People owning an iPhone feel themselves one of the luckiest person on earth. An iPhone user generally uses iTunes to avail music or sync photos, videos, eBooks, blogs, podcasts, etc. They always need to buy the substance they are looking for. In this whole process, some unwanted issues come up some times. This will lead the user to significant data loss, dropping down the quality and many more other technical problems finally. On this World Backup Day, it is essential to keep those data protected in the devices.

MacX MediaTrans Review

Whenever a user is using a product of Apple, they usually expect that the company will honor their privacy. But iTunes sometimes do not support the end-to-end encryption. The market has now a fantastic solution for all the problems. MacX MediaTrans can be a perfect replacement for iTunes. With this the data provided by the user are kept in like a vault to protect it from cyber hackers and also this will help to make more room in the iPhone space. In every term, MacX MediaTrans is the best solution for every problem regarding iTunes. Let’s find out more about MacX MediaTrans Review.

Why choose an Alternative of iTunes:

People store their data in iTunes. Starting from their favorite ringtones to videos. All the items are very precious. Those items are the memories of that user which must be very close to his heart. So surely he would not afford to lose the data from his iPhone at any cost. But an iTunes user often faces some difficulties in syncing photos, videos, music, and other items or backing up data. It usually occurs when they are trying to do their daily backup, cleaning memory, updating the latest version of the iTunes, switching to a new PC or upgrading the IOS system of the iPhone. While using these programs, the users often face severe device recognition failures, time-consuming, complicated operation and some other sync errors like data loss, duplicate low graded items. The customers are always valuable to us. They do not deserve to be treated in this kind of inappropriate way. So a user must go for an iTunes alternative for Mac like MacX Media Transfer. The MacX Media Transfer Reviews will help them a lot.

MacX MediaTrans Review

Benefits of MacX Media Transfer –

  1. Transfer Music

Transfer Music

  • In MacX Media Transfer, a user can sync music one by one of his choice. He can also sync in bulk amount. The software guarantees 0% chances of data erasing.
  • With this With MacX MediaTrans, the boss of the music playlist is only the user always. It allows adding, removing, and editing tracks or the playlist itself! This is so mighty!
  • The iPhone music which is not bought from the registered place can also be transferred into the desktop in a simple process.
  • It can make ringtones for iTunes and is converts the music to AAC to MP3. Music is now very much available easily in iTunes in a single hassle-free way.
  1. Transfer Photo/Video

Transfer Photo/Video

  • It is unique software which can delete any unnecessary photo from the iPhone’s gallery and the photo gallery. There will not be any automatic deletion of photos or videos.
  • This helps to back up live photos. This software can transfer around hundred 4k quality photos in just 8 seconds. Such a lightning speed must deserve a big round of applause. This leads to a space memory of the iPhone.
  • With this, HEIC files can be converted into JPG for more editing or usage.
  • MacX MediaTrans assures to compress the size up to 50% and also promises zero data loss.
  1. Add on Features

Add on Features

  • This is a simple two-way sync. This requires no iTunes, no iCloud or no Wi-Fi. The user’s iPhone will turn into a USB and allows it to save word files, PDF, Excel, etc.
  • It automatically encrypts transferred items to Mac.
  • Unlike the iTunes problem, this connects with the iPhone at a glance every time.

Why is MacX Media Transfer better than iTunes?

MacX MediaTrans Review claims them as the best alternative option of iTunes for valid reasons. They are providing such facilities to the users that the users are frequently admitting its supremacy. This is the world’s no 1 fastest software which transfers files like 100 4K photos in just 8 seconds. This transfers it at lightning speed. The software offers two-way sync. This assures the users of losing no data.

Why is MacX Media Transfer better than iTunes

MacX Media Transfer has a specialization in back up and sync. In the process, it successfully syncs and backs up the data. This does not leave any duplicates or low graded items. The software has a brilliant processor. It can recognize the device and also connects with the iPhone quickly. The software allows the user to control all his data by his terms. These processes mentioned above are very user-friendly. Aspiring buyers can check the MacX MediaTrans Review for further details and cross verification.

Comparison of MacX MediaTrans & iTunes –

  • It removes the DRM from iTunes purchases, and auto covert protected M4V and M4P to MP4 and MP3 respectively.
  • Music, eBooks, videos, photos, iTunes purchases, etc. are transferred to Mac or Desktop from Apple devices. While iTunes cannot perform it.
  • This can sync non-apple music and videos to Apple devices like FLAC, WAV, OGG, VMA, DTR, etc. in music and MKV, AVI, VOB, FLV, WMV, SWF in case of videos while the other cannot.
  • This compresses bulk files into a shorter one while the other cannot.
  • MacX MediaTrans support all kinds of audio formats where iTunes only supports WAV, AIFF, AAC, MP3, and Apple lossless.
  • It allows the user to customize it by changing artist names, composer, genre, review, etc.
  • MacX MediaTrans can easily sync data and files both to the iPhone or Pc.
  • It allows creating or editing or deleting the playlist, removing transferred items.
  • This renders high security to the user by providing encryption of the photos & videos.
  • This can convert the unsupportive files in a supportive format automatically while the other cannot.

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