working time is 35 minutes.
  • It is easy to clean every type of furniture, floors such as wood floor, tile floor, carpet, sofas, bed, & many areas.
  • Available in attractive price which is around 189 dollars.
  • The product power is good but not great when you compare with professional high-end vacuum cleaners.
  • The promised 35 minutes working time is not great for large houses, & you might need to charge multiple times.
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So finally in this PUPPYOO WP536 Wireless Handheld Upright Household Vacuum Cleaner review, you might have figured out that the WP536 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner has many benefits like it can clean all type of dust of the all the problematic areas and its washable nature, etc. It comes in multiple colors so you can choose the one you like. It is a great product so need not think twice if you have a small house or less cumbersome cleaning needs. This can switch to handheld style in just 5 seconds and easily can install/dismantle WP536 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner.

The final verdict goes for this if you want a simple and effective cleaner and hate wires. Also if you are a neatness freak who wants to keep even your vacuum cleaner clean, then this PUPPYOO WP536 Wireless Handheld Upright Household Vacuum Cleaner one is good as you can quickly wash it after every exercise of cleaning. The price might sound slightly higher, but you got to admit that it is wireless and washable so you will need to shell out extra bucks for that.