Whenever you open your Windows 10 Computer and try to log into it, you might get an error message, “The Handle Is Invalid Windows.” This could be even frustrating when the computer you’re working on is brand new with Genuine windows. The Error message “The Handle Is Invalid Windows” generally occurs for Windows 10 users. Contrary to that, some users have claimed to get the error message While Using Windows Server 2008 as well. In this article, we will be doing an in-depth break down of this error message and know what exactly triggers this error. Many approaches to eradicate this error message will be discussed in this article.

What is The Handle Is Invalid Windows Error Problem?

If we do a background analysis of the error message “The Handle Is Invalid Windows,” we may get confused because the error could occur while doing anything. You may be printing a document, Logging into your Windows XP, working on a windows server, Windows 7 or Windows 10. Your whole work is interrupted, and you have no choice but to close the operation.

Causes of The Handle Is Invalid Windows Error Issue –

This Particular Error Message doesn’t get triggered by doing one task. Several causes could induce this error message. It’s a tragic error which not only hampers printing work but also doesn’t let installation go through. Few common reasons that could affect this error are listed below.

  • An unfinished Update for your windows
  • A virus attack on your computer
  • Corrupted Citrix VDA
  • Registry problem with your Windows 10
  • Malware swarmed your computer
  • Windows processes cannot duplicate non-pseudo handles from Process Environment Block (PEB32) processes.
  • Incorrect credentials while trying to log in
  • You don’t remember the right password
  • Someone else locked your computer without telling you

Types of The Handle Is Invalid Windows Error Issue:

Now you might be struggling with “The Handle is Invalid Windows” because you’re not able to print in windows 10 while someone else is getting the error while trying to log into his windows computer. My point is, The error message could vary from person to person and so the circumstances where they see this error message. Here are some common types of problems associated with this error message.

  • Microsoft Windows network the handle is invalid windows 10
  • The handle is invalid windows 10 network share
  • The handle is invalid windows XP
  • The handle is invalid windows 7 shared folder
  • The handle is invalid server 2016
  • The handle is invalid windows 7 sharing

How to Fix & Solve The Handle Is Invalid Windows Error Issue

1. Update your Citrix VDA –

java.io.ioexception The Handle is Invalid Windows is a technical glitch which could occur while you’re working with Citrix VDA. The following Solution is only for those who face “The Handle Is Invalid Windows 7” while working on Citrix. Few of the Windows Updates are Incompatible with the software Critix. Especially the Citrix users who are currently on the VDA 7.6.300 version face this error.

What you could do to fix this Microsoft windows network The Handle Is Invalid Windows error message is to update your Citrix VDA to VDA 7.6.1000. If you’re using a higher variant of Critics such as the VDA V7.7, update it to a higher version v7.8. The Newer and Higher Version of Citrix already contains the Fix.

2. Restart the Computer –

Another Approach to tackle the error “The Handle Is Invalid Windows 10” is to restart the computer. Although this step might seem a little novice. It has reportedly worked for a lot of people having trouble with their computer.  Now there are two ways to restart the computer. One of them is Hard Restart, and the other one is a cold restart.

restart computer

(A). Hot Restart:

  • To hot restart, your computer locate the start button on your screen
  • Press the start key and click on shit down this computer
  • If the computer is locked, you’ll quickly see the shutdown key below the password box.
  • Shut down your computer and restart it

(B). Cold Restart:

  • To Cold restart, your computer Press the power key for five seconds
  • The system will go blank automatically without any message
  • Turn on your computer

Repeat restarting your computer, and most probably your Windows The Handle Is Invalid printing error will mitigate.

3. Run a Full Scan of your Computer –

If the error message “Windows The Handle is Invalid server 2012” arises due to a virus attack malware intrusion of your windows computer, you can scan it. To examine the entire computer, you can use the free utility tool provided by Windows known as the Windows Defender. Here’s how you can do it following the most straightforward steps.

  • Open the Windows Defender through the Search box
  • Locate the Full Scan option
  • This step usually takes 10-15 minutes
  • It might take longer depending on the content on your computer
  • Terminate all the bugs and viruses
  • Restart your computer

4. Update Drivers of Computer –

Another possible reason behind “Windows The Handle is Invalid shared folder” error message is unfinished updates on the drivers, or not up to date versions of them. Update the drivers via device manager o your windows.

  • Press Windows key and letter R at the same time
  • Type Devmgmt.msc in the run box
  • Press enter
  • Expand the relevant Catagory
  • Double click to open the General view
  • Go to the Driver tab
  • Update the drivers
  • Click ok 
  • Done!

5. Boot in Safe Mode & Uninstall the Updates –

One more way to resolve the “The Handle is invalid Windows 7 network” error message is by booting your windows computer in a safe mode and uninstall the latest update you installed on the computer. The reason behind that is sometimes the update for windows triggers a patch for bugs and remove some of the critical files the patch consider as a virus. What uninstalling update does is it takes back your computer to a previous state and fixes the error.

  • Search for System Configuration in the Search box
  • A single click on System configuration
  • Go to the Boot section
  • Choose Safe mode from Boot option
  • Click OK
  • Restart your computer
  • Search Updates in the search box
  • Go to the History of Updates
  • Uninstall the Latest update

6. Contact Local IT Technician –

Finally, If all of these steps proved to be of no use, The only choice we have is contacting local IT services. You can book a home visit or take your computer to the store and get your system repaired for minimum cost. So that you will get rid out of this, The Handle Is Invalid Windows XP Error.

*Note: If your computer is under warranty limit, Claim the free support instead of paying for it.


In this walkthrough of the error, The Handle Is Invalid Windows. I gave you the five best solutions to fix this error. Hope you liked this article, to read more of such error topics, visit article gallery of techinpost.

Comment down below if you’ve trouble following these The Handle Is Invalid Windows steps. Have a nice day!