The sound bar is the new craze in the electronic world, and the famous high rated company SCISHION is not out of that market. The newly launched product SCISHION Magic One Soundbar by SCISHION is expected to rule the market. The product comes up with good quality at affordable price. Though the price range will vary on different shopping sites, the price tag shown by the company itself is $89.99.

SCISHION Magic One Soundbar Intro

[Buying Guide] SCISHION Magic One Review: Soundbar (Offer Price)

The striking feature of the Magic Sound Box Soundbar is offering 4K ultra high-definition display within this price range, which makes it stand out of the entire TV box in the market.

SCISHION Magic One Features & Specifications –

However, let us have a look at the specification of different features that the product have:

SCISHION Magic One Soundbar Pros and Cons

SCISHION Magic One Design

The design of the Soundbar is very compact, stiff and hard.

  • The Soundbar is cuboidal in shape and has a very graceful look.
  • The ports and switches of the box are in the backside and are located at a distant space to avoid congestion and usual problem of interlocking of cords.
  • To avoid the risk of slipping off, the Soundbar has got rubber pieces at the leg.
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SCISHION Magic One Speakers

Speaker is one of the essential features that a customer looks up to.

SCISHION Magic One Soundbar Design

  • Surprisingly the Soundbar provide 2 speakers whereas the others offer a single speaker and the listen has to buy another one for an extra Keeping this in mind, the company provides two speakers at a meagre price.
  • Each of the speakers provides an output of 8 Ohms and 10 watts though the size of the speakers is not much significant.
  • The built-up speakers are entirely attached to the device that assures an excellent quality of sound.
  • The speakers work on 2.0 Ch+ channels.
  • The radiator of the device is a passive one, and the frequency is also low — this clear that the designers did not use magnets in the speakers.

SCISHION Magic One Operating System: (OS)

Android is the most used operating system in the world is present. So the designers choose android, of most used version presently, which is android 8.1 namely Oreo for their operating system.

The device comes with an OS of 64 Bits, and it supports devices with different versions of Android lower or higher. The device itself comes with Android 8.1 and is most likely to give updates whenever a higher version of Android in available or published in the market. Android 8.1 has a unique fact because of which the designers choose this to be the operating system of the device. This version of android acquires less space of the ram and run smoothly in the background.

SCISHION Magic One Soundbar OS

SCISHION Magic One Memory

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  • The CPU configuration of SCISHION Magic One Soundbar is RK3329
  • The device has got a ram of 2GB DDR3 which assure fast operation smoothly
  • The ram is a compelling one, and it can be guaranteed that no lag of performance will occur as it has not also experienced during testing in the lab.
  • SCISHION Magic One Soundbar has got 16gb ROM which is quite high and fantastic for uninterrupted usage of the device.

SCISHION Magic One Soundbar Memory

SCISHION Magic One Processor

The processor specification of the device is:

  • Quad-core
  • 5 GHz
  • Cortex A53

With such a specified processor, the device will run fine and that too for a very long run.

SCISHION Magic One Soundbar hardware

SCISHION Magic One Video Output

As mentioned before 4k Ultra high-definition display is the most striking feature of SCISHION Magic One Soundbar that makes it more attractive. It’s kind of a dream to have such an HD display within this range of price. Nearly 4 times the pixel resolution will make 4k Ultra high-definition resolution, and for line resolution, it is twice the line one. Any kind of videos, games, movie one can watch and have the feel of watching by sitting in the gallery. Such high-definition of video make it more clear, vivid and make one notice every single change of colour in the display.

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SCISHION Magic One Voice Recognition

This is an unexpected feature that the designers have provided. In such a range of cost, the company is offering a Soundbar TV Box with not only voice recognition but that too fast one. And we all know, voice recognition is one of talk about the burning topic of AI in the technological world.

The mic is placed in the remote of the device. One has to take up the remote near to mouth and speak out the desired channel or video or movie name, and the task would be performed.

E.g., if one says “Watch me India vs Australia cricket world cup” the task would be performed within a fraction of second.

SCISHION Magic One Soundbar Voice Recognition

SCISHION Magic One Graphics

The graphics processing SCISHION Magic One Soundbar have MALI 450MP2 built within it. It is the best quality of graphics that have been offered till now in the electronic gadgets like TV Box and assure to make attractive graphics.

SCISHION Magic One: The Wide Range of Support

  • The decoder format of TV Box of the device is H.265
  • Because of the above format, 1080P, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, 4K, VC-1, H.264, H.265 all these varieties of formats of video are supported by the TV Box
  • 1 Surround Sound Output is supported by SCISHION Magic One Soundbar that makes the viewer experience a very soothing and excellent voice quality.
  • AAC, WMA, FLAC, OGG, MP3, RM are the audio formats that are supported by the device as well.

SCISHION Magic One Internet Connectivity

  • For faster and stable connectivity with the internet SCISHION Magic Sound Box uses WiFi format of 802.11 b/g/
  • The Ethernet speed of LAN connection is 100 Mbps.
  • This kind of configuration is perfect to play a 4k video of 1080p uninterruptedly. So one can easily use this device to have a movie get together in one’s home.

SCISHION Magic One Extra Features:

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  • Language Supports

As we all know, language is a thing that makes one think about while availing a device that provides sound recognition. If a device doesn’t offer sound identification of a language which is used by the customer, the feature of sound recognition is entire of no use.

Keeping the fact in mind, designers have installed a variety of language established in the device so that the device can be used by a wide range of customer all over the world.

The languages that are supported by the device are:

  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Russian

And many more.

  • Accents Support

If language is a barrier to use the feature of voice recognition, then there comes with another barrier of accents. As the same language sounds different in various accents, it is a severe need to support a language with all possible accents it has. Otherwise, it would have a negative impact.

E.g., one customer having an Indian accent in English is buying the product as it supports the English language for voice recognition. Then every time he or she is using the feature, it fails, as it supports the American accent of the English language which is distinctly different from the Indian one.

However, this device provides accent support for every language that is supported by it.

  • Bluetooth Support

Bluetooth of version 4.0 is supported by the device as it runs with low power compared to another version. Joystick, games, earphone device all can be connected through Bluetooth with it.

SCISHION Magic One Soundbar Bluetooth

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  • TF Card Support

HDMI cable by HDPC of version 2.0 is used by the device to connect another device with it.

  • Subtitle Supports

To give the product a world market, the device is designed to support subtitles of .srt format.

  • USB Supports

There are 2 USB ports inbuilt in the device to increase flexibility.

  • Voltage

There is versatility in the voltage specification. The device works in 110 – 120 volts in Brazil, Canada, and the USA whereas it works in 220-240 volts in Finland, Israel, Germany, Singapore. The AI of the device is designed in such a way that prolonged usage will customise the electric usage accordingly.

  • Variety of Connecting Plug

The designers have seriously thought of the device to have a worldwide customer which is why it has supports plug of a different kind such as UK plug, EU plug, US plug.

[joomdev-wpc-pros-cons disable_title=”no” title=”SCISHION Magic One Pros & Cons” button_text=”Grab it Now at Discounted Price” disable_button=”no” button_link=”″ button_link_target=”_SELF” button_rel_attr=”external”][joomdev-wpc-pros]
  • Amazing Audio & Video Output
  • Multipurpose & Easy to Use
  • Affordable Price
  • WiFi connectivity is not that much high
  • The memory present is not so much
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The striking features like 4K ultra HD screen, voice recognition supporting different language as well as different accents in such an affordable low-cost in unimaginable and truly attractive for a customer to get the deal. Other essential features of this SCISHION Magic One are also excellent and customised. The SCISHION Magic One product has a high chance of worldwide acceptance because of its fantastic features.

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