Tenorshare is a well-known company which was founded in 2007. The company made much award-winning software, and the company has talented and well-experienced software developers who made the company stand in the position they are now. Tenorshare focuses on Data Security and System Fixes for all Apple devices. They even provide data recovery, password recovery, device content management, and all the system-related issues. The company has won awards from Softonic, Chip, Cult of Mac, Cownload.com, Cloudswave, and many more. Now let’s talk about the software that had been in need of users like you to back up their files and give you the extra features that will attract you to the product.

How to Transfer Photos From iPhone & Computer

What is iCareFone?

The iCareFone is an IOS Backup software that is designed to help you to manage your file on the go. You can transfer or import photos from the iPhone or any IOS device. You can also import music, contacts, and videos without any kind of hesitation. With the packs provided to you, you can free backup your data and restore it whenever you want. You can save your iPhone, iPad, and even iPod from any kind of issues. As the software is straightforward and lite to use, it won’t affect the performance of your system, and it will give you better performance. As Apple has a lot of restrictions on using third-party software, the iCareFone won’t bother you at all. With its features, the files are easy to import to your Apple devices.


Have you at any point had your iPhone stuck while refreshing or simply restarting over and over with no reason whatsoever? On the off-chance that you have one, iCareFone will be a protection for you as it can fix all of the IOS stuck issues. In this way, regardless of whether your telephone is stuck in a boot loop or your applications are slamming much of the time, you can utilize this product to fix every one of these issues by just hitting a button.

Features of iCareFone –

  • Transfer Files:

With the help of iCareFone, you can transfer all your files to your PC or your Mac system with just one click. You can even transfer all your multimedia files between your IOS devices and iTunes. You can create bookmarks and fresh playlists according to your needs.


  • Add items:

You and all your family members and friends can add contacts individually or in the bath. You can use this app to add contacts separately or in batch mode. This can also be used to add bookmarks. This app can even create a folder of new playlists and bookmarks.


  • Uninstall or Delete:

You can uninstall apps from your IOS device to free up space. The files that are not in regular use can be removed from your device as they will be transferred to the software, and you can have sufficient space in your device.


  • Merging or Removing Duplicates:

The option of merging the same contacts will also be there. The software has the function to delete files that are common automatically. The software will help you to manage your files faster and more efficiently. You can transfer all your files with no limitations. Yes, the transfer is unlimited. You will have a lot of choices to back up your files. Now you won’t be needing iCloud or iTunes. As you will be getting a lot of choices, the software will support more than 20 formats of files. This includes WhatsApp, music, and even messages. You won’t need your Wi-Fi to save or backup iPhone or any of your IOS devices, and it is entirely free. By using this app, you can restore your files whenever you want to. It can also be used to preview your files, or you can read them without using any other software to extract them.

Steps to Transfer Data from iPhone to Computer


  • After that, you have to connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Then click the File Manager tab on the home page and click Photos.
  • After which, the software will automatically detect all photos. The app even categorizes each according to its respective folder.


  • Now navigate to any photo(s), and select the images you wish to transfer.
  • Then click the Export button and select a file location to save the photos.

By following these steps, you can easily transfer photos and other data from your iPhone to your computer.

Other Benefits of using iCareFone –

Framework & Features:


The application is straightforward and ought not to take anybody over a moment or two to make sense of. A standout amongst my most loved highlights of iCareFone is the document board framework that accompanies the application. The application enables you to adequately check and import your documents from your iPhone to your PC. You can perform activities like clump exchange, mass erases, and two-route exchange to effectively share any record type including and not constrained to contacts, photographs, applications, bookmarks, notes, iBooks, logbooks, and even IOS 11 HEIC pictures and HEVC recordings. As IOS is an entirely secure framework, it isn’t trustworthy.

Protects your Device:


Your iPhone can just effectively be assaulted as some other gadget. A large portion of the assaults on iPhones occurs through vindictive spring-up promotions that obscure sites put on to win cash. The iCareFone application will obstruct every one of those malignant advertisements, whether they are on Safari or in-application promotions. Data loss is all past as you will never lose your data even if you overwrite them. There are two options that you will get for the repair function. In standard repair, the software will check whether minor bugs or problems exist in the device or not and it will repair it. In deep repair, it will fix complex issues, and significant bugs like the device suddenly showing abnormal behaviour.

Block Ads on the Go:

The software will also give you the function of blocking ads. There won’t be any more ads while using your Apple devices. Now you can import your photos to your camera roll and even encrypt all your pictures with a password or fingerprint lock. The software gets updated every week. This product is excellent for all IOS users, and they should go for it.

How Much Will it Cost?

With regards to evaluating, the organization utilizes a differential estimating plan for macOS and Windows adaptation of the application. On Macs, a separate permit which is substantial for one machine will cost you $59.95/per year.


In case you want to use this product on numerous Macs. You can also purchase the Family Pack, which not just enables you to run the product on five unique Macs and costs only $79.95, but on the other hand, is legitimate until the end of time. So also, a separate permit on Windows costs $39.95/year while the Family Pack costs $59.95. As should be obvious, regardless of whether you purchase a solitary license or a Family Pack, the Windows rendition is $20 less expensive than the Mac variant of the application.


iCareFone is an exceptionally convenient application that can help you deal with your IOS gadgets without making you haul out your hair. It packs a considerable amount of highlights and is entirely simple to utilize, making it one of the must-have applications for any IOS gadget proprietor.