The most famous Chinese consumer product manufacturing company MEIZU has recently launched the much-awaited Bluetooth headphone MEIZU EP52 Lite which is a Bluetooth connectivity device. Most of the features that customer searches for are included in this set of MEIZU. Developers have taken great care in designing it. The MEIZU EP52 Lite is a lightweight device that can be carried easily anywhere and stylish too. MEIZU has worked very closely with the features to give the best out of it. People who are looking out for a low-budget Bluetooth device with the most advanced features and the music lovers should buy the product. Music lovers can enjoy the music with the best quality device. MEIZU EP52 Lite price only 19$.


(Buying Guide) MEIZU EP52 Lite Review: Bluetooth Headphones [Offer Price]

At a Glance:

Brand & Model NameMEIZU EP52 Lite
Wearing modeIn-ear with neckband
FeaturesHiFi, Answering phone, Microphone, Bluetooth, Noise cancelling, song
Switching ModesSweat-proof, Voice Control and waterproof
Connecting InterfaceMicro USB
Device ColorCloud grey, Moon White, Dark blue
ConnectivityBluetooth V4.2, Wireless, wired
Bluetooth distanceW/O obstacles 10m
Battery Life100 mAh
Music Playback Time8.0 hours
Device Standby Time200 hours
Charging Time1.5 hours
Weight 16 grams
Frequency response20-20000Hz

So here we are showing you everything about on this MEIZU EP52 Lite Bluetooth Earphones. So you will get to know more about it & you can also Grab it at a very Discounted Offer Price from here as well. So go Get one for you, or you can also Gift it to someone this New Year.

MEIZU EP52 Lite Bluetooth Headphone Conclusion

MEIZU EP52 Lite Features & Specification –

Here are all the features and specifications of the MEIZU EP52 Lite Product.

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MEIZU EP52 Lite Design:

MEIZU EP52 Lite Bluetooth Headphone Design

One of the essential features of this device is its design, most of they are loving that. The design of the invention has been designed by MEIZU experts that gives a very sporty and elegant look. When you wear the device, it feels as though the device is connected to your skin. To enhance the look and to make it more attractive thermoplastic material is being used. If you are looking for a lightweight device and want to avoid bulkiness then this is the best choice of purchasing them, you can also enjoy the music. The mic is connected to the earphone which has three buttons on it. These buttons help to perform various functions like

  • You can change the song
  • Answer the call
  • Adjust the volume with your fingers

The earphone fits every ear perfectly, which is why it makes them more comfortable. The cables are made up of flexible materials to avoid jerks. You can easily place them anywhere because of its neck strap and has magnets at each end of the earphone. The earphone device also detects the magnets if they are close and even turns automatically off so as to save battery when not in use for at least 5 minutes.

MEIZU EP52 Lite Colors:

The device is available in multiple colours namely

  • Cloud Gray colour
  • Moon white colour
  • Dark blue colour
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You can choose the colour of your choice. The device colour is too stylish and matches every skin tone. They look great on any person.

MEIZU EP52 Lite Bluetooth Headphone Look

MEIZU EP52 Lite Earphone Weight:

The quality of the earphone is what makes it different from other earn phone devices.

  • The Weight of each Side:
    The weight on each side of the earphone is approximately 2 A4 sheets
  • The Weight of the Device:
    It weighs only 2.3gms.
  • Total Weight:
    The total weight of the device is just 16gm. The earphone wires are very smooth and flexible on your neck.
  • Magnets:
    MEIZU has enhanced the feature of the earphone by giving a magnetic touch to it.

MEIZU EP52 Lite Audio:

The essential feature of any earphone device is about its audio quality.

  • The Sensitivity of the Device:
    The sensitivity of the device is about 106 dB,
  • This allows the audio to be more clear
  • Gives excellent music to our ears.
  • The device also ensures the safety of the ears by not allowing harsh sound to be played.
  • Biological Fiber Diaphragm:
    The use of Biological Fiber Diaphragm makes
  • The device to deliver HD quality audio sound. This is an essential feature of this device. The device is available in three different colours which are simpler and more fashionable.
  • In the earphone acoustic cavity 10mm, the bio-fire driving coil is wrapped which helps the device to deliver a compelling and robust.
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MEIZU EP52 Lite Specs –

Additional Features:
The three most important features of the devices are listed below.

  • Water Resistance:
    The earphone can be used in any season even during the rainy season because of its water resistance feature. The music lovers can now enjoy the music even while sweating and jogging without interruption because of its waterproof feature. It is also recommended not to use the earphone during the excess rainy season or any outdoor events. The device has some limit of water resistance. The earphone is IPX5 certified device which assures that they are waterproof for a short period and comes with a guarantee.
  • Connectivity:
    Most of the earphone comes with 3.5mm jack, and we use this jack to connect to our smartphone. The unique feature of this device is it comes with Bluetooth connectivity. You can directly connect your smartphone with Bluetooth and enjoy the music. Listen to uninterrupted music only with the MEIZU EP52 Lite.
  • Microphone:
    There is a Mic connected to this device. With the help of Mic, you can listen and hear correctly. The buttons help you to make music adjustments and even adjust calling feature.

MEIZU EP52 Lite Battery:

The earphone has a very high battery durability and capacity.

  • You can listen to music uninterruptible for a long time.
  • The battery capacity of the earphone is 100 mAh
  • The battery can be charged easy and fast.
  • The time required to charge the battery is 1.5 hours
  • The battery can be charged using a USB cable
  • Once charged the battery would last for 8 hours.
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MEIZU EP52 Lite Earphone Price:

You can purchase the MEIZU EP52 Lite at various online stores. There is a specific price the company is offering its customers for a period, which starts from September 24 and ends on September 30 for only $9.99. The MEIZU Company is going to sell only 50 units of earphone per day on these specific days. The regular price of the headset is around $25.99. At present, the device is highly recommended for a music lover to be purchased because of its price. The earphone is cheaper as compared to other devices.

MEIZU EP52 Lite Bluetooth Headphone Waterproof

MEIZU EP52 Lite Inside Package –

Inside the box of MEIZU EP52 Lite, you will get

  • One headphone of M-sized
  • Interchangeable ear tips
  • Two interchangeable ear tips
  • One power cable
  • One manual guide of multiple languages
  • One folding box
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  • Comfortable to Wear & to Carry
  • Call Function uses MEMS Microphone & Software Algorithms to Reduce Noise
  • Lightweight Design with Great Style
  • Bluetooth can be Connected over a 10-Meter
  • Earphone has an IPX Water Resistance Rating
  • Playing heavy music at a long time can shorten the battery life

MEIZU EP52 Lite Bluetooth Headphone Connectivity

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The earphone is not as big as some branded companies like Sennheiser, Sony or Bose but still come with the best features and makes you fall in love with it. The earphone is lightweight, and they are controlled through wired remote control. The earphones are best for sports people where they can play and listens to music together. MEIZU EP52 Lite review has a vibrant sound, more clear to listen to the high volume bass. The earphone has a substantial battery that lasts for almost 8 hours depending upon the volume and the type of music you play, it fits easily and is more comfortable to wear. The neckband of the MEIZU EP52 Lite earphone device has an LED light that indicates that the device is on.