App Store is an integrated part of every Apple user’s life. You can get your hands on so many compelling and surprising apps through this platform. Also, you get regular updates on offers and patches From Apple through the App Store. But what would you do if your App Store is not Connecting? How to Fix Cannot Connect To App Store? In this article, we’ll figure out the easiest and practical solutions for this significant blunder and other Apple devices.

Cannot Connect To App Store

What is the App Store?

The App Store is a digital distribution platform designed and developed by Apple. It’s Available to All the iPhone, iPad, and iMac users around the globe who have their devices working on the innovative IOS platform. The Store Lets users Search, Download, and Purchase hundreds of Apps secured by Apple IOS. Hence they give you guaranteed safety.

Cannot Connect To App Store

Causes of Cannot Connect to App Store Error Issue:

There are instances when you try to connect to the app store, and you get an error message that you “Cannot connect to app store iPhone 7 Plus” or “Cannot connect to app store iPhone 7” but why does it exactly happen? In this segment, we will list a few possible causes of why you’re not able to connect to the App Store.

  • No internet connectivity
  • The network is having problem
  • Updates not installed on iPhone
  • Corrupt Apps in your IOS
  • IOS not working properly
  • Physical or software Damage

How to Fix & Solve Cannot Connect To App Store Error Issue

When you get errors such as Cannot Connect to App Store IOS 12 or IOS 11 you may freak out at first, and it could be even more frustrating if you’re trying to install the NFL app for Super Bowl 2019 at night, but you Cannot connect to App Store 2019. Here i list the best working solution for this problem.

1. Restart your Device –

This step is universal irrespective of you’re working on an iPhone or an iMac. When you get the iPhone Cannot Connect To App Store MAC Error Message, you can try to restart the iPhone or iPad. There are two types of Restart widely used to turn on a device, Cold reset, and warm Reset.

Cannot Connect To App Store

  • Warm Reset:

A warm reset if a normal reset which involves turning your IOS device usually by turning it off through the software.

  • Cold Reset:

Cold Reset is otherwise known as Hard Reset or Hard Restart when you’re doing it on the phone. By pressing the side key for a longer duration or the Power button on the iMac.

2. Update your IOS Device –

Every IOS device works on the IOS operating system, which is continuously evolving through the bugs and patches. There could be a patch or update you’re missing which can cause your IOS device detached from the network, which is, by the way, a constant issue with iPhone IOS 12. I did a separate article on this issue IOS users faced. You can check it out in Techinpost Article Gallary. So from this you can get rid out of this iPhone Cannot Connect to App Store MAC error.

Cannot Connect To App Store

  • Visit the Settings section of your IOS device
  • Go to General Settings
  • Check Software update
  • update your Device
  • Restart the Device
  • Done!

3. Check if App Store is Down –

Apple’s research and development team are everyday evolving through many analytical phases. From time to time Apple App store is put down as they are 24 hours connected to the server and server has to be maintained. There could be a possibility that your App store is down for small Duration when the Server of Apple is going through a Maintainance session, Repair or patchwork. After some time, the App store is usually connected automatically if the server is under maintenance. So from this, the iPhone Cannot Connect to App Store MAC error will be fixed from you.

apple system status

But How would you know if the App Store is under Maintainance?

You can visit the Apple System Status Page page, where you will see the status of Apps that are down. If the App Store is not on the list, the problem is not with the App store’s maintenance but something else. If the App Store is on this list, you can’t do much but sit and wait for Apple to do its job and give you back your App Store promptly.

status page

4. Check your Cellular Connection –

One possible reason behind the App store not connecting is that the App Store can’t contact the server due to low or no speed on the internet. Check other apps, Play a video on Youtube or any other streaming site, and see whether they work smoothly or not. Another approach to See the speed of your internet is a third party utility which tells you what the current speed of internet your device is getting is. So hope this method will solved your this iPhone Cannot Connect to App Store MAC error.

cellular data

5. Try Some other Wifi –

If you’ve tried each step and still there is no result, you can try and connect your device to another wifi network. There are strong chances that your device is not getting a good wifi reception, and hence, your iPhone or iMac is not connecting the App store to the internet. Follow these steps to do so.

wifi iPhone

  • Disconnect your device from the current wifi network
  • Switch off the device and then start it again
  • Turn on the other wifi network
  • Connect your device to the wifi network via entering the passkey
  • Connect the App store
  • Done!

Following these steps will give you some clarity on what the real issue is. Most probably, your device should iPhone Cannot Connect to App Store MAC following this step.

6. Ran out of Data?

One more cause that could trigger this iPhone Cannot Connect to App Store MAC error is that you do not have enough data or worse, you have no data at all in your cellular data package. You may buy a booster pack of data or recharge the data package from your service provider.

data plan verizon

7. Try Logging in & Logging out Again –

One more way to counter this iPhone Cannot Connect to App Store MAC error is to log out and in the back on your IOS device. Follow these steps to do so,

app store

  • Go to settings
  • Visit iTunes and app store
  • Click on the Apple ID and log out
  • Restart your iPhone
  • Log into the App store again


So this was my take on an Apple IOS device user iPhone Cannot Connect to App Store MAC. I hope you’re satisfied with the content and information provided in this article. Have a nice day!

If you face any issue which trying this iPhone Cannot Connect to App Store MAC methods, then do let us know in the below comment section.